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Why Telecommuting From Virtual Office Is Best ‘Summer Hours’ Strategy

BOSTON—Summer hours are bad for businesses and employees alike. So says a survey from Captivate Network. The findings are based on more than 600 white collar workers in North America. It’s clear that virtual offices could help solve the dilemma.

Generally speaking, summertime has a negative impact on the workplace. Twenty-percent report productivity goes down. Another 19 percent report project turnaround times increase. And a significant 45 percent admit they are more distracted.

The Office Pulse looked at the impact of several popular approaches to flexibility during the summer months: telecommuting from a virtual office, working longer days from Monday to Thursday so Fridays could be shortened or taken off, closing early on Fridays and permitting people to arrive and leave early.

According to the survey only telecommuting from a virtual office has a positive impact with 26 percent of respondents reporting an increase in their productivity. Unfortunately, only 4 percent of companies in the survey make this option available to their employees. Telecommuting from a virtual office is also the only approach that results in lower employee stress than prohibiting summer hours all together.

So, here’s even more proof that virtual office should be the alternative workplace strategy of choice for many, whether it’s entrepreneurs or multinational corporations—or somewhere in between. Virtual offices drive up productivity year-round and give employees more opportunities to keep up with work even in the vacationing months of summer.

VIDEO: Get a Killer Virtual Office Address

LOS ANGELES—Have you checked out Davinci Virtual Office Solution’s YouTube channel? We’ve got lots of creative virtual office education videos that can help you get up to speed with our services in less than a 90 seconds.

One of our videos touts the importance of three things: location, location, and location and encourages you to give your business the killer address it deserves.

Think about it for a minute. In today’s global economy and online marketplace, it is vital that you establish your business in the right locations.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is the number one provider of virtual office solutions with more than 850 virtual office locations around the world. Your new virtual office location has everything you need to be successful, including:

Mail receipt and mail forwarding
An on-site receptionist to greet your clients
Lobby directory listings
Fully loaded meeting spaces
Private day offices
Cutting-edge business services
And much more!

You can use your new business address for licensing and registration, list your address on your web site, search engines or directories, and put it on your advertising or business cards. Your killer address lends instant credibility.

Check out the virtual office video for yourself.


Asia Catches On to Alternative Workplace Strategies

Encino Virtual Office Space Offers Los Angeles Perks

ENCINO, CA—Encino bills itself as the Valley’s premier business community. Encino is a district of the City of Los Angeles. The map puts Encino in the center of the southern San Fernando Valley and on the northern slope of the Santa Monica Mountains. Part of the Los Angeles River also runs through Encino.

If you are in the healthcare industry or serve the healthcare industry, listen up. Encino is a hot spot for healthcare jobs. There are two hospitals there. Other sectors that do well in Encino include professional services, which includes everything from accounting to real estate to law to financial firms, and social services.

You can rent virtual office space from Davinci Virtual in two different places in Encino. There’s the Wells Fargo (Encino) Business Center and the City National Bank Business Center.

Located at 15760 Ventura Boulevard, the Wells Fargo (Encino) Business Center offers virtual offices in Encino for $100 a month. Meanwhile, the City National Bank Business Center at 16133 Ventura Boulevard also offers virtual offices in Encino for $100 a month. Both virtual office locations give you everything you need to launch a professional presence in a hurry.

In fact, with these Encino virtual offices, you get a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, and a lobby greeter to welcome any guests who come to pick up or drop off packages and more.

This virtual office space in Encino also makes available conference room rental for $25 to $40 an hour and day time office space for $10 to $35 an hour. Or you can add on 16 hours of conference room space usage every four weeks for $100 a month. If you need a place to hang your professional license, this El Segundo virtual office space can also provide this service.

Military Spouses Can Benefit From Virtual Office Jobs

BOULDER—American celebrated Independence Day on Wednesday and appreciated members of our Armed Forces. But what about military spouses that want to make a little extra money for the family? Virtual office jobs may be the solution for many.

"We travel a lot and the future of where we will be stationed for a long period of time is unsure. This makes it extremely difficult to get going into a career, and to build a reputation within a company,” says Monica Clark, an "army wife" stationed in California. “When looking for a job, there are so many scammers out there, that the internet can be a frightening place for job searching.”

Telecommuting from a virtual office can be an ideal solution for military spouses, as well as many others.  FlexJobs’ Flexible Jobs Index for June 2012 details the top career fields with flexibility, which are ideal for military spouses who often move around the country. All of the virtual office jobs have been hand-verified--no scams.

According to the Flexible Jobs Index, career categories like research, writing, and media had the biggest increases in open jobs, and medical and health continue to offer the largest number of flexible jobs for military spouses looking for virtual office opportunities.

“Just like they are serving their husbands and wives, military spouses sacrifice a great deal for our country. Among these sacrifices, not knowing when or where you and your family may have to move next makes it difficult to maintain a job,” says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs. “Jobs that offer flexibility and mobility, such as telecommuting and remote jobs, are a fantastic solution because military spouses can move their job with them, and telecommuting jobs are available in almost every career industry nowadays."

Here are the top five employment categories with the highest percentage of available virtual office jobs for June were:

1. Medical & Health
2. Administrative
3. Education & Training
4. Customer Service
5. Sales

According to the Flexible Jobs Index, examples of telecommuting jobs in these categories include sales coordinator, English adjunct teacher, content developer, Linux administrator, account executive, market strategy consultant and general manager.

“Telecommuting is no longer a ‘trend’, but rather more common place than ever,” says Fell. “This is fantastic news for the spouses of those that serve our country and want to be able to contribute financially to their family without continual job changes.”