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An online marketing focus pays off for Davinci Virtual Office Solutions


Salt Lake City, Utah

Today’s mobile entrepreneur makes the most of the freedom that digital technology offers, working from everywhere at any time. But not having a business location can be a challenge when a busy small business owner needs physical support on a limited budget. Enter Davinci Virtual. Since its start in 2006, Davinci Virtual has grown into the premier provider of online-based office solutions worldwide, offering business owners and solopreneurs the ‘virtual brick-and-mortar’ they need, from outsourced administrative staff, to business mailing addresses, to rentable, fully-equipped local work spaces. “We help entrepreneurs become something bigger while giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere,” explains COO Martin Senn. Davinci Virtual has always used AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to connect with the on-the-go entrepreneurs who need their services, leveraging a strategy of targeted ads and a mobile-optimized website, all informed by Google Analytics’ real-time metrics. One hundred percent of their marketing budget is now spent online, and the company has grown 20% year-over-year for the past decade–even through the recession of 2008. At that time they used the flexibility of AdWords to instantly change their ad text to address struggling businesses’ need to reduce overhead costs. This targeting paid off and kept them resilient in a difficult economy. “We just continued to grow at the same pace,” says Senn. That pace has continued with no signs of slowing down, with their Salt Lake City headquarters now boasting a staff of over one hundred employees serving a customer base that includes Fortune 1000 companies. And as the mobile entrepreneur’s needs change and grow, Davinci Virtual plans to do what it does best: meet them with solutions where they are, online. “At the end of the day, [Google] does for us what we do for our customers,” explains Senn. “It puts us on steroids with its tools.”

“At the end of the day, [Google] does for us what we do for our customers. It puts us on steroids with its tools.”

Martin Senn, COO, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

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