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Find your Piece of Business Heaven in Denver

Many people think that start-ups, entrepreneurs and other small businesses are the only ones that employ a strict virtual office model. However, the reality is that many professions and industries have been using virtual offices for decades. For example, many attorneys, consultants, accountants, and non-profit organizations, any firm really, that wants a location outside of their general area are using virtual offices.
In regions like Denver, the cost of doing business is skyrocketing. Washington and local government seem to be doing next to nothing to reign in those costs. In fact, certain legislation like SB 1 has actually increased the cost of running a business. Say what you will - but in this economy, the very last thing that the state of Colorado should do is create more red tape for businesses. And they wonder why their growth is so sluggish?

One of the best things about technology is that as it has continued to evolve, more and more businesses have been able to operate on a remote basis - which is not only more efficient and effective - but it can service more clients, too.

But like it or not, if you want to play with the big boys, you still gotta have a sandbox. Maybe not a big one, but something! This is where the virtual office comes in. In Denver, for around $65 a month, I can have a prestigious space and address that I can use for:

a. Licensing
b. Advertising and marketing
c. A locked and secure mailbox
d. Mail receipt
e. Client drop off and pick up

For a little extra, I have my mail forwarded. A receptionist welcomes my walk in prospects and clients. I'm also entertaining being put on the lobby directory listing for more prestige. I mean, it's only $20.00 for each month.

When I need to take a meeting, I can choose from over 3000 rooms worldwide! I can use the Business Support Center if I want and there are day offices for around $10 to $35 an hour. I can also get a conference room in Denver for around $25.

I honestly think I'm in heaven.


Virtual is the New Home Office

The majority of small businesses are based at home, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. As such, most all of these businesses enjoy a tax write off deduction. That is, if they can figure out how to calculate the square footage. If you're like me, you work in many rooms. I take my laptop into the den, the kitchen and the living room. In fact, the only room I don't use for business is the bathroom - but I understand that some people do that as well. Ewwww!

When home offices first came on the scene, home computers were all desktops as far as I know. So you usually weren't going to be working all over the house. But what if you use the room for other stuff? What if you can only dedicate your kitchen table? Or how about if you only have a living room corner to spare? All of those scenarios make it difficult, if not impossible to write off home business space.

As usual, the IRS made it so complicated to calculate the square footage that a lot of people were bullied into not even bothering to try to take the deduction. I guess they were terrified that someone from the IRS would show up on their doorstep demanding to see the space. So people were too scared to take a perfectly legal and much needed tax deduction.

Thankfully, business owners using virtual offices are able to write those expenses off without needlessly confusing square footage calculations. From around $40 on the low end in many major U.S. cities, anyone can get virtual offices that include a real business address and the ability to book rooms there when you need them, too.

Thanks in part to technology, the days of bullying new businesses into not taking their deductions are a thing of the past. When you use a virtual office, that issue is solved. So you can write off the entire cost of all of the services you get because you are using them strictly to run your business. Take that, IRS!


Dallas Virtual Offices Let You Play With the Big Boys

Dallas is a metro area that has been growing by leaps and bounds. Because it boasts such a broad and diverse business environment, it's a really beneficial place for any new or expanding company. Its major industries are financial services, defense, and - you guessed it - technology.

In fact, I can't think of a place where technology isn't growing. In Dallas, some of the major industries expanding into or through technology are life sciences, telecommunications, semiconductors, processing, and transportation.

Of course, whenever business booms, the companies raking in the dough are ecstatic. But it also makes it harder for start-ups and the ones who need capital to expand. Commercial property owners also see this as a big fat opportunity to raise the rent.

Smaller businesses really need to find a way to jump on the bandwagon, or else they will miss an opportunity of a lifetime. Bigger businesses need smaller ones to succeed. You would think they'd do more to fund them... but that is generally not the case.

One way around the high cost of doing business is using a virtual office. That way, you can have a prestigious address and even take meetings in Dallas when you need to. A virtual plan with all of the trimmings starts at around $55 a month. You can get your mail there and someone will greet visitors. They have live receptionists to take calls, forward them or take messages.

Imagine being able to rub noses with Silicon Prairie's finest! As one of the best tech sectors in the country, you'll have access to its brightest and finest talent. Right along that strip on Highway 75, just north of Interstate 635 you can find companies like Ericsson, Nortel, Southwestern Bell, Alcatel, and many other telecom giants. That's bound to be good for business, no matter what industry you're in.

There's a lot to be had in Dallas. But you gotta be there to get it - or at least seem like you're there. Virtual offices are what will make that possible.


Virtual Offices Make Opening a Business in NYC a Reality

New York City has so much to offer both residents and businesses that it’s hard to cover all of it. From culture to food to its progressive, 24 hour nature - New York has always been one of the most trend setting cities the world over.

For new businesses, NYC offers a world of opportunity - that is, if they can afford to even open up shop there. Getting a business loan is nearly a thing of the past. So how is a company to raise capital to start a business? Well, they can always save. Right. That's virtually impossible to do, too, given the cost of living. Unless you plan on investing your retirement funds. But who can afford to take that chance?

I guess another form of revenue is mortgaging your home. That is, if you even have one. Chances are, if you're starting a new company, you don't have a home. Yet! So, seriously: where is the cashola gonna come from?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably nowhere. Just like the real estate loan market - new business loans have plummeted right along with all those home loans. In fact, it is even harder to get any type of loan these days. When jobs become unstable, so do employment histories and banks don't like that.

Every company is cutting back, so it's no surprise that new businesses can't get any dough. But they CAN do business in NYC. With a prestigious office address, a receptionist and state of the art office gear. That's what you get at Davinci Virtual Offices - starting at around $49 a month. That’s right! It is less than the average cell phone plan!

Few would believe that a conference room starts at around $7 an hour. You read correctly - $7 an hour - lower than minimum wage! That makes taking a bite out of the Big Apple more affordable than ever and that counts for any business, thanks to the low cost of Davinci virtual offices! This is why the virtual office has become so important - especially in major cities like NYC.


Virtual Offices Ensure That Houston Businesses Have No Problems!

Houston, we have a problem. While it's an awesome town, it's not awesome to do business there. We know you owe a lot to your oil, but it just isn't socially responsible to waste around 2.9 billion gallons of fuel every year.

In all fairness, Houston isn't the only town where this is happening. On average, commuters have been sitting in traffic at an increasing rate for some time. Even cities that have great mass transit systems deal with that.

But getting back to Houston - it is estimated that gridlock costs over $78 billion each year, which amounts to around 4.2 billion lost hours.

In regions where environmental pollutants are a serious problem, telecommuting is more important than ever. This is where virtual offices come in. They create a space in the cloud where everyone can meet to have meetings. Less time on the road translates to more productivity - and happier workers!

A virtual office in Houston starts at just around $55 a month and includes everything a business needs to operate effectively. A great physical address will help draw in business and provide a place for mail and packages to be picked up - or forwarded for a little more. A live receptionist can take calls, messages, and forward them to you.

When you want to take a meeting - just book a room for around $20 an hour right in downtown Houston! You can really impress the good 'ole boys with all kinds of new-fangled equipment, too. Show presentations on white boards and projection screens and even have the catering staff serve lunch! You can choose from a variety of locations so you can change it up according to where your clients are, which means less traffic and less aggravation for the client. And we all know nothing is better than a happy client!

Not only do virtual offices benefit the environment when there are less people polluting up the air, but businesses will spend less on operating costs - which means better profits and a chance for even more businesses to grow to help lower unemployment rates! Yahoo!