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Office Edge Inks Davinci Virtual Office Deal

Published April 1st, 2011 by Jennifer LeClaire

Since leaving the Intelligent Offices network, Office Edge has been on the move. The company has rebranded itself, added video conferencing capabilities-and now it's hooking up with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Office Edge Miami, Office Edge Coral Gables and Office Sunrise just inked an "affiliation agreement" with Davinci Virtual. Essentially, that means Office Edge clients can tap into virtual offices and conference rooms at more than 750 Davinci locations around the world. It also means that Davinci Virtual customers can use the mailing address and conference rooms at Office Edge's South Florida executive office suites.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for our clients," says Robert Ramsden, president of Office Edge Miami. "Now I can offer my clients the ease and convenience of virtual offices, executive suites and conference rooms on an hourly basis all over the world. Our clients will improve their profitability with a network of affordable virtual offices, conference rooms and branch offices."

According to Ramsden, Office Edge clients have already seen benefits from the Davinci Virtual hook up. He points to one client that needed to open an office in Mexico City. Because of the partnership with Davinci Virtual, Office Edge was able to offer the client a branch office in a strategic location at pennies on the dollar of what it would have cost the client to rent traditional office space.

And that's not the only example. Ramsden also called out a client who was traveling to Toronto to meet a prospect. Ramsden says the client booked a conference room for his presentation-and landed the client, in part, thanks to the professional office space in the prestigious location.

Of course, this is also a good deal for Davinci Virtual. Davinci just expanded its South Florida virtual office capabilities by three-and these are all strong locations. This is a great example of the synergies in the alternative workplace world.