Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide phone numbers or can I use an existing number I have?

Davinci includes two numbers for free with all of our communication plans. You can choose whether these two numbers are toll-free or local numbers. These two numbers also work as fax to email numbers at the same time. Not all local area codes are available. Please check the website or call 888-863-3423 to verify if the area code you want is available. If you have existing numbers you would like to continue to use, you can forward those to us at no cost. If you wish us to go a step further and have us take ownership of your current number there is a one-time $75 porting fee which allows us to purchase your number from your existing provider. If you have us port your number, this means you no longer need to pay your current provider for that number as it would be considered 1 of the 2 free numbers Davinci includes for you. If you need a vanity number that spells something (example 1-800-DAVINCI) there is a onetime $100 set up fee for us to obtain this number for you. If you need an international phone/fax number it is $49.95 per month. To port out a number you have ported in,  there would be a fee of $250.

How soon can my communications package be set-up?

Once you sign up online, you will be assigned a personal set up representative that will help you fill out your call flow form. Once that has been completed and sent back to us it typically takes about 1-2 business days. This allows us time to train and test your team of receptionists on how to handle your calls.

How do I pay?

We accept credit and / or debit card payments. We cannot accept check, or cash payments. This also adds an extra level of convenience because you don’t have to worry about mailing in a check or late payments.  All sign-ups need to be done online or over the phone at 888-863-3423. We cannot accomodate in-person sign-ups.

Can I get my numbers now and start services later?

Unfortunately our numbers live in a large bank, and in order for us to reserve or hold a number we have to activate that account at that time.

Can I take my Davinci Virtual number with me when I cancel my services?

It depends on the type of numbers you use in our system and how they were originally set up. Please call Davinci at 877-693-2846 to review your options.

Is there a set-up fee for Communication Services?

Automated Phone Services – No

Live Receptionist Services - $95 one time

Live Web Chat $50 set-up fee


How does the voicemail system work?

Included with each phone package is a voicemail system. You or the Davinci team can record a main greeting for your voicemail box. If clients leave you messages, you can dial into the system to listen to them, or you can have the voicemails sent to you via email in a sound file with the date, time, and the phone number of the call stamped. 

How does the fax service and fax forwarding work?

The toll-free or local number included with your account functions as a phone and fax number. Just give your contacts your Davinci number. The system will recognize whether it is a voice caller or whether it is a fax that it needs to forward. You can then receive your fax via email. Faxes do not cost you anything additional and are included in the base rate. A typical fax page is equal to 1 automated minute. 10 cents per page for overages.

What is Find Me Follow Me?

Think of Find Me Follow Me as a virtual phone locating service. When someone dials your office phone number they can only reach you if you happen to be at your desk. If they wish to speak to you, they will then have to dial your cell phone, or home phone next. This is a time consuming and frustrating process for some. Plus, if you miss an important call, you will now have to return a Voicemail. The Find Me Follow Me feature allows your callers to reach you by simply dialing one number. When a callers dials this virtual number, this receptionist and/or system checks your schedule, then begins to dial phone numbers based on your settings. For example: I usually work a Monday thru Friday 9-5 work week. I also work from home time to time. My schedule is quite flexible. There is no guarantee that I will be sitting at my desk each Wednesday morning. I also have a cell phone which I carry with me everywhere I go. When someone calls me during the work week they dial my virtual number. I have the system set up to first dial the phone number at my desk in the office. If I do not answer the phone, I have the system set up to then ring both my home phone number and my cell phone at the same time. The caller does not have to do anything but wait for me to answer the phone. If I still do not answer the call, they are then asked to leave a Voicemail. It is that easy. Anytime, Anywhere.... The Find Me Follow Me service lets callers reach you by phone anytime, anywhere. There is no need to give your friends and associates multiple numbers for office, fax, cell, home, etc. With Find Me Follow Me, your virtual phone number gives you the freedom to be away from the office without worrying about missing an important call or opportunity.

What is the contract term for Receptionist Services?

Phone & chat solutions are on month to month contracts. All we need to cancel is 30 day written notice of cancelation.

Is there tax applied?

No. The pricing is charged as listed on our website. No tax is applied.

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