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Martin Senn Guest Posts On The Connected Customer Blog

This article was originally posted on The Connected Customer Blog

Posted by Martin Senn

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 12:48

Let’s face it—the Internet has irreversibly changed how people find information. We’re able to search for anything, at anytime, and in seconds find more results than we can handle. With all of this information at our fingertips, it is now simply a matter of completing an online transaction or contacting the preferred provider to achieve our original intent.

However, this consumer convenience may also bring complications for brands. Because consumers are able to search for information in real time, they now also expect that brands will interact with them in real time. It’s a behavioral side effect that challenges many businesses to rethink their entire digital strategies.

A business built digitally

Let’s take my business, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, for example. We are a Utah-based company that supports almost 20,000 small to mid-size businesses with live receptionist services, virtual office addresses, and flexible meeting spaces. Davinci Virtual markets its products and services strictly online, directing all prospects to our company websites. We look at our Web properties as our “high-end retail stores” and make sure all sites are well designed, informative, and easily navigated—offering a straight path to transaction.

Because our market has become quite competitive over the past years, digital advertising expenses have increased and online conversion rates are more critical than ever to ongoing success. To ensure maximum return and conversion rates, we translated basic business 101 rules into our digital interaction approach.

The following are a few of the more notable ones:

1) Give the customer what they want …

Davinci Virtual takes advantage of real-time digital visitor intelligence to match a user’s specific search terms with the right online ad. We then direct the prospect to the product page that best matches that interest. We often present related cross-sell or upsell offers.

2) Service is everything …

Once a prospect is browsing one of our websites, a Davinci Virtual sales or customer service agent will invite the visitor to a live Web chat session. The main purpose is to welcome the person to Davinci Virtual, and to specifically address any questions and/or assist with the purchase process—all instantly, and in-channel.

3) The customer is always right …

At any time, the customer can choose how they would like to communicate with our company. They can elect to complete their online visit without any personal interaction, or they can opt to use the live Web chat tools to communicate with our team members. They also have the freedom to use our Click-to-Call tool to speak directly with one of our agents.

How’s it working so far?

As our websites function just like retail stores, it is imperative that we take advantage of every technology available to affect the overall customer experience and bottom line. All of the above scenarios are being enabled by an easily implemented digital engagement platform from LivePerson.

We are able to touch 90 percent of our website traffic though either live chat or phone, and many customers take advantage of both channels based on their need. This approach has been one of the key factors in growing our overall conversion rate to almost 30 percent.

Today, 15 percent of Davinci Virtual’s online sales transactions are completed via live chat, and the conversion rate sits at a strong 26 percent. Some of the contributing factors include customer targeting, skills-based routing, detailed response content, and a better overall use of live chat by our sales force.

Not only has digital engagement increased conversion rates, it also has the value per transaction through intelligent cross-sell and upsell strategies. Specifically, we are achieving average order for live chat sessions increase by about 25 percent.

Digital engagement for digital customers

In the digital era, prospects and customers have reserved the right to choose how they want to communicate and interact. It is our job as business owners to create the best possible user experience.

Embrace the opportunity and be available to assist your customers where and when they choose to engage. Your customers will thank you.

About Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Davinci Virtual is the leading provider of turnkey virtual office solutions. Davinci's virtual offices and services include local or toll-free telephone and fax numbers, digital voicemail, electronic fax, email, online command center, unified messaging, conferencing, voicemail to email, fax to email, professional live receptionist services, virtual assistants, live call answering, screening and forwarding, find me, follow me, surveys, live web chat, outbound calling, customer service, appointment scheduling, order taking, and much more.

Davinci offers virtual office locations and virtual office services worldwide. With professional business addresses in over 900 locations, mail forwarding, lobby and directory listings, access to over 3,000 conference rooms and day offices, catering, administrative services, virtual assistants, business support centers, resident agent services, license hanging and more. Davinci Virtual helps businesses maintain a global presence on a local budget.

For more information, visit www.davincivirtual.com, www.davincimeetingrooms.com or www.davincireceptionist.com.