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How to Slash Your Small Business Operating Expenses

You know better than the pundits can tell you how challenging it is to run a small business in the best of times, let alone in the worst of times. Wearing multiple hats, squeezing pennies and putting out fires is part of the daily routine.

Meanwhile, the credit crunch remains en force. Indeed, the quest for small business owners to find the capital they need to expand and hire in a recovering economy continue to make headlines. But some ...

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Are You Managing Your Small Business' Online Reputation?

Do you know what's being said about your small business online? Sure, you could use Google Alerts, which I would highly recommend, to get mentions of your small business' name and associated e-mail addresses sent to your inbox as they happen. But you can also do a little more--without breaking the bank.

Although there are plenty of online reputation management tools you can pay for out there, Google is offering a free options. Google on ... Read more

Should Small Business Owners Go it Alone?

Are you sweating the small stuff when you should be focusing on the big picture on how to grow your small business? If you are like many small business owners in Canada, the answer is yes.

According to the quarterly American Express Small Business Monitor, entrepreneurs recognize planning, hiring, and marketing as key business functions but admit to spending a big part of their day on tasks such as office administration, cleaning and rep... Read more

How Your Small Business Can Build Customer Trust, Loyalty

Trust. It’s vital in every type of relationship, from friends to family to small business. When you establish trust with your customers you can make more sales, create stronger relationships, and wind up with a healthier bottom line. It’s not a new concept, but it’s one that deserves a renewed focus as the economy recovers.

"Trust is not a soft skill. Trust really affects the bottom line. Look at Tiger Woods who lost millions of dollars ...

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Protect Yourself Against Gmail Phishing Attacks

When the White House and the FBI get involved in hack attacks, you know it’s a big deal.

Google announced earlier this week that cybercriminals from China were using what seemed to be phishing attacks to hack Gmail accounts, including government authorities. With this news comes the revelation that Hotmail and Yahoo! e-mail accounts have also been the target of spear phishing attacks.

What can you do to protect your small bu...

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