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Hey Small Businesses, You’ve Got a ‘Friend’ in These ‘Followers’


The traditional office is not the right setting for every small business. With this in mind, Bill Grodnik founded Davinci Virtual Office Solutions in January 2006 -- a company that provides virtual office solutions and services including digital voicemail, electronic fax, virtual assistants and receptionist services.

The company currently supports more than 8,000 business clients across a variety of industries including legal, financial, high technology, medical and media. Grodnik credits much of the company’s growth to social media since it allows him to communicate directly with small-business owners to help define strategies that directly meet to their needs.

Twitter specifically has proven helpful in expanding the company’s clientele by making it easy to track small-business news and to drive traffic to Davinc’s blog, which offers tools, services and tips for small-business owners.

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