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Virtual and Live Hospitality Answering Service

Customer service is a vital element in the hospitality industry. When you operate a business in this industry, providing a high level of service to every customer can be challenging. One solution to this common problem is professional hospitality answering services.

Davinci’s virtual office services include live and automated answering services for hospitality businesses, including spas, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Automated Receptionists Provide Fast Answers

Any receptionist can attest that many calls involve simple questions about operating hours or prices. Even short calls like these can waste a lot of time that could otherwise be spent on improving the customer experience.

Davinci’s automated receptionist services are customizable, allowing you to create the perfect greeting that reflects your business. Create an automated menu for customers to find answers to common questions around topics like:

  • Operating hours
  • Check-in times
  • Prices
  • Location
  • Promotions

If a customer needs a more personalized touch, the automated receptionist will direct them to a live employee who can provide further assistance.

Create Personalized Experiences from Anywhere

A live receptionist can provide personalized service when you get more calls than your employees can handle. Davinci’s services include a premium live hospitality answering service to answer calls, assist with concerns, address questions, and schedule appointments or check-ins for those who call.

In-person staff members can handle any live customer requests at your location, while the virtual receptionist takes care of calls as they come into the business. Our hospitality answering service also includes bilingual receptionists if you have a multilingual customer base.

The Benefits of Davinci Services in Each Industry

If you don’t think your business needs hospitality answering services, keep reading to find out how each hospitality industry can benefit.


Any lodging service, regardless of size, has countless customer interactions. Sometimes there are more customers than employees available, creating a negative experience that results in negative reviews.

An automated receptionist can help sort out callers and shrink the waiting queue by answering the most commonly asked questions. While the automated receptionist handles calls, in-person employees can assist the customers in front of them.

If you need extra help during peak times, such as around the holidays, a live receptionist can help organize calls and handle check-in or check-outs while leaving more complicated calls to your employees to manage.


Spas are meant to be places for relaxation, but it’s hard to relax when the phones ring off the hook. Use an auto receptionist to filter calls so you and your team can focus on keeping customers comfortable.

If you want to create a more tranquil atmosphere for customers, take advantage of our live receptionist to handle all calls and questions from another location. Say goodbye to ringing phones and loud conversations, creating a relaxing place for all who visit.

Tourist Attractions

Regardless of the type of tourist attraction you run, there’s a lot to keep track of in a single day. Our hospitality answering services can answer typical questions, ensure proper communication with bilingual customers, schedule, and handle other needs. Your business can also save money by using this service rather than hiring multiple employees to address these needs.


Owning a restaurant can be chaotic, especially during peak dining hours. Usually, all hands are on deck to host, serve, and cook for the customers. Use Davinci’s hospitality answering services during these times to keep workflows running smoothly. You can focus on the people in front of you while our receptionists handle those on the phone.

Try Davinci Today

Open doors and close reservations with our virtual customer concierge. Davinci Live Receptionist is your dedicated desk clerk for your bed & breakfast, spa, or other hospitality business. Your guests can check in and get answers from our warm, welcoming business associates by phone, email, or web chat.

Request a free quote today, and we can create the perfect bundle of services based on the needs of your business.

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