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Auto and Virtual Construction Answering Service

The construction industry has many constantly moving parts, and one bad mistake could ruin a business. Whether in the industrial, residential, commercial, or civil construction field, it’s crucial to have 100% of your focus on your projects.

So what happens when there are constant interruptions from customer calls, or you have to spend valuable time convincing people you're a legitimate business? You waste time and money.

Davinci offers various virtual office services, including a virtual office address and auto and virtual construction answering services. Employ our offsite answering service when you’re busy onsite and on the job. Our services can take some of these menial tasks from you so you can do the building while we build your relationships.

New or Growing Construction Businesses

If you’re a new but growing company, establishing credibility is essential, especially in construction, where word of mouth is the primary way of getting new business. While you don’t mind close friends turned customers knowing your home address, it may be uncomfortable to continue to use word of mouth as your network expands.

A virtual office gives you a professional address and phone number. Davinci has thousands of addresses all over the world. You’ll need an address to register your company, get permits, and build business credit. Securing a professional address and number before getting established is better.

Established Construction Businesses

You may not need a virtual address as an established construction business, but Davinci offers much more than just an address and phone number. We also have receptionist services. Our construction answering service includes live and virtual construction company receptionists.

Our automated answering service for construction companies is entirely customizable. You can choose the greeting and create a menu that answers common questions like hours, availability, and how to schedule a consultation.

You’ll love our automated answering service that allows you to invest your time in other projects and ensure that everything is on schedule. You can’t afford to be interrupted by many calls throughout the day.

A live receptionist can take care of even more, offering a personal touch to each interaction. Our live receptionists will answer every call, forward it to the appropriate employee, and manage voicemails.

If you upgrade to our premium package, our live receptionist will perform administrative tasks like organizing documents and scheduling appointments.

Our construction answering service will free up time to network with new clients, manage construction sites, and focus on growing your construction business by working with prospects.

Davinci Lets You Focus on Your Business

Davinci’s virtual office and construction answering services can help industrial, residential, commercial, and civil construction businesses, either starting out or established. Let Davinci take care of menial tasks so you can put 100% of your focus on your business. Request a free quote today.

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