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Davinci Gives Back: August Charity – Umbrella Theater Company

Umbrella Theater Company was started in 2018 by Jamie Rocha Allan, Lee Hollaar, and Cara Pomeroy to promote live theater in Utah.

Umbrella Theater loans equipment, including equipment owned by others but managed by us, to other theater companies, generally at no cost. The equipment listed here is that most commonly requested, and is particularly well-suited for productions in unconventional spaces. If you need something not listed, contact us to see if we have what you want. If we don't, we might be able to get it from another theater company, or if it is something that we think will be used by others in the future, we may purchase it for our inventory or contribute toward its purchase. Umbrella also has a "lighting fixture rescue" program, accepting donations of fixtures which we recondition and loan to other theater companies, as well as a cost-sharing program for new fixtures.

Besides loaning equipment, Umbrella works with small theater companies supporting the technical aspects of the production. Our people have expertise in sound, lighting, and set design, and we have connections to theater companies and theater professionals throughout Utah who we can call on for advice. We can also help find people (particularly exceptional students) to design and run a production.’

For the month of August, Davinci donated funds. We is are excited to support Umbrella Theater Company. Davinci loves to support local charities that are working towards improving our community.

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