Davinci Meeting Room Features

Davinci has the right meeting space for any purpose.

Finding a long-term or hourly meeting room for rent with Davinci is straightforward and simple. Davinci meeting rooms provide you with a clean, modern, and professional setting so you have a place to meet with either individual clients or a large group of investors. Whatever your need, Davinci can help you find the meeting space that will help propel your business towards success.

Whether you are planning for tomorrow or months from now, making an online meeting room reservation only takes a few minutes. With over 20,000 locations around the world, you’ll have no problem finding a city and area that suits your business needs. After you have found the location and the meeting room that you want to rent, the only thing left to do is book your rental. Simply select the day, place, time, and number of guests that you want to invite. During this step, you can also select additional services and amenities to add to your meeting room rental.

As a part of every meeting room that you schedule with Davinci, you will receive access to the best services. Everything from conference room catering to wireless internet to LCD monitors/projectors can be included with your booking. No matter which industry you are in, Davinci meeting room rentals provide you with the technology and space that you need to get your job done right.

Choose from 20,000 spaces

Over 20,000 Spaces Available

Whether you just need a day office or want a full conference room rental, we have the perfect meeting room ready for you.

Davinci provides you with a choice of:

  • Over 20,000 Meeting Spaces
  • In more than 5,500 locations
  • Across 50+ countries

Davinci has meeting rooms globally located to ensure that no matter where you are meeting, you’ll have the available space, technology, and services required for success. With beautifully appointed offices located in convenient, high demand areas all over the world, you will be able to present yourself as a dynamic professional who is ready to get down to business.

Finding the right location for your meeting is critical. First, you want the best space for your specific type of meeting. Second, you want the right technologies and services to fit your needs. Finally, you want a location convenient for those attending your meeting.

When booking a meeting room rental online, you can filter your search based on location, services, and room size so you’re sure to find an ideal venue.

Browse local meeting rooms by state.

Browse international meeting rooms by country.

Reserve Online

Book Online Instantly

At Davinci, we offer a meeting room booking service that is completely customizable and refreshingly convenient. With our online meeting room reservation system, you can browse our selection of available meeting spaces, customize your meeting room rental with top-notch accommodations, and secure your reservation with the click of a button.

We understand that with so many different options to choose from, booking your meeting room rental can become complicated; size, location, additional business services, the list goes on. We’ve organized all of these features for you to choose from and placed them neatly on one simplistic online platform with live inventory for real-time availability.

In just a matter of minutes, you can easily select the right meeting room for your next presentation from our extensive selection of meeting spaces. Search by location, pick the right size, add on any additional business services, and complete your reservation with ease.

Visit our online meeting room reservation portal now to begin your search, or if you’d rather, feel free to contact one of our experts at 877-454-1263 for assistance in setting up the right meeting room rental. Our experienced and professional representatives are prepared to take your questions, learn more about the nature of your business, and help you choose an ideal location for your next big presentation, proposal, or board meeting.

With Davinci, you have the power to create the perfect setting for your next professional business meeting before you’ve even finished your coffee. Let’s begin.

Fully Serviced and Equipped Meeting Spaces

Fully Equipped Spaces

Davinci offers all the services and equipment you need for a successful business meeting.

All workspaces and meeting facilities are fully equipped and feature the latest technologies and business services such as:

  • Wireless internet
  • LCD monitors and projectors
  • Food and beverage catering
  • Traditional business services
  • Lobby greeters
  • Printing
  • Faxing
  • Mailing

When you go to book a Davinci meeting space using the location portal, you will be able to see the conference room equipment that is offered in each specific business center, so you can plan your meetings and trainings accordingly.

All Davinci conference room facilities are fully equipped to make your meeting convenient and successful.

Rent by the Hour or the Day

Flexible Reservations

Why should you have to pay the cost to rent a meeting room for a day when you only need it for a couple of hours? You shouldn’t. Unlike other meeting room rental companies, we give you the option to rent your space exactly when you need it, for as long as you need it — no more, no less. Davinci provides flexible scheduling for conference room solutions that are practical and cost-effective.

Why? Because no two business ventures are exactly the same. We offer a variety of meeting and conference room rentals that you can reserve by the hour or the day. Whether you need a small, professional setting for a quick meet and greet, or a spacious conference room rental for an entire day, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Davinci. We also provide a range of personal workspaces, including day offices, hot desks, and coworking spaces. So, if you’re a business traveler or you work remotely, you can find an affordable, professional place to work no matter where you are.

Not only do we give you the option to rent by the hour, but we also provide a variety of different meeting, office, and conference room solutions that cater to your budget and your needs. Starting at just $10 an hour, you can reserve a day office, a coworking space, or a private room for a small conference room meeting. The hourly rate for our medium-sized conference room rentals begins at $20, which is among the best in the industry.

Meeting Spaces Starting at $10/hr

Affordable Meeting Rates

Davinci is an innovator in specialized facility rentals and we offer some of the most competitive meeting room rates in the industry, starting as low as $10 an hour.

Included in the hourly rate, each conference room or meeting room rental includes presentation tools such as:

  • LCD monitors
  • Projectors
  • Audio and video teleconferencing equipment
  • Smart boards
  • Lightning-fast Wi-Fi
Plus, you’ll get these valuable services included when you rent a conference room by the hour:
  • On-site business center(fax, mail, copy, printing, and notary public)
  • Lobby greeter
  • Optional food and beverage catering

There is no pressure to rush out of your meeting room rental if you go past your reserved time(as long as another client is not scheduled in the room right after you, and you don’t stay past the location’s business hours). The on-site staff will track the time used and your reservation will be updated and added to your booking.

No payments are made on-site at the meeting location, only through your online Davinci account. Plus, there are no sign-up or membership fees for creating an account. You are only charged for services used.

Why spend more money on a less-than-ideal location and far fewer services? Rent a conference room by the hour, or rent a meeting room by the hour in the perfect location and give your event a professional touch at an affordable price.

Get the right space at the right price with affordable hourly rates.

Wireless internet

Reliable Wi-fi Service

Whether your start-up needs a co-working space that allows for a creative flow of ideas, or you want to gather your team for an important training session, having access to high speed internet is essential.

Every Davinci meeting room location offers outstanding technology services, including wireless internet. Our meeting room rentals provide you with access to high speed internet to improve your meeting and conference experience.

Since one in four American adults (and 39% of 18-39 year olds) are online “almost constantly,” having the technology that allows for this growing trend is required.

Staying connected via email, text messaging, and video messaging is vital in today’s fast-paced business world. Reliable high-speed internet is also required for bridging location gaps between your meeting and its virtual attendees from around the world. Take advantage of video-conferencing technology that makes face-to-face conversation possible and facilitates strong dialogues between those present in the room and others from off-site locations.

Laggy, glitchy, or unavailable internet comes off as unprofessional to clients and hinders productive collaboration. Streaming training videos, videoconferencing with colleagues, and running robust applications on the cloud all need a powerful internet connection that works seamlessly throughout your meeting.

With a Davinci meeting room’s wireless internet, you’ll have reliable access to multimedia resources such as high-resolution images and 4K quality video.This creates a more engaged audience, gives trainees a tech-driven educational experience, and gives you and your company the credibility it deserves.

If you’re ready to lead a meeting that runs smoothly and ends successfully, reserve a meeting room rental from Davinci today.

LCD Monitors & Projectors

Presentation Tools

Every Davinci conference room rental is fully equipped to make your meeting convenient and successful. You will have access to presentation tools such as:

  • LCD monitors
  • Projectors
  • Smart boards
  • Plasma screens
  • And many other meeting tools and services

When making business meeting presentations, it helps to have the right technology on your side. Whether you are making a sales pitch to investors, training your staff on new product offerings, or collaborating with team members on a new marketing strategy, LCD monitors, projectors, and smart boards will aid your efforts and help your meeting run smoothly and productively.

The advantages of using LCD monitors over traditional CRT monitors are that LCD monitors have a much brighter output. This makes them easier to view in brightly lit areas such as a windowed conference room. Additionally, LCD monitors are capable of much higher refresh rates(commonly 75 and 85 hertz). This eases monitor flickering and makes them more comfortable for your eyes to view for longer periods of time.

Smart boards are a great addition to any boardroom. These interactive whiteboards come with software for a completely customized experience. Some of the functions of a smart board include note taking, brainstorming, content editing, annotation, capture, video conferencing, and more. Your meeting attendees can interact, making them more invested and engaged in your meeting.

With the LCD monitors and other presentation tools available in your Davinci meeting room, your business meeting presentation will end with your team successfully reaching the goals you have set for your meeting.

Affordable Food Catering

Catering Services

Davinci meeting room locations offer a variety of affordable food catering options. When you choose meeting catering, you can help ensure your attendees are happy, satisfied, and ready to get to work.

Here are some benefits you’ll gain from opting for business meeting catering:

  • Increased Productivity: When your staff isn’t running on empty, they are more willing and able to put in the effort required to solve problems.
  • Cost-Effective: Every business needs and loves affordable food catering. Our professional caterers know how to execute food for an event while staying on budget.
  • Reduced Risk: Food handling for a large meeting often requires specific permits and licensing. It’s best to use professionals who can minimize the risk of undercooked food, cross contamination, and other potential food issues.
  • Varying Menu Options: From tried-and-true classics to new-and-trendy foodie items, meeting room catering has a lot of menu options. In addition, any type of dietary restriction can be accommodated.
  • Less Stress and Work: Leaving the food prep, delivery, and clean up to someone else means you can focus your efforts on the more important meeting tasks at hand.
  • Positive and Professional Atmosphere: Expertly prepared, presented, and served food gives the impression that your company is both confident and capable. Whether your meeting is casual or formal in nature, having the right food catering style to match will help your business to be taken seriously. Whether you need light snacks for a quick brainstorming session or a full spread meant to impress, Davinci meeting room catering will get the job done and impress everyone in attendance.
Business Services

Business Services

If you’re looking for workspace management solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Having all the business services you could need at your fingertips is the best way to be productive when working either in your hometown or away.

Items such as the following are available with a Davinci meeting room rental:

  • Copying
  • Printing
  • Mailing
  • Faxing
  • Notary
  • And much more

When you are striving to make a good impression on potential investors, new employees, and current clients, it always pays to be prepared. Let’s say you are in the zone while working to meet a deadline, or you are in the middle of brainstorming with colleagues, or are trying to seal the deal on your big sales pitch. The last thing you want to do is interrupt the flow when you find yourself in need of one of these business services.

For example, you don’t want to look like you forgot about someone when you come without enough pens for everyone. You can’t interrupt your meeting to run down the street and make copies. You don’t want to waste money finding a notary last minute. Instead, you want to rent a room that is already equipped to provide these business services so you are enabled to focus more on your meeting agenda, your goals, your guests, and your bottom line.

Davinci has meeting room rentals, conference room facilities, and coworking spaces with everything you need all in one place, all over the world. Make an online reservation or call a Davinci meeting planner and we will take care of it all. Let’s begin.

Lobby Greeter

Lobby Greeter

Since the meetings you hold are an extension of your brand, first impressions in business are critical. Every customer, prospect, partner, and employee will make a snap judgment of your business before they even step foot into your office. That’s exactly why Davinci gives you the option of having an on-premises professional lobby greeter.

Since the first few seconds of any initial in-person experience will set the tone for your meeting and company as a whole, Davinci lobby greeters are always friendly, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. They will give everyone a welcoming first impression and a warm farewell, every time.

A professional lobby greeter can do the following:

  • Deliver outstanding customer service
  • Answer basic visitor questions
  • Direct guests to your office, meeting room, or other on-site facilities
  • Make local recommendations for places to eat or visit
  • Help guests feel comfortable and at ease

Whether you are renting a training room by the hour, a boardroom for the day, a coworking space for a week, an office for a month, or even a permanent virtual property, Davinci has you covered. Our fully serviced and equipped locations across the U.S. and around the world are ready for you whenever and wherever you need a place to work.

If you’re ready to set your business meeting up for success by using a Davinci meeting room rental, visit our online reservation portal to begin your search. Or, contact one of our expert meeting room planners at 877-424-9767 to get professional assistance. Now let’s begin!

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