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Davinci 101: Get More Work Done in Less Time With a Virtual Receptionist

It's been a few years since Alan went independent and started his own law practice. After a few lean months of trying to find new clients and taking on any case he could, Alan finally began to hit his stride and find success. Along with that success, however, Alan found that his free time evaporated as he was constantly on the phone or sending out follow up emails to current, potential, and past clients. Much of this communication was simple and tended to interrupt more important tasks. Just as he was wondering if the time commitment to his business was proving to be too much, Alan was referred to Davinci's live receptionist services. After learning what a live receptionist team could do for his practice, Alan gave it a try.

At Davinci, our live receptionists receive personalized training on every client. For people like Alan, they even receive paralegal training, which allowed Alan to turn the bulk of his everyday correspondence over to his live receptionist team. Immediately the Davinci live receptionists began to answer Alan's calls, schedule appointments, handle follow up communications, and even field live web chat inquiries on his website. Overnight Alan went from a time constrained man with a phone glued to his ear to someone far more free to handle the more important issues facing his practice.

Alan's practice has grown, and now he's a major player in his local area. With a sustained surge in new clients, Davinci's live receptionists have allowed Alan to continue to provide top notch results for his clients without getting tied down by simple tasks.

In a typical day, a Davinci Receptionist will:

  • answer, screen, and route phone calls

  • take messages from inbound calls

  • process orders

  • create and manage leads via web chat and phone calls

  • engage in customer support

  • manage client calendars and appointments

  • and much more

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Davinci 101: Outmaneuver the Giants in Your Industry

It's over. The era of large corporations squeezing out the little guy is behind us. More and more small businesses and entrepreneurs are adopting business services that give them increased mobility, lower overhead, faster response times, and access to resources that were previously impossible to reach. Some of these game changing services you already have access to; but you may not be using them to their full potential. Virtual office addresses are changing the landscape of the B2B and B2C worlds, and here's how it's happening.

Globalization used to be an option only for enterprise level businesses with deep pockets, near endless resources, and huge workforces. Today the one man shop and small businesses are enjoying equal access to diversified markets and geographic locations. With the Internet, search engines, worldwide shipping, and virtual office services, it's all possible and it's sharply on the rise.

Virtual office users are finding it possible to outmaneuver large corporations by removing the trappings of maintaining a physical office space. With mail forwarding, live receptionist services, and affordable meeting room rental availability worldwide, small teams and individuals are capable of greater mobility than the more slow-moving corporations.

While large businesses are still sending out and gathering RFP and bids, the new, more mobile entrepreneur has already met with potential clients face to face and closed the deal.

Recent studies in the UK have shown that the number of under 35-year old men and women starting businesses has increased by 70% since 2006, and the trend is on the rise worldwide. With today's virtual office tools, offered by Davinci, the so called little guy is now starting to run the show while the industry giants struggle to adapt.

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Chat Agent Heroes Recognized at LivePerson Aspire 2014

The following article in it's entirety can be found on LivePerson's Blog.  We have posted a portion of the original article highlighting our talented employee Briana Gonzales.

Chat agents are like shopping superheroes. They have the potential to surprise, delight, and even protect brands’ most valuable assets: customers.

At this year’s Aspire event on October 8, LivePerson recognized 10 exceptional chat agents with its Meaningful Connection Awards. Winners were nominated by fellow colleagues based on their ability to demonstrate innovation, personality, conflict resolution, and more—all through chat.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="550"]LivePerson Meaningful Connection Award Winners LivePerson's CEO and Founder Rob LoCascio (left) and the 2014 LivePerson Meaningful Connection Award Winners. Davinci's Briana Gonzales is second from the left.[/caption]

The Adventurer: Briana Gonzales, Super Agent, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

The career journey of a chat agent can be an adventure, and that is precisely what our Adventurer award winner, Briana Gonzales of Davinci Virtual, has done. She started off about three and a half years ago chatting as a member of the Green Team, and then graduated to Davinci’s Yellow and Red teams, eventually reaching the pinnacle of what the company calls Super Agent. Find out how Briana helped a customer who didn't speak English through the entire customer journey—from awareness to purchase—by reading or watching her Agent Connection Story.

Guest Post: Digital Focus Drives Customer Experience for Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

LivePerson published a post on their blog about Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 15:01

Mathematician, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer, Leonardo Davinci, the epitome of the Renaissance, possessed unquenchable curiosity unbridled imagination. These ideals were foundational pillars when two business partners—Bill Grodnik, CEO, and Martin Senn, COO, came together in 2005 to form Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

As a starting point, the two determined that all business with the company—whether marketing or transactional—would happen online. Deploying a world-class website that allowed for engagement with customers spread around the globe was an important starting point.

But this was just one piece to the larger puzzle they assembled. Grodnik and Senn wanted to provide customers with a digital experience that was more than simply a repository of information and an e-commerce transaction; rather, they sought to extend digitally the human touch of its services. It was at this point that Grodnik and Senn turned to LivePerson. Monitoring traffic in real time and proactively approaching customers with offers at the right moment were critical considerations for them.

The LivePerson deployment has evolved to align with Davinci’s business. The initial deployment in 2007 delivered live chat for online sales. This was expanded in 2009 to enhance the company’s customer support strategy. A year later, LivePerson was added for live receptionist services, enabling Davinci receptionists to communicate via live chat with visitors on their customers’ websites. This unique digital engagement feature enables individual entrepreneurs or start-ups to compete at a much higher level.

Last year, Davinci upgraded to the LiveEngage platform to take advantage of its more robust functionality, including improved reporting and enrichment analysis. Davicini also added content targeting and extended LiveEngage to cover inside sales and customer service functions. And thinking outside the box, Grodnik and Senn integrated LiveEngage into Davinci’s Live Web Chat product in September, creating an enhanced revenue stream for the company.

An early adopter in the digital engagement space, Davinci has seen remarkable results—which have only grown over the years. When it comes to Davinci’s transactions, 15% are conducted via live chat, with conversion rate in excess of 26%. And the additions and refinements Davinci made to the LivePerson deployment over the past year are making a substantial difference. For example, live chat conversion rates previously hovered around 15% to 16%. Average order values have also expanded, by about 25% on the virtual office solutions side and 40% for Davinci Meeting Room.

First impressions count. Giving your business the right human touch is pivotal—often making the difference between a successful customer interaction and one that falls short either in terms of subpar customer satisfaction or a failed transaction. This is how Davinci’s customers measure their success, and how Davinci measures its success with LivePerson. So far the results are impressive. But then one would expect only such of a company with a namesake of Davinci.

For more information on how Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is using LiveEngage, check out this customer success story or listen to this Digital Engagement podcast, which contains excerpts from the conversation we had with Martin Senn.

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Davinci Targets Mobile Workers With New Virtual Office Website

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—When mobile workers talk, we listen! And mobile workers are talking—on smartphones. But mobile workers are doing much more than talking on their smartphones, they are searching for products and services that make their lives easier.

That’s why Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has rolled out its first website exclusively designed for smartphone-toting mobile workers. The new site has been built from the ground up to give iPhone and Android smart phone visitors an easy to navigate and properly formatted website experience.

"The release of Davinci's new website designed exclusively for mobile smart phone users shows our commitment to provide visitors with the best website experience possible,” says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. “We have seen a very strong increase in web searches performed from mobile devices so it was only logical to build a site that is designed for it.”

With the mobile worker population set to reach 1.3 billion by 2015, according to IDC, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is priming the pump. We understand that virtual office technologies are part and parcel of the productive mobile worker’s mandate. By offering a mobile-friendly website, mobile workers and other entrepreneurs on the run can find what they need in a few clicks and with a clean presentation.

Davinci Virtual provides virtual office solutions to over 10,000 companies and entrepreneurs in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America, Asia and Australia. The company also offers virtual live receptionist services, hosted business phone solutions, virtual assistant support, live web chat and over 900 virtual office locations including virtual offices in London, NYC, Los Angeles, virtual offices in San Francisco and any other metropolitan area throughout the world. Over 25,000 clients have chosen Davinci for their Live Receptionist Services, Prime Business Addresses and Flexible Meeting Spaces needs.

"Our customer base is mainly comprised of mobile professionals and entrepreneurs on the go,” Grodnik adds. “We always need to look at how we best interact with them.”