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Davinci Gives Back: July Charity - KidsEat!

One in five children in Utah suffers from hunger, especially over the weekends when school and other programs are not available to feed them. KidsEat! provides a backpack program for children attending the Neighborhood House and Salt Lake Valley Boys & Girls Clubs during the weekdays, and go home to a lack of food on the weekends. Staff at these facilities identify at-risk children and KidsEat! helps to supply their nutritional needs. Each backpack contains enough food for seven meals, with items like soup, peanut butter, canned fruit and vegetables, and shelf-stable milk. This assortment of healthy food will sustain them through the weekend. Children need nutrition to grow and think, to be able to do homework, and to succeed at school and home. 

In July 2019, Davinci donated several boxes of non-perishable food items and money to KidsEat!. We are proud to support an organization dedicated to keeping children from going hungry.

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