How Live Web Chat Works

Davinci's live web chat agents are standing by to greet and assist your web visitors by engaging with a customized chat invite.

Davinci Live Web Chat – Turn your website into an extension of your business

Live Web Chat allows you to capture the attention of people who visit your website at the height of their interest – while they’re browsing your site! Davinci offers a customized web chat that lives on your website and connects potential clients to our team of dedicated chat agents. We train your Davinci chat team on your business needs and information, making sure they can provide customer support, answer questions, and convert your web traffic into leads. We can even process online orders and alert you through email instantly for follow-up.

Setting up your Live Web Chat

Setting up your customized chat is easy. Within one business hour of purchase, a dedicated customer care representative will reach out and help you get started. Simply fill out the online form to let your Davinci team know how to answer questions about your business, and where to send the information from chats. Please note, we will need to insert some HTML on your website to activate the chat. In order to confirm setup is complete, your Davinci Team Lead will reach out. If you have any questions, special instructions not covered in the form, or need to make changes later, your Davinci customer care team will be happy to assist you.
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