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Houston Virtual Offices Build Strong Business Foundations

It has been said that if you build it “they” will come. I never really figured out just who “they” are -- but I guess it has something to do with some group of people you want to have show up. That philosophy has worked in the past - but in a literal sense, building anything these days costs a whole lotta money.

Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to business. For instance, when it comes to deep in the heart of Houston, Texas - most people think of all those large conglomerates like Exxon, Dell, and Texas Instruments. I can’t imagine what it takes to keep those places going. But the truth is that Houston has also attracted a great many smaller firms that have been stirring the Lone Star State economy pot for quite some time.

One of the things small businesses and entrepreneurs have been using to build their foundations is virtual offices. Rather than spend enormous amounts of money as they nervously try to balance the budget, savvy businesses get a great address in Houston for as little as $55 to $75 a month. The packages include phone services, lobby greeters, mail receipt and forwarding, if you want and all kinds of other options. When they need it, there is also a business center and access to a whole network of spaces all around the world.

Imagine being able to have a fantastic business address you can put on your letterhead, marketing materials, business cards, and website. That local address could be the difference between attracting business in Houston or not. While it can be a friendly town, some of the residents can be rather suspicious of strangers.

When you get a Davinci Virtual office in Houston, you can play on nearly the same field as all those Fortune 500 companies. Only you don’t need all that Texas oil money to do it!


Virtual Meeting Attributes

I once knew a fellow who traveled from his home in the Bahamas to a one-day meeting in Switzerland. He was gone for five days but four of those days were spent traveling back and forth. Imagine the jet lag he felt, not to mention the excitement of traveling to a faraway destination. Luckily he was young enough then to sustain the exhilaration. His job frequently sent him on far away travels. After several years he resigned that position for a more lucrative one that kept him grounded.

He is now in his mid-fifties and if he had to do it all again, he says he would do most of it virtually. Virtual meetings are the option selected by many firms today although a lot of people still travel for business and many workers are thankful to get out of town, after a while they, too, realize that some meetings are ok to hold virtually.

The economic climate has changed so much from 20 years ago. Jet fuel has spiraled and airline tickets have increased. The younger work force of today has grown up with the Internet at their disposal and a lot of them have received their training at online institutions.

Virtual meetings have a lot of attributes. Mostly they save time and travel costs. They are almost seen as “politically correct” when it comes to being a responsible corporate citizen. And really, not too much is lost since virtual meetings are conducted in much the same way as face-to- face encounters.

Virtual conference rooms are available at nominal costs so companies don’t have to invest heavily in software that could rapidly become obsolete. They meet in their virtual headquarters where everyone has an opportunity to contribute. These virtual meeting rooms work well for file and video sharing, as well. They can be accessed whether you are holding meetings across town, across the nation, or beyond.


On Demand Virtual Offices Make Business in San Francisco a Reality

The cutting edge of today’s business game is “on demand.” Much like cable services, businesses like the idea of having what they need available whenever they need it. When it comes to business - virtual services offer the type of on demand assistance that are particularly useful in swanky places like San Francisco.

Most every entrepreneur and small business owner understands they can really grow and flourish when they have a primo business location. That’s a no brainer - but what isn’t a no brainer is how they can ever afford one. This is where virtual offices are critical. Because if your target market is San Fran - whether it is for B2B or general clientele - you better have an address there. Otherwise, companies may not be so interested in doing business with you. That’s just the harsh reality of it. There are so many companies competing for the same business these days that when people can buy local, they do.

Virtual office services offer every advantage traditional offices do - but without the sticker shock. Instead, you get a service that handles and forwards phone calls, mail and all that good stuff new and existing companies need to run a business poised for success.

The best part of having a virtual office is that it doesn’t need to be apparent that you don’t have a physical location all to yourself. The truth is that you can get your calls at a San Fran number, your mail at a kick ass address, and when you need it, use a conference room in the area when you want to take a meeting.

Personally, I really like the idea of being able to run a business professionally without spending money on a full time physical office. Besides, that gives me plenty of chances to be away - not that I really need an excuse!


Walnut Creek Virtual Conference Rooms Make Business Easier

Just outside of San Francisco - around a 40 minute hop off the Bay Area Rapid Transit (Bart) is Walnut Creek. For start-ups and small business owners, virtual services offer a great alternative to paying those stiflingly high commercial rents. Known as a tech mecca - a lot of entrepreneurs do well with a business address that reflects well with those they are pursuing as business prospects. For San Francisco, Walnut Creek is one of those places which resonate with the locals.

A friend of mine decided to sign up for a virtual office plan at www.davincivirtual.com. The plan not only provides a Live Receptionist who answers and forwards his calls, but includes forwarding his mail, too. Whether he's away or working at home, he gets his vital business communication without delay, it is a very handy perk. The best part is that no one is the wiser.

When he organized a virtual conference, he used the Walnut Creek address and was able to make a good impression on people from the Bay area and other places. Many people are not able to attend a physical conference these days due to the expense. By the time they pay for travel, time off from work, and other expenses, it is often not cost effective. That's why it's easier to entice people into attending a virtual conference. Organizing the whole thing is also a lot less overwhelming.

Because his address is that of a prominent Walnut Creek office building, people pay attention to him in ways he was not able to finesse before. Now his business is growing by leaps and bounds -- and the cost for the virtual services is well under what he has spent in the past for other business services. One of the biggest perks is he can use that address on his marketing materials - in local marketing all around town and on the web, too.


Virtual Team Meetings

Many people dream of building an online business and being able to work from virtually anywhere. It is important to stay focused on goals because working virtually is not always the easiest way to earn a paycheck. The concept is easy enough, but when you are constantly being bombarded by distractions take the necessary steps to stay in tune with your work.
Working virtually still means adhering to schedules and deadlines. It also doesn’t necessarily mean working alone. It is often mandatory to have a team in place to help with your work. Sometimes we feel working with others keeps us back because we have to wait on them to finish their portion of the project. However, in the long run, team formation should work to your advantage.
To ensure everyone is working to the deadline, connect with one another regularly. If the project will take a month, then meeting virtually could occur once a week. Meeting regularly builds confidence and keeps loyalty for the project intact. There are several ways to connect virtually.
Virtual teams could type their messages through a number of online portals or a telephone messaging system. Messaging is often done on the fly when a real conversation would take too much time from the work at hand. Video conferencing is very popular and can also be done through many online sources. It is often the preferred mode of communication for virtual teams. This way they get to meet face to face although they may be cities or even countries apart.
The best thing about these virtual meeting places is they are often free or available at low cost. Another bonus is that you don’t have to wait for your 14 year old to assist you because all the interfaces are user friendly.

When you meet virtually, follow the same rules you would go by if you were meeting in person. Plan an agenda to follow and fax or email it to your counterparts. This will help you all stay on track.