Live Web Chat Features

Put our Live Web Chat team to work for you: answering questions, providing support, even transacting sales via your online storefront, Friendly and professional people, trained on your business. It's just one more way Davinci helps you and your audience connect

Many companies offer the option to chat with a company representative on their website. Most of those chat boxes are just automated systems that give robotic responses, but what if you could put a trained professional on the other side of that chat conversation to represent your company and help your customers?

With Davinci’s live web chat, those chat boxes are manned by trained professionals ready to help your customers. They are knowledgeable about your company, and are able to answer questions, provide support, and even transact sales via your online storefront. Studies show that 69% of online e-commerce carts are abandoned due to a lack of engagement. Our live web chat team works for you to bring a friendly voice to your company, giving your customers the connection they’re looking for.

We work with you to find the chat options that work best for your company. Our chat options are brandable to your company, and give you access to fully trained and experienced agents that are most relevant to your business. It’s important to us that when we respond for your company, we represent you in the best light possible, no matter what industry or field you’re in.

Live web chat services provide instant availability and accessibility even while you’re not at your computer. When you call a company, you want to have someone who can answer the phone, and the same goes for live web chat. Your customers deserve prompt and accurate responses to their concerns, no matter how they choose to make contact.
Customizable Chat Buttons

Customizable Live Chat Buttons

In the end, everything a customer sees on your website is a reflection of your brand. You don’t want your live chat service button and window to appear out of place because it doesn’t seem to match anything else on the page.

That’s why Davinci offers customizable live chat buttons for when you use our live chat service. This allows you to maintain your business’s look, feel, and branding across your entire website including in web chats.

What Live Chat Service Does

Live chat service (also called web chat services) helps connect your website visitors with a member of Davinci’s Live Web Chat team who is thoroughly trained to best represent your business each time someone clicks the chat button and wants to chat with someone from your business.

Customer Support Services

There are many customer support services that can be done simply and effectively through live chat, including:

  • Being instantly available
  • Greeting visitors with a customizable message
  • Providing information on your products and services
  • Answering questions about orders and accounts
  • Processing online orders and returns
  • Converting web traffic into leads
  • Emailing you chat transcripts and follow-up alerts
  • Maintaining a history of every chat interaction

How to Set Up a Customizable Live Chat Service

When a web chat window pops up on the screen, it heightens the interest of your visitor and offers them a way to reach out for help or information. That’s one reason why this method of connecting with customers is so effective.

Setting up a live chat service is simple, and so is customizing your greeting and chat buttons.

Here’s how to set up live chat service in five easy steps:

  1. Purchase Davinci’s live web chat services.
  2. Fill out the online form instructing us on:
    1. How to answer your visitors’ questions about your business.
    2. Where to send the information from the live chats.
  3. Customize your chat buttons and greetings.
  4. Insert some HTML on your website to activate the live chat service.
  5. Confirm with Davinci.

Your business will then be ready to instantly connect with your customers.

Just Ask Davinci

No matter your question about live web chat services or customizable chat buttons, just ask Davinci. Our professional team is here to help, so contact a live representative today!

Chat Invitations Available

Chat Invitations & Welcome Messages

Just like a cheerful “Hello!” when you answer your personal phone, the live chat welcome message you give your online visitors is a great way to give a positive first impression of your business.

What Are Chat Invitations?

A chat invitation (also called a chat invitation message or a live chat welcome message) is a proactive way to engage your website visitors when they click to your pages. This is accomplished through a popup window featuring a live web chat agent who greets each visitor and invites them to ask a question or get help with a service.

Options for Your Chat Invitation Message

There are plenty of good options for a chat’s invitation message. Here are some ideas:

  • “Good afternoon. How may I be of assistance to you?”
  • “Hi! I’m Sophie and I’ll be right here if you need anything.”
  • “Welcome to Jake’s Cosplay Company! Please let me know if you have any questions about our products and I will be happy to assist.”
  • “Welcome! Chat with our team about Paul’s Pizza’s current delivery times!”
  • “If you have any concerns about your online service, I’m here to help.”
The message options are endless when it comes to ways you can engage and be proactive with your visitors via live web chat. Consider creating multiple custom chat invitations that target different types of customers, depending on which page they’re on or their location. Try translating the invitation into different languages, offering to help a customer through the purchase sequence, or automatically coming to the aid of a customer when they receive an error message.

Why Choose Davinci’s Chat Invitations & Welcome Messages

Davinci knows how important it is to get your chat invitations right for getting the best results, so we help you build a custom chat invitation from the ground up.

From the layout and the formatting to the branding and actual text used, we’ll work with you to construct the perfect chat invitation(s) for your customers.

Learn more about how live web chat works, then contact Davinci to get a live quote!

Customizable Greetings

Customizable Live Chat Greeting Messages

Live chat greeting messages can, in some circumstances, make or break your attempts at building relationships with customers and potential customers. Davinci Virtual offers customizable live chat messages to assist you in connecting with your website visitors.

Why Customize a Live Chat Greeting Message?

The opening lines of a live chat are critical to making a great first impression and helping your customer feel welcome and comfortable asking for assistance. A standard “Hello! How may I help you?” is perfectly acceptable. However, customizing your message to better match your brand and target audience can go a long way in making contact and engaging one-on-one with each user. Customization is invaluable as increased customer engagement is frequently linked to brand confidence, customer loyalty, positive satisfaction rates, and sales.

Your business should offer every opportunity for customer contact, including web chats. When your live chat messages are customized to meet your expectations as well as those of your customers, you ensure a greater chance of business success.

Each of the following elements of a Davinci Virtual web chat message may be customized to your liking. You choose how to:

  • Use your customer’s name.
  • Identify yourself.
  • Listen and ask relevant questions.
  • Reference your customer’s chat transcripts and history.
  • Answer questions and concerns promptly and accurately.
  • Express appreciation.

How Can a Live Chat Greeting Message Be Customized?

Not only can the opening lines of a live chat be customized, but so can the entire experience, including:
  • Chat invitations
  • Chat buttons
  • Chat window

By maintaining your company’s look, feel, voice, and branding across every touchpoint, you establish legitimacy, professionalism, memorability, and trust.

Davinci’s Live Web Chat

With your choice of Davinci’s live web chat packages, your customers will enjoy the instant availability of a thoroughly trained web chat agent every time they click to your site. What you will enjoy is peace of mind knowing your customers are being treated exactly how you would treat them if you were on the other side of the chat window.

Download our Features and Benefits Guide or talk to a Davinci expert!

Mobile Apps

Davinci Communications Apps

With work being done on mobile devices every single day, having helpful and easy-to-use apps can make all the difference in your productivity.

With a variety of Davinci communications apps available for free download, we’re here to help you quickly take care of business, so you can continue to take care of everything else demanding your attention.

Available Apps

Below are three different available (and free) Davinci communications apps that you’ll want right at your fingertips for easy access to all our services and features.

Davinci Virtual

This indispensable companion for your Davinci Virtual Phone System allows you to take business calls, send texts, listen to voice messages, and receive faxes from anywhere. Your incoming calls will be answered with a professional and personalized greeting, then directed to any employee’s mobile device.

Davinci LIVE

This helpful Davinci communications app keeps you in touch with your Davinci Live Receptionist team no matter where you are in the world. You’ll be able to update your availability status, instantly view your call activity and history, and get message notifications. Whenever you need assistance with your account, we’re here.

Davinci Meeting Rooms

This app allows you to browse and reserve day offices, conference rooms, and other business rentals, all in real-time. Davinci Meeting Rooms has affordable rentals located in convenient areas around the world. With the tap of a button, you can view rentals, reserve the one you want, and receive instant confirmation.

Download the Davinci Communications Apps

All Davinci communications apps are available for free download for both Apple and Google devices.

For Apple users:

For Google users:

Download any or all of them today!

Instant Availability

Instant Availability

Your customers want a live human being on the other end of the line when they call you with a question, concern, or comment. Similarly, your online customers want attentive customer service and an immediate response when browsing your website. Fortunately, with Davinci’s virtual receptionist live web chat availability, your customers will get what they want. In turn, you will gain higher levels of customer satisfaction. Live web chat is a win-win communication tool.

How does live web chat availability work? With a simple popup window, your customers can chat (via text) immediately and directly with a friendly, professional virtual receptionist who is ready to assist them in any way—no automated answering machines necessary.

No longer do your customers have to take the time to make a phone call and wait on hold for answers, nor do they need to write an extensive email and wait hours or days for a response. With live web chat, it only takes one click and a few moments for a qualified, knowledgeable Davinci virtual receptionist to reply.

Customers appreciate chat availability because it’s fast, convenient, and gets the job done. Your company will also appreciate it for the same reasons, but even more so because it saves a lot of resources on your end. You don’t need a special or expensive setup, and you don’t need extra staff to take calls or read lengthy emails. Live web chat streamlines and simplifies the customer service process, saving you and your customers time, hassle, and frustration. Davinci’s virtual receptionist live web chat availability is just one more way we help you and your audience connect instantly.

Choose instant, virtual receptionist web chat availability with Davinci Virtual today.

Thoroughly Trained Live Chat Agents

Thoroughly Trained Live Chat Agents

It’s important to your business that the individual replying to your customer in a live chat can field any questions that come to them. Davinci’s thoroughly trained live chat agents can answer your customers' questions, comments, or concerns in the moment, without having to refer to anyone else. This is an important thing to look for when hiring live chat agents. Otherwise, the chat process is slowed down and the customer leaves unimpressed.

What are Virtual Chat Agents?

Live chat agents are customer service representatives who interact with customers through a live chat feature on a website or mobile app. They are responsible for answering customer inquiries, providing information, and resolving issues in real-time.

Davinci Live Chat Agent Training

Davinci ensures our live chat agents are trained not only on every aspect of the chat system and in all the professional customer service techniques, but also in the areas specific to your business:

These may include:

  • How to answer frequently asked questions.
  • How to transact sales via your online storefront.
  • How best to support your unique types of customers and prospects.

Be assured knowing that every visitor to your website is in good hands and treated with excellence.

Davinci Web Chat Agents Customer Services

Live web chat agents can efficiently perform a variety of helpful customer service actions to ease your own or your team’s workload. This frees up time to focus on other aspects of running a successful business.

Customer Service Actions

Davinci’s thoroughly trained live chat agents:

  • Are available at a moment’s notice.
  • Greet each website visitor with a customized message.
  • Provide both basic and in-depth information about your services and/or products.
  • Answer any question, including those about customer accounts.
  • Process orders and returns.
  • Convert your web traffic into leads for follow up.
  • Email you a transcript of every chat interaction.
  • Maintain a chat history for later reference.

How to Hire Live Chat Agents

Our agents are instantly available and ready to get started, so if you’ve decided it’s time to hire live chat agents to help you do better online business, it’s time to Contact Davinci!

Receive Chat Transcripts and History

Live Chat Transcripts and History

There are times when having an accurate record of every customer chat communication can be very helpful. With Davinci’s live web chat services, we keep full and accurate transcripts of every chat, including a history of every text-based conversation with each visitor to your website.

Chat Transcripts and History Explained

Just to clarify, here’s a brief explanation of a live chat transcript and chat history.

Chat Transcript

A chat transcript is a record of communication between an online customer and a live chat agent.

The transcript will generally include the following information:

  • Live chat agent name
  • Live chat visitor number
  • Contact name
  • Account name and number (if applicable)
  • The visitor’s geographic location
  • Visitor wait time
  • Agent average response time
  • Typed word-for-word chat conversation
  • Start time and end time
  • Chat duration
  • Referring site

Chat History

A chat history is an ongoing record of every time a specific online customer communicates with a live chat agent.

A chat history will generally include the following information:

  • Live chat agent name
  • Contact name
  • Account name and number (if applicable)
  • The dates and times of each contact
  • Information and data regarding previous chats

Why You Want Chat Transcripts and History

There are multiple reasons why having a live chat transcript and history are practical, productive, and prudent.

For example:

  • You can monitor visitor/agent interactions to ensure they are helpful to both your customer and your business.
  • They show how previous problems were handled and help guide future interactions to be successful.
  • They decrease the visitor’s wait time and the agent’s response time.
  • They create opportunities for follow-ups and future marketing opportunities.

No matter the reason you may need your customers’ chat information, we’ll ensure you have it right away via direct email.

Request Live Web Chat Services

Take advantage of live web chat services offered by Davinci’s professional and thoroughly trained agents, and you’ll get easy-to-access live chat transcripts and history.

Contact us today to get started!

Stellar Davinci Customer Service

Manned Chat Agents Who Offer Stellar Customer Service

Davinci’s manned chat agents provide first-rate web chat customer service to every online visitor to your business’s website. Our manned chat agents are respectful, polite, positive, and cheerful. They go to great lengths to answer questions quickly and correctly, deftly resolve any concerns, and assist customers with whatever they need—just like you would do for them yourself.

What are Virtual Manned Chat Agents?

Manned chat agents are customer service representatives who are available to chat with customers through a chat window on a website or through a messaging app. They are trained to respond to customer inquiries and requests in a helpful and professional manner. Manned chat agents are typically used to handle customer service inquiries, answer questions, and assist with online transactions.

Unlike virtual chat agents, which are computer programs designed to simulate conversation with users, manned chat agents are real people who are trained to interact with customers in a personalized and human-like manner.

Manned Chat Agent Services

Davinci offers a variety of manned chat agent services, depending on the number of live chat sessions you anticipate having per month. This makes for an easy, flexible, and scalable solution for connecting with your online customers and potential customers. Add-on options include professional, premium, and custom setups.

Web Chat Customer Service Features

Check out these features of Davinci’s live chat customer services:

  • Website visitors enjoy instant availability and accessibility, with prompt and accurate responses.
  • Each conversation is manned by a trained professional who is knowledgeable about the specifics of your company and services.
  • Questions can be answered, support can be given, and sales can be transacted, all via the chat window.
  • Conversations are engaging, friendly, and respectful.
  • Branded and conveniently customizable chat options are provided for continuity across your company.

You’re Our Valued Client

Davinci’s manned live chat customer service is top-notch and, as such, you’ll also be the recipient of our own stellar customer service. We acknowledge you as a valued client, so we work hard to develop a trusting partnership that serves to solidify a lasting, beneficial relationship between both of us.

If you’re ready to get started using web chats to grow your customer base and increase online sales, learn how live web chat customer service works and get a live quote for Davinci manned chat agents!

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