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Joining the Cloud Business Evolution

I must admit I love evolution. Well, maybe not the Darwinian kind exactly, but usually evolution pertains more to forward thinking. Take, for instance - the cloud. For those who've been living under a rock (sad, but true), the cloud is where it’s at in terms of business. That’s slightly ironic since it’s in cyberspace, hence where is it really located? Oh, that's right. In the heavens. Good place for it in my book. Beats battling the traffic!

But, seriously, for any small business, success is going to depend heavily upon how well the company is managed. And that includes that magical term, efficient - challenging for any business, let alone ones with limited resources.

Most would agree that it takes a lot of moxy and a great deal of time and money to start and operate a business. What investors care about - and that includes the owners themselves (they are investors too - in fact, the biggest ones) - is that there is a high chance of turning a profit.

Turning a profit is a challenge in and of itself, no matter where the company is on its lifecycle. So what's any business to do these days? Startups need to save. Midsize firms need to save. So do large corporations.

One great way to save on costs for any business is by having a virtual office. In case you didn't know…they happen to be in the cloud. They save on costs in so many ways that it's hard to describe 'em all.

For instance, rent - the biggest expenditure. Wiped away. How? Because the virtual office provides a live person answering calls and taking messages and forwarding them, too. They'll accept your mail and packages at a prestigious address. And when you need to show your face, you can do it for as little as $20 an hour in a fancy schmancy conference room.

So get a virtual office and join the new evolution of smart business and poof! Many operating expenses will disappear into the cloud -- just like magic!


Los Angeles Virtual Office Benefits

Los Angeles is one of the main business hubs in the country - if not the world. As part of the big three - New York, Chicago, and L.A. - there is no mistaking its importance. The sheer breadth of types of businesses in the region is astonishing. One of the main reasons entrepreneurs are attracted to the city is its progressive attitude.

However, it is still enormously expensive for any startup to think about setting up shop in L.A. So much so that some just decide to go elsewhere. But for those companies who will rely upon the entertainment industry or weather-based tourism, it won’t do much good to go elsewhere.

This is where virtual offices can provide just the type of solution necessary to get a new business off the ground. Both literally and figuratively. Because a nice business office with an established address runs merely $60 near the downtown area. Compared to what it costs just to rent an office there, that is an unbelievable bargain.

Virtual office packages give small business startups, consultants, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors all of the benefits of a traditional office - minus the overhead and hassle of entering into high priced leases with long term commitments. For new businesses, making a leasing commitment is stressful, given the uncertainty of how well the business will do.

The services can all be tailored to meet the precise needs of clients, so they only pay for what they truly need. For example, there are communications, mail, administrative, and conference room services. Any service package may be expanded in order to meet the requirements of any growing business. This means no waste of financial resources for the business.

Virtual office services also include administrative support staff services, none of which are out of pocket for a struggling new business. In California, pay rates are some of the highest in the nation for these types of services. Not to mention the cost of benefits. For a new startup, this can all make the difference between opening up shop - and not!

You Too Can Have a Virtual Office

Some people think that a virtual office just exists online or uses technology. While it does use those aspects, the term also applies to services offering professional business addresses in a prime location. Having business addresses for mail and marketing also adds credibility to companies.

These services can include receptionists and administrative assistants, lobby and directory listings, mail forwarding, and access to day offices and conference rooms as well. The business support centers and resident agent services are helpful for companies of all sizes. They even offer virtual assistants with state of the art technology services and even catering!

Virtual communication solutions include everything a company needs to get started and grow, such as:

      • Local and toll free telephone and fax numbers

      • Digital voicemail

      • Electronic fax

      • Email

      • Fax to email

      • Online command centers

      • Unified messaging

      • Voice and video conferencing

      • Surveys

Virtual Assistants:

      • Live web chat

      • Outbound calling

      • Customer service

      • Appointment scheduling

      • Order taking

Virtual phone services are essential in today’s high-tech business environment. In order to stay competitive, businesses need to have:

      • Voicemail to email

      • Live receptionists

      • Electronic call answering

      • Live call answering and screening

      • Find me and follow me forwarding


For anyone running a new business, start-up company, working from home and the road, or companies desiring physical presences in other national and global regions there is no need to have a full-time office space; virtual offices are an affordable alternative.

Any firm does well to have a high profile business address along with the premium benefits that typically accompany it. For those companies, virtual office services are an ideal solution. Then the business owner may concentrate on operating the business, serving and pursuing clients with professional support teams who attend to all of the essential office functions today's businesses need to get and stay competitive. Davinci Virtual assists companies in establishing a local, national, and global presence with top of the line business services on an affordable budget.

Miami - Not Only For the Young and Beautiful

There are many reasons people flock to Miami. The weather is to die for, the culture is diverse and it is just -- well, cool. Some of the biggest celebs have been drawn to the region, from the rich to the notorious: Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, Hulk Hogan, Lenny Kravitz, Matt Damon, Sylvester Stallone, Robin Gibb, Shaquille O’Neal, and fashion icon Gianni Versace.

Before O.J. Simpson became a full-time resident of Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, he ran off to Miami when he was no longer welcome in the tony Brentwood neighborhood on the west side of L.A.

The only other place that seems to have as many celebs is L.A. But Miami is said to be more accessible than Los Angeles. In fact, Barry Gibb of music group Bee Gees fame also lives in Miami and is said to be quite welcoming. Although… that could be because he comes from the U.K.

For us regular folk, Miami can be quite the pricey excursion. And the same holds true for businesses. That's why so many firms choose to have virtual offices. No longer are they just cloud services. Today, you can get much more since they include physical locations like in prime downtown Miami where offices start at only $55! If you have any idea what real estate costs down there -- and renting commercial or residential space - you know that's a bargain!

And look what you get for that - a hotsy totsy address with a receptionist - not just a mail box where stuff is dropped off. And you can use private day offices from as little as $10 to $35 an hour. Conference rooms start at only $25. And you can come for a tour in person before you sign on the virtual dotted line.

Makes it real easy to play big shot, doesn't it? Like the rich and famous say: “Fake it till you make it!” So what are you waiting for? Come play in Miami - it's a great tax write-off!


Atlanta – the Progressive South

One of the things I love most about Atlanta is how progressive it has become - especially when it comes to new business. In fact, startup companies are so welcomed in Atlanta that they even have a contest for them! The Startup Atlanta contest is designed to attract and help new business owners get started. It's a grand idea, especially since it is so expensive to do business anywhere these days.

But how can a new startup enter a contest when they don't even have an office? That's simple. Get a virtual office! For around $50 bucks a month, I get a snazzy business address where I get my mail and packages and even have them forwarded to me for a little extra. They have a receptionist and a live person answer calls and take messages or forward calls to where ever I happen to be.

I can rent a nice office with everything I need for a meeting or just to get some work done while in town for around $25 an hour. They have a business center I can use and every type of technology I could ever want. Even some presentation tools I'd never even heard of!

Many do not know that the Big Peach is actually among the least expensive major cities to do business in. In fact, Atlanta ranks consistently second as the most cost-effective of all cities since it typically costs under 4 percent of the nation's average.

But it still costs a pretty penny for any startup to get some office space, so a virtual office makes sense starting out. In fact, it makes sense any time - whether expanding or starting out. There's just so much to be saved in terms of leasing, labor, and employee benefits. And then there's all those costs you didn't know about that just appear out of nowhere.

A virtual office not only gives startups an opportunity to do business in one of the hottest tickets in the U.S., but they can enter a contest and may wind up with $10,000 smackers. Sounds worth it to me!