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Office Evolution Expands Relationship with Davinci to Strengthen Nationwide Customer Service Experience

OCTOBER 16, 2018

As Office Evolution continues along its strong growth trajectory, the leading coworking space franchise continues strengthening its customer service experience. In its latest initiative, the brand expanded its partnership with virtual office solutions provider Davinci to outsource all live reception and live answering services for its corporate and franchise-owned locations.

Office Evolution has seen explosive growth in 2018, nearly doubling its existing presence year over year. Because of this rapid expansion, the brand has been committed to implementing more scalable solutions. The recent initiative establishes a team of dedicated Davinci live receptionists to the Office Evolution account. This allows the shared office space company to continue offering its customers unparalleled service as it continues nationwide growth.

“Office Evolution’s approach is extremely customer-centric, so it’s important for us to partner with vendors that share those same values,” said Chief Operating Officer of Office Evolution, William Edmundson. “As we continue to expand into new markets, we want to ensure that our level of exceptional customer service remains consistent. Davinci gives us confidence knowing that our customers will be cared for with the same level of professionalism that we would expect of our team internally, giving us the opportunity to allocate more time and resources to our franchisees and future development.”

Office Evolution’s unique approach to growth also gives Davinci the ability to enter new markets. The company’s core customers are located in suburban markets outside of major metropolitan markets. And while Davinci has over 1,000 virtual office locations across the nation, fewer of them are located in the suburbs.

“Office Evolution is growing rapidly, which gives us the opportunity to grow with them,” said Davinci CEO and Co-Founder Martin Senn. “Because of the way their model is structured to focus on suburban growth, they are providing us with location coverage in areas where we may not have had a presence otherwise. For example, Davinci might have 70 locations in Manhattan, but very few locations in Ogden, Utah. Their unique footprint is great for our clients and also important for their own expansion.”

With Office Evolution’s upcoming openings in suburban markets throughout Idaho, Texas, Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Indiana, Arizona, Missouri, and Wisconsin, the recent engagement with Davinci will ensure the coworking franchise continues to provide best in class services to its members.


Office Evolution is a Colorado-based national B2B franchise offering co-working spaces, virtual office services and fully furnished offices and suites. The company built and successfully operated seven business centers across the Colorado Front Range before beginning to franchise in 2012. To date, they have awarded 129 franchise locations throughout the United States. Please visit http://www.officeevolution.com for more company information. For more information on Office Evolution’s franchising opportunities, visit http://www.officeevolutionfranchise.com or call 877.475.6300.


Davinci Virtual Office Solutions was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the past decade, the company provided virtual office solutions to over 40,000 companies and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Clients can obtain prime business addresses, on demand meeting & work spaces, live web chat services and live receptionist services – instantly – with the click of a button. For more information please visit http://www.davincivirtual.com or http://www.davincimeetingrooms.com.

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