Auto Receptionist Features

How nice would it be to have a full-time robot working for you? With the Davinci Auto Receptionist, your dream becomes reality: a sophisticated, fully-automated telephone system handles your incoming calls, routing them to voicemail or a number of your choosing according to your rules. And every detail of your system can be accessed and configured online at any time.

Being able to pay for an in-house receptionist is a luxury many companies don’t have. An auto receptionist gives you some of the benefits of live assistance, but at a fraction of the cost, and with around the clock accessibility. Rest assured, no matter when a client or customer calls your number, they will always get transferred to the right person, even if that means routing the call to a different number.

An auto receptionist gives you the customer service and accessibility you need for your company, without having to hire a receptionist. This automated phone system is able to start every conversation with a customizable greeting in a manner that matches the brand and voice of your company. No matter if someone calls during the middle of the night or during business hours, you can rest assured your company is being represented on brand in a professional way.

With Davinci Auto Receptionists, not only do you get a quality personal program that is customizable and can fit with your company as you continue to grow and find success, but also has additional services such as a rich virtual PBX solution. This provides smart call filtering and protection from unwanted calls, and makes sure that only the most important calls receive your direct attention.

Choosing to go with an auto receptionist is useful and cost-effective. It replaces the need for a human operator by automating and simplifying the process while working around the clock to provide a welcoming voice to your company.

Toll-Free & Local Numbers

Dedicated Toll-Free Number

With Davinci Toll-Free Phone and Fax numbers you can offer customers an easily recognizable way to reach you. What’s a toll-free number and what are its advantages?

Davinci gives you a dedicated toll-free 800, 855, 866, 877, or 888 number, which can be applied to your phone or fax line. Should you ever need more numbers, we can easily add as many as you prefer.

You can also select a local number to establish a business presence in most major cities around the world. In addition to the virtual telephone systems, Davinci also offers virtual office rental and virtual office addresses across the globe.

With Davinci’s auto receptionist services and feature rich virtual PBX solutions, you get the benefits of smart call filtering, so you only get the most important calls that need your direct attention.

To elevate your professional business image, contact Davinci and add an auto receptionist with toll-free number. The business world is ready for your arrival, so what are you waiting for?

Unlimited long distance calling

Unlimited Long Distance Calling

Get the flexibility of Davinci’s unlimited long-distance calling so you can talk to your customers whenever and wherever you want in the US and Canada.

Avoid the constraints that often come with long-distance packages. Stop jumping through hoops of trivial time restrictions and communicate with your customers in the US and Canada on your terms. Close deals, handle customer queries, and assists potential customers with Davinci’s unlimited long-distance plans.

Other providers round call times up to the minute, so if you go over by a couple seconds, you are charged the full minute. Davinci rounds to the second, so you are never charged for time you didn’t use. Just another reason Davinci has your back.

Davinci knows how important it is to help your business keep the lines of communication open—without the hefty costs to match.

*Unlimited North American long-distance minutes up to 10,000 minutes per month are included. International long-distance rates apply for calls outside of the US and Canada.

Customizable greetings

Customize Your Greeting

An often-overlooked touchpoint in the customer journey is professional voicemail greetings for when you aren’t available to answer the phone directly. This first interaction with your customer is an important one and will set the tone of your business, so your professional voicemail greetings should be mindful, welcoming, and reassuring that you will return the call as soon as possible.

Having a fully-automated telephone system that handles all of your incoming calls is a simple, convenient way to heighten the reputation of your business. You customers will take you more seriously, because they have come to expect an expert touch on the other end of the line.

With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, you have the option of using an auto receptionist with multiple types of customizable voicemail greetings, including:

  • Unavailable
  • Additional information (opening times, web addresses, order processing, etc.)
  • Offers and promotions
  • Extended absence
  • Emergency numbers
  • Holiday greetings
  • And more!

Every detail of your voicemail system is accessible to you online and can be configured however you wish, whenever you want. Your caller will always stay informed on the most up-to-date information and won’t be left feeling frustrated when they hang up. Rather, they will feel valued, up to speed on what to expect, and eager to hear back from you as soon as possible.

Remember, every call that comes in has the potential to make or break your business. A customized professional voicemail greeting from Davinci adds that special attention to detail that separates you from your competition, keeping your customer satisfied and loyal for life.

Voicemail management

Manage Your Voicemail

Add custom hold music, transfer messages, voicemails, or introductions with Davinci’s easy-to-use backend voicemail management system. Our solution also enables you to receive your voicemails via email or receive voicemails as text - anywhere.

Voicemail to Email

The voicemail to email service receives all your voicemail messages in your email inbox as digital voice files – choose from MPEG or WAVE file formats. Save valuable time by never having to call in for your voicemail messages again!

Voicemail to Text

Get the ultimate voicemail tool that can convert voice to text! With our voice to text feature, you can read, search, store and print your messages just like email. Imagine never having to listen to your voicemails again.

When you use a great service like voicemail to email or voice to text, you’ll understand why smart entrepreneurs choose Davinci time and time again.

Audio conferencing

Audio Conferencing Tools

Enjoy productive brainstorm sessions and have clear discussions, all while saving significantly on travel costs when you use audio conferencing services from Davinci.

Audio conferencing is different from using a traditional phone line for meetings. Rather than you having to call each participant and add them to the conference line one at a time, audio conferencing has all participants dial into a central connecting system. With the ability to support up to 95 participants (teammates, associates, investors, customers, etc.), everyone will finally be able to be fully productive while working from different locations around the world.

Not only does this audio conferencing setup save time for and ease the burden on you as the meeting initiator, but it's also a very secure way to conduct meetings. The specially assigned dial-in code for each meeting identifies specific users and helps to prevent uninvited guests (who aren't privy to any sensitive information being discussed) from listening in.

Setup of our audio conferencing services is simple and user-friendly. Davinci's system infrastructure is already in place, so all you have to do is:

  1. Log into your Davinci Virtual account.
  2. Select "Conference Call" to initiate the service.
  3. Follow the easy-to-follow instructions for both the meeting initiator and the participants.

It's really that simple. With just a few clicks, you’ll be connected and ready to communicate like you never have before. Crystal-clear audio awaits all who join your meeting and adds to the ease of understanding between parties.

Davinci's Virtual Office Solutions with audio conferencing services is the answer to all your business needs for teleconferencing communications.

Mobile Apps

Davinci Communications Apps

Manage your business on the go with the Davinci LIVE and Davinci Mobile/Virtual communications apps. With these apps, never miss a call, message, or prospect lead again.

The Davinci LIVE iPhone® and Android® apps allow you to do everything listed below, and more:

  • Get instant notifications.
  • Control call routing from anywhere.
  • Manage call handling instructions.
  • View detailed messages, call activity, and history.
  • Get contact and call back info from calls and messages.
  • Make conference calls.
  • Place VoIP calls.
  • Display, access, and play back business voicemail.
  • Receive voice-to-text transcriptions.
  • Send and receive online faxes.
  • Update availability status.
  • View account information.
  • Access billing history.
  • Contact Davinci support staff with one click.

The Davinci LIVE app is a simple and convenient way to stay in contact with your live receptionist team while still managing a plethora of other services, all from the tap of a finger.

Additionally, the DavinciMobile iPhone® or the Davinci Virtual Android® app is the indispensable companion you want to go along with your Davinci virtual phone system. These apps incorporate every office communication solution you could ever need, all in one place.

With all of Davinci’s communication apps, you have access from anywhere while maintaining your privacy. Additionally, you save money by avoiding the use of cell phone minutes and bypassing any roaming charges. Davinci communication apps are the perfect, easy-to-use solution to staying in touch.

Active customers of Davinci live virtual receptionist services who have an online account can take advantage of these incredibly convenient apps. Download today!

Online faxing

Online Fax Services

Send, receive, and forward faxes from your office, home, or from anywhere you have an internet connection. With Davinci’s online fax services, you’ll never have to run to a FedEx Office location to send a fax again.

Our online fax services make it possible for you to view any fax online or send a fax via email right from your laptop or mobile smart phone. You can choose to receive an online fax in PDF or TIFF formats; whichever you prefer!

Our online faxing solution is even more powerful when you consider that you can auto-forward faxes to any other fax number or even send it to multiple people. With Davinci’s online faxing services, you’ll never have to deal with hard copies of delicate information laying around your office again.

Did you know that your Davinci supplied phone number also doubles as a fax line?

With Davinci, all your faxing needs are conveniently and seamlessly integrated into your everyday workflow.

Send a fax online and view it anywhere! Get digital with your fax, and set up service with Davinci today.

Corporate Email Available

Corporate Email Address

Contact via email is often preferred by customers, but your email address says a lot about whether or not you are a professional with a successful business. For these reasons, a generic or address just won’t do, since it sends the message that you’re an amateur. By getting a corporate email address featuring your business name, you’ll stand out from the crowded start-up community and present yourself as an established success.

Having a custom, corporate email address:

  • Creates a "corporate" image that encourages investors and clients to compensate you fairly.
  • Builds credibility and trust with your audience, especially when payment information is involved.
  • Allows you to standardize employee emails as your brand grows.
  • Maintains security during staff turnover.
  • Organizes and gives structure to different departments within your business.
  • Is a cost-effective marketing tool, being very effective for lead acquisition and conversion.
  • Helps your messages stay out of subscribers’ spam folders.

A corporate email will let every one of your business contacts know your company is serious about doing business with them.

Let Davinci help you set up a corporate email address with the following features:

  • Hosted exchange with space available on a server for your data.
  • Domain registration so your brand is secured and remembered.
  • Management of organizational standards that address information and records.

Having all this set up and managed for you will take a big burden off your shoulders. Davinci takes care of every detail including access and configuration, so you can put your focus where it belongs—on your business.

Additional Line Extensions Available

Additional Line Extensions

If your company has customers that need to speak to specific departments or individual employees, phone line extensions can be a tremendous help.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term "phone line extensions," just think of any time you’ve called a business and heard "Press 1 for Sales" etc. Phone line extensions work by giving a caller the option to dial a specific person directly, or to listen to an automated list of options, choose the one they need, and connect quickly.

The benefits of having phone line extensions are dramatic for both you and your callers. For example:

  • A live receptionist is not required to connect or redirect calls, which saves money on salary, office space, and benefits.
  • The company saves the time putting customers on hold and transferring them to the correct destination.
  • Customers are happy not to wait on hold and get transferred around to various people before they reach the person they need.
  • There is no need to memorize several different phone numbers for various employees and departments.
  • Extension calls offer more security from outsiders than standard calls.
  • All calls can be tracked and monitored for forecasting and making business decisions.
  • Customers are happy to directly connect to the exact person they need.
  • There are no geographical limitations since one central number connects all employees, no matter their location.
  • Trust is established since phone line extensions give the impression of a bigger, more established business.

Choosing the phone line extensions option from Davinci’s auto receptionist features will give the professional image your business needs and the convenience your customers want.

Auto Receptionist

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Sophisticated Call Forwarding

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Auto Receptionist

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Sophisticated Call Forwarding

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