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Road Warriors Adopting Consumer Technology, Virtual Offices

It seems everybody wants an iPhone, or some other consumer device. Even business users are eyeing consumer technology these days. So says a study from RSA, the security division of EMC.

The survey looks at the rapid use and adoption of consumer technologies like the iPhone and iPad within the enterprise and the pivotal role users are playing in driving this trend. And this trend goes hand in hand with the use of Read more

Does Old Spice Guy Use a Virtual Office?

Isaiah Mustafa, better known as the Old Spice Guy, is the centerpiece of what some are calling one of the most brilliant ad campaigns ever -- and that was before he became a social-media sensation.

Mustafa, who presents himself in commercials as the perfect man, is now responding directly to questions from Twitter and Facebook followers via 30-second videos posted on a YouTube channel.   Read more

Achoo! Virtual Offices Can Keep You From Catching Summer Colds

I just got over a cold. It didn’t last long—but it lasted long enough to disrupt my work and play for a couple of days. I never get sick, so I wondered how on earth I got this summer cold. Then I remembered being in Starbucks where a woman was hacking and didn’t have the courtesy to cover her mouth.

As it turns out, she wasn’t alone. About 25 percent of people don’t cover their mouth at all, according to a new swine flu study out of New ...

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Toronto Virtual Offices Boost Business

In a business world that’s gone global, Canada’s multicultural workforce is a boon for international firms. Add to that a catalogue of world-class higher education achievements, affordable, skilled labor, low turnover and universal healthcare policies and it is easy to appreciate why Canada attracted nearly $30 billion in foreign direct investment in 2005. And Toronto is at the heart of the action.

Canada’s labor advantages begin with it...

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Virtual Offices Make Expanding to Anchorage Easy

Have you ever been to Alaska? I went there a few years ago. The snowmobiling was an adventure. The glacier flying even more so. But I was also impressed with the business community in Anchorage.

If you are in Anchorage, you know what I mean. People talk about Miami being the gateway to the Americas—and it is. But Anchorage is also a global business hub. Anchorage is less than nine hours by air from Asia, Europe, North America and 95 perc...

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