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Smart, friendly, and available when you need them to be. It’s the professional voice with a personal touch when your customer calls, representing your company, your way. We have a variety of plans for every need: find the one that’s right for you.
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Others count your live answering usage in one-minute increments, meaning that if you use one minute and one second, two minutes of your allotment are gone. Davinci Virtual counts your time in one-second increments. Just one more way Davinci is working to maximize your potential with a great value.


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Davinci Virtual offers Live Virtual Receptionist Service all across the U.S.


Mountain Lakes Call Answering Services and Virtual Receptionists


Our live receptionists are always here for your company, even if they are only needed part time, we are always ready to take your phone calls. Our virtual secretaries may be remote, but we guarantee you will always have a US based representative answering your calls, and paired with our unnoticeable transfer integration, even you will forget that our agents are not in house. For a pretty long time now, Davinci has been there for small & medium companies for their virtual services to cover their needs through our receptionists, assistants, secretaries or administrators for a while now, and through the hundreds of startups satisfied with our service, Davinci knows how to make sure them stay on with our service. Davinci has always offered affordable prices to our clients in Mountain Lakes New Jersey, because of this, Davinci will be only cheap when it comes to actual cost of our solution, but we always deliver the best quality, on a regular basis. Another benefit to picking Davinci is that we provide bilingual receptionists that can easily take Spanish AND English calls needing you.

Davincis' exceptional virtual assistants & administrators provide answering service, call filtering, forwarding your calls, transferring them, mastering your telephone extensions & answering caller questions, and over all provide superb customer service, all before we transfer the call to you. Out of all Mountain Lakes, New Jersey companies, Davinci has provided services in these verticals; medical offices, real estate & many many other similar industries. We are a leader in the industry when you are looking for virtual live receptionist & virtual administrative assistants in Mountain Lakes. Our company has offered trademark virtual office temps to business clients for almost a decade. As a result, we have since then become synonymous with trust and as the number ONE choice for businesses needing to order virtual receptionists.



Virtual secretary service

Davinci's secretaries make it a lot more enjoyable for owners to fully jump into their companies important business, and it also allows us to be working to make it easier on your time by answering calls, filtering & screening callers, returning calls or scheduling appointments. Specially made for these people, our service provides a better way when it comes to getting a virtual secretary. Don't settle for a temp secretarial services, get our perfect virtual temporary secretary service which you can use on the whim whenever we are needed. By utilizing our Mountain Lakes services just great call associates reach you, essentially preventing them from wasting your time and reducing distractions with wasteful companies & 'one of a kind ideas'.


Virtual receptionist service

We have provided unbelievable live virtual receptionists for years now, and we can easily say we have the best live receptionists loved by our entrepreneurs. Our company provides our amazing solution usually to growing businesses, solopreneurs, realtors, daycare providers, dentists, medical practitioners offices, law offices and a whole lot of other businesses, along with professional answering service. Davinci is a greatly reviewed company with an amazing reputation, Davinci has been perfecting this service for more than ten years now. We work remotely out of our one location, each receptionist obtains instructions regarding your tasks, call setup, general business services, answers to frequently asked questions from potential customers and your list of extensions to properly transfer callers to you. When you start looking at companies to hire the perfect live virtual receptionist, there is no need to search any further than our company. Over the years Davinci has pushed to make the price of our receptionist cheap for small & medium companies, and along our virtual office solutions, bilingual associates & voicemail receptionists, there are no better providers in this industry, for which we have been uncomparable giants in for over a decade.


Virtual administrator service

We will serve as your own virtual admin assistants, helping a busy office manager in doing duties which would be just as efficiently finished remotely, thus we will be supplementing their availability in handling errands in the office that you look at as a bigger priority. Don't delegate any longer, simply start with your preferred plan from this page, or simply start a chat session or give us a call to genuinely have us explain your optimal direction for your business and what can be done for you. When you have your own admin associate we will start to make your own life more enjoyable because now there will be one less action to think about for handling your business. Start making things easier today, and let us to handle this service for you, especially since Davinci is a familiar brand and longest serving in the virtual providers space along with our other problem solving offerings. No other external company exists which can match happy users as Davinci does, so let us prove ourselves & show & give you the experience shared by so many solo-preneurs which go with us, have no regrets.


Virtual assistant service

Davinci is a leading company that offers this exceptional service, so let our company enhance your day & help your company by providing you your very personal office assistant. Every single assistant is exceptionally experienced and offers a unique presence for your company, making it a addition to integrate supplementally for any small or medium business, and we have many need based services for bigger startups. Davinci virtual assistants always take care of all tasks needing to be done around your office, with us never really needing to be located there, it is the ultimate convenience of a "whenever needed" solution. We are going to take care of all of your needs, with over a decade of experience, this should instill a lot of confidence in what we offer, and that we are getting you an awesome solution as you compare dedication & dependability.


If you are thinking, "I need my virtual assistant", then you need to use to find a virtual assistant solution. Our company offers dedicated virtual receptionists with very affordable prices, but realistically you can't afford not to use our services. If you count the hours you lose, the affordable hourly option we provide is perfect for our "use just when needed" service, so when compared with price our virtual services are the cheapest.

As a premium provider, our company has experienced virtual receptionists & virtual assistants for lawyer, medical, dental and real estate industries & professionals, along with many other business industries. Our comprehensive services provide your company a personal virtual assistant and secretaries which will work with you regardless of whether you are currently in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, the United States, multi-nationally or anywhere internationally around the world, no agency exists that provides what ours is able to.


The Mountain Lakes, NJ call answering service you need to order


We take pride in providing American customer service support representatives who are always online to take care of your important customers' needs and show a professional image for your company. In addition to call answering, Davinci also offers U.S. based bilingual associates which can do spam call filtering, Spanish & English customer service, call forwarding and other live answering responsibilities. Davinci has the workforce to keep up with any business as it grows. Let our live virtual answering service, offered through a known provider, assist with your fast paced needs professionally and with affordable pricing for you. Quality service will always be our top measure of success, and although we are the cheapest in terms of pricing, Davinci will always be high on the quality of our live answering service. The prices of our solution is cheap enough that business owners can't really afford not to use Davincis' live answering services. Outsource your small business customer service support to our virtual call center for small & medium businesses with us and never miss another important call because you were busy. We promise to prove to you how Davinci has the best reviews, as we provide a personalized telephone answering experience for every one of your calls that we take. Davinci secretaries always try to make an actual personal connection with each caller, just like if they were our customers, because your business success is our priority.

Davinci associates are always there for you, and when your business is closed we provide a 24/7 automated services that are included in every package. The price of our service is almost free, and flat rate pricing makes it a better deal. Most businesses aren't familiar, or don't know where or how to get a virtual answering service, but our company makes it easy by combining it with Davinci virtual offices and other business solutions. It's these reasons why businesses give the best reviews for us & recommend us to their colleagues, because our live service is truly unbeatable in the industry, as our system is unbeatable.

Our company specializes in providing business answering service solutions, because of this, a big portion of Davincis customers choose our solution because of our reputation and custom mindset to enabling our business customers success. Our dependable live answering service is very pertinent in the success of small businesses that require a dedicated person answering the calls to effectively keep the calling clients favorable perception of the company. Every time your number is called, know that our virtual call center receptionist is there to handle the incoming call for your company wherever you are in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Davinci has countless entrepreneur & small business customers who left us great reviews, as we are easily the most dependable virtual answering services which they've subscribed to.

We provide you with a virtual answering service solution to be combined with your virtual office solution. Do what you do best with no worries, knowing your phone answering system is taking all of your businesses calls and answering it as if we were in your building, taking care of your company, because your business succeeding IS our business priority. Whenever your business is called by a customer, our virtual receptionists are there to professionally answer your businesses call. The Davinci professional service gives you a live solution and additionally provides bilingual answering receptionists to handle English and Spanish callers. Davinci is the best reviewed in the services we provide because Davinci already has countless Mountain Lakes, New Jersey businesses who trust us to answer their calls every hour, whether they have a VoIP system or a toll free number. We are affordable when it comes to cost, but we are superior in quality with our live answering service company for Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Our professional help representatives are waiting for you to experience us with no cost by calling 1-888-863-3423 or just by starting a web chat session.


Keep in mind that Davinci offers exceptional bilingual secretaries to take a majority of your phone calls. Our company also provides our service to many verticals, if your company needs a receptionist to answer every phone call for your business, then we are the right provider for you.


Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Attorneys Office Answering Service
Our quality virtual legal receptionist answering service will keep your legal offices operating smoothly while taking care of your callers legal questions and summarize everything for your reference. We have served our lawyers & attorneys for a very long time, for this to work, our always online legal secretaries are ready for taking on any task and to take care of it with professional detail. Our most popular business category we service in answering are all of the lawyers & attorneys we assist, allowing them to win their clients cases. Another aspect to keep in mind, is that Davinci provides you with the option to further train your virtual receptionist in how she should take your legal calls & documents in the future. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for your office. We also provide afterhours answering service through the complimentary automated phone answering system, paired with a personally recorded message by you. Our live phone answering service we provide to lawyers is one of many service solutions that we offer for attorneys.

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Medical Office Answering Service
Davinci has a lot of medical offices we provide answering service to, including those run by independent physicians. One service Davinci offers is bpo, here we provide our answering service to assist your callers, this is further handled via experienced professionals who worked within the medical industry. All of our agents are continuously up to date on HIPAA standards so healthcare providers always trust Davinci to handle their calls. Our virtual secretaries are fully capable of replacing your front office needs and help with billing, general office queries and management, reception, schedule appointments & handling visits and assistant needs whether you are a state medical examiner or local doctor. Davinci has gained the trust of every doctor and physician we provide answering service to, part due to our HIPAA satisfactory compliance, in addition to us working for the absolute best medical answering service reviews. We take this duty seriously, and offer the service at the best price.

Real Estate Answering Service
Just leave it to our girls to take these types of calls, get the messages and pass on the information to you via email while you are selling homes. Don't just trust someone to work from their "house" or from the Philippines, let us show you why so many real estate agents get our exceptional real estate division compatible service by starting a chat right away. Our company provides great real estate answering services to swamped real estate agents who can better spend their time finalizing deals and taking care of clients instead of verifying meetings or catching up on simple questions.

Call 1-888-863-3423 (1-888-VOFFICE) now to get more information for how we can help you today.


Dental Office & Dentist Answering Service
Lately there have been many Mountain Lakes, New Jersey dental offices who are coming to Davinci for their virtual call answering needs mainly as we are HIPAA compliant, and the person that answers your phone is family friendly every time. Davinci has been helping dentist offices for years, and we would love to prove ourselves for how this is the right way to go for the answering needs of your dentists office.

Some of the Other Business Categories Served
Whatever your business does, here at Davinci sincerely like talking to people and over the years have become very successful with it, and can help you succeed as a result. Throughout the years, we have ensured the success of various companies which are increasingly requiring our phone answering service, not limited to known directors, psychiatrists, celebrities, spa & massage therapy, restaurant ordering, house cleaning companies, savvy financial advisors, senior citizens, exemplary gym franchises, lawn care services, funeral homes & morticians, car towing companies & auto shops and lots of others that needed the very best professional to pick up the telephone when their customers call.