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Davinci Gives Back: February Charity - Life After Placement

February 2019 Charity: Life After Placement is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which was created for the support of women who have chosen to place their child for adoption. Women who are faced with life choices due to an unplanned pregnancy have few options. If they are challenged financially, physically or mentally with little or no support many time the choice is adoption. These women have chosen life for their child which should be praised as a good choice. They have spent long hours deliberating this decision and seldom done without pain, grief and sadness. 

Davinci collected monetary donations to assist in their continuous efforts to help birth mothers after placement, the education of our community, and their daily operating costs. 

A note from the founder: 


Davinci Virtual & Employees:

Thank you for your support Birth Mothers’! We can’t thank each and every one of you of how far the love and support you have shown will go to help women find the help she needs to move forward after placement. 

We hope that you have learned more about our cause and understand more about birth mothers and without us adoption would be what it is today! We hope you will reach out to us in the future. 


Lynea Krukiwicz

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