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Virtual Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been known as one of the more progressive work environments in the nation. Neighboring Silicon Valley with all of its tech start-ups did a lot to boost this image.

Communication is the one key factor to any business success. For small businesses, regardless of their industry, they really must make the most of every technological advancement possible. This is not only true to compete, but also necessary just to survive.

As legend has it, many tech start-ups began in an upstart's garage. Since the start of the virtual world was actually being invented back in those days, it's no surprise. College dorms became another haven for what turned into the behemoths that became Microsoft, Apple, most recently, Facebook, and countless others.

Los Angeles is a place where rent is sky high making it cost prohibitive for a start-up to get an office. No one I know starting out has the capital to sign a commercial lease - even in the most rundown part of town. And who would want to be there anywhere? It's not like you will attract many clients in that part of town; that is for sure.

Like it or not, Los Angeles can also be much more shallow than other regions. The entertainment industry is permeated into everything there -- just about everyone I know in L.A. is either working in entertainment, trying to be in movies, or works in a business that supports entertainment.

In fact, a lawyer friend of mine just struck out on his own as - drum roll - an entertainment lawyer. It's easy to do that out there, especially for contract law. Of course, he did not have the funds to sign a commercial lease, so he was considering paying through the nose for a room within another law firm. But he had no access to anything other than the receptionist - and she let all his calls go to voicemail!

So I hooked him up with a virtual office in Los Angeles for around $60 a month. The receptionist not only answers calls, but greets clients and gets the mail, too!


Orlando Virtual Offices Cost Less

Anyone thinking to start a business or even to expand into the Orlando area should think about having a virtual office. Rather than managing a traditional office, you can get full featured office services at a fraction of the cost. In fact, fraction is an understatement. Especially when you consider the cost of doing business in Florida.

Orlando is one of those towns that appeals to many types of people. The snow birds love it to get away from old man winter. Tourists flock there year round for vacations. This makes it great for business, too, because someone needs to service all those tourists.

But there are serious businesses there, too. Okay, serving tourists is just as serious, but you know what I mean. At least, I hope you do. Those serious businesses cost a lot to manage. In fact, any business costs a lot to manage, even those just trying to be serious. In fact, those cost even more, since there are no loss leaders to fall back on.

Save yourself some green and opt for the less traditional, yet very serious option of running your business: Go virtual. Virtual office spaces need no maintenance. There is no housekeeping, staff or utilities to pay for. All of the services are included or easy to add on for minimum cost as desired.

You get the flexibility and all the space you need to spread out whenever you need to. It’s that simple, because virtual offices are designed so they are ready for anything. You also save time that would be spent negotiating a lease. You also have to pay a lawyer to negotiate the lease - what a headache!

With virtual offices from Davinci, anyone in Orlando can afford a great address with mail and phone services - and even a receptionist. They also have the best and most state of the art offices and conference rooms to use whenever needed. You also get access to all the stuff the big guys get: large, fully functional meeting rooms, and all the office equipment you can possibly need! Rooms to rent start at $20. That's less than a decent lunch for two!


Going Green Saves Green!

As time has progressed, despite efforts to save the environment, more trees and forest regions continue to be affected in negative ways. So what's the solution? Enter the virtual office!

For decades, savvy people have been working from outside their offices in hotel rooms, houses, and coffee shops. Ever so slowly, corporate America began to take notice and found that allowing more flexibility with scheduling could actually increase productivity.

Things seemed to be going along swimmingly until Yahoo's latest bombshell. Many would say that deciding to take away telecommuting privileges took the tech firm back to the stone ages.

This is why I'm so grateful to have virtual office options. Virtual office solutions are not only better for the environment, but they save a lot of the green stuff, too.

When business owners don't have to lease or purchase office space - that's a lot of cash that goes back into the business. For start-ups, that could actually amount to at least one salary. For some, this is what makes it possible for them to open up shop.

There are so many cost savings when hiring virtual offices that I don't even know where to begin. They provide live telephone answering services with a state of the art call answering system. It allows for you to be reached anywhere in the world. They're trained to handle each specific business, so clients won't have a clue that they are talking to a virtual assistant. They take and track orders, schedule appointments, and do everything that a regular assistant does - but from the cloud!

The cost of having a retail space involves much more than rent. There is electricity,
office supplies, machines - and don't forget those high salaries and benefits. And there is also dealing with absent staff and turnover. You can save yourself the hassle.

As office spaces and industrial developments continue to be created, businesses can save a lot of money by using virtual assistants and do their part to protect the environment. It just makes more sense to save on those commuting hours and office costs by using technology to actually accomplish more!


San Diego Virtual Offices - Prime on a Dime!

San Diego is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in California. I absolutely love San Diego. Who wouldn't? The beaches, the weather - the people! Oh, did I mention the beaches? Some of the cleanest you'll ever find in a metro area.

It's no surprise, then, that San Diego is also a prime location to start a business or expand it. But we know that prime also means expensive. With over a million people living there, many start-ups gravitate toward the chance to make a mark and make a mint.

But how do they afford it? Commercial rents are off the chain. Not to mention paying staff - even a receptionist has to be paid well there in order to make ends meet. But most start-ups don't even have money to pay themselves, let alone anyone else!

I pay around $70 a month for a prime location, right in the heart of San Diego. That's a steal to be right where the action is in a town like this. I get a great street address, which is even more important to impress a client in San Diego. The only place where high end meetings are acceptable at home these days is at a big time director's in Hollywood. San Diego isn't Hollywood - that's why people choose to live there. They want to be away from all that and live in peace.

My virtual office answers my calls with a live person, takes messages, and even handles orders. They forward calls, packages and mail to wherever I am.

And you should see the tricked out offices I get to use when I need to show off to a client! Day offices can start as low as $10 an hour and a fancy conference room is around $20. In San Diego. For real. They have thoroughly modern and functional furniture and all the technology I could ask for.

But virtual offices are also the wave of the future because of their convenience. And in an expensive city like San Diego - they just make more sense!


Find your Piece of Business Heaven in Denver

Many people think that start-ups, entrepreneurs and other small businesses are the only ones that employ a strict virtual office model. However, the reality is that many professions and industries have been using virtual offices for decades. For example, many attorneys, consultants, accountants, and non-profit organizations, any firm really, that wants a location outside of their general area are using virtual offices.
In regions like Denver, the cost of doing business is skyrocketing. Washington and local government seem to be doing next to nothing to reign in those costs. In fact, certain legislation like SB 1 has actually increased the cost of running a business. Say what you will - but in this economy, the very last thing that the state of Colorado should do is create more red tape for businesses. And they wonder why their growth is so sluggish?

One of the best things about technology is that as it has continued to evolve, more and more businesses have been able to operate on a remote basis - which is not only more efficient and effective - but it can service more clients, too.

But like it or not, if you want to play with the big boys, you still gotta have a sandbox. Maybe not a big one, but something! This is where the virtual office comes in. In Denver, for around $65 a month, I can have a prestigious space and address that I can use for:

a. Licensing
b. Advertising and marketing
c. A locked and secure mailbox
d. Mail receipt
e. Client drop off and pick up

For a little extra, I have my mail forwarded. A receptionist welcomes my walk in prospects and clients. I'm also entertaining being put on the lobby directory listing for more prestige. I mean, it's only $20.00 for each month.

When I need to take a meeting, I can choose from over 3000 rooms worldwide! I can use the Business Support Center if I want and there are day offices for around $10 to $35 an hour. I can also get a conference room in Denver for around $25.

I honestly think I'm in heaven.