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Recruitment Benefits of Virtual Office Space

Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes have been adopting virtual offices. There are many reasons for this, from convenience to general cost consciousness and higher productivity, as well as the ability to expand inexpensively. This is why the idea of working remotely has become much more common.

What used to be an unusual business philosophy is being implemented by savvy companies in surprising industries. For instance, many firms have found that outsourcing tech, accounting, and customer service jobs has helped to increase their bottom line so they can actually stay afloat and often even thrive.

In the past, naysayers insisted that working from home was going to be a flash in the pan and that it would be impossible to accomplish as much outside of a traditional office environment. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that because there is less office distraction, employees are actually able to be more productive.

In order to avoid chaos, executives and staff have adopted a wide array of technologies that make work easier, as well as provide a way to monitor productivity. Virtual office solutions also offer a wealth of opportunity to keep literally thousands of employees in that all important business loop.

Freeing up a work space to the virtual world also opens up the ability to recruit the best of the best. No longer do companies have to pay enormous sums of money to not only recruit, but then house displaced families. Because they can work where they happen to live, they are also much less stressed about relocating and adapting to new environments. In many ways, virtual offices offer the most seamless possible way to incorporate new staff. Also, candidates are not just limited to those who are able and willing to move to specific cities, states, and other locations.

Ultimately, a company is only as good as its staff. Therefore, the ability to access and appeal to the crème de la crème alone will make it easier for companies of all sizes, types, and industries to rise to the top much faster than traditional firms.


Virtual Offices in London Bring Back Jolly Old England

The cities that seem to have the U.S. business axis covered are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Across the pond, we have London, located in none other than “jolly old England.” We all know that the origin of ‘jolly' means cheerful. Yet the cost of doing business in London is far from joyful. But it can still be fun when you really get to participate in the game.

Today’s smaller firms have a hard enough time trying to manage just one small office - let alone expanding globally. However, worldwide growth is really what can put any sized company on the map in a big way. But if you mention that to an entrepreneur or small business owner today, they usually look dreamily to the sky or shake their head and chuckle.

Ironically, “jolly old England" is still used comically to evoke a sense of nostalgia of days gone by - largely from before the industrial revolution in the 1700-1800s. Of course, back in those days, business was a far cry from what it has become today.

The reason that London is such an important location for business may stem from England’s 19th century turn as an empire that ultimately gave them a head start in the commercial and technological aspects of business. As a result, the confluence of factors leading to the Industrial Revolution spawned an era of wealth and power never before seen in the world.

London will always remain a huge player on the world business spectrum. When a company has a presence there, things just seem to happen. Today, virtual offices make it possible for any business to have an "office" in London. No longer does a firm have to pay high rent to have a presence in one of the most influential places in the world. For around $120 a month they can have a "posh" office address and all the amenities the big players do such as reception and mail delivery. And just think, you can have those fantastic Cadbury bars delivered locally for your clients!


Impress Prospects with a Los Angeles Virtual Office

After I left Los Angeles, I never thought I’d miss it much. But I do today - since I’m in the Midwest and it is around 100 degrees! But you really can't enjoy it that much since you spend so much time sitting in traffic. Anyone who has been to L.A. and had the misfortune of driving around the area knows what I am talking about. In fact, even comics have talked about the notorious 405 freeway in their acts at times.

For my money, I prefer having a virtual office in L.A. Some may find that odd, but the cost of living there is through the roof and the air quality is so awful it’s scary.

While I like to have a business presence in L.A., I don’t like having to go there. With a virtual office, I really don’t need to. At Davinci’s Sepulveda Business Center it's hard to believe, but I get a great professional address for as low as $60 a month.

I use my virtual office address on cards, flyers, brochures, the website, and anything else I can think of. For instance, when I go to events, I pass out pens and other doodads that all have the L.A. virtual office address on them. I think it works well since so many people still view L.A. as a high-end location. Truth be told, parts of the L.A. area are more like Detroit, but with palm trees. Okay, maybe that’s not fair - but just drive around Venice sometime, where a tiny one bedroom condo can cost a shocking half a mil or more!

One of my pals gave me a car magnet with my business information for the side of my car, so I put it on there just to see what would happen. It was funny to see that people actually thought I was visiting from L.A.  I guess the license plate didn’t matter much!


My point is: perception is everything in business and virtual offices let you be a local - even when you’re not residing in the same state. What better way to fit in that way than L.A.


Virtual Conference Room Strategies

Coming together in a virtual meeting room is the wave of the future. Locally traveling to the company’s conference room or designated meeting room facility, is a lot easier on employees who would otherwise have to leave families behind for days of travel to attend to business that can’t be done over phone lines.

Whatever can be done virtually can save companies a ton of money in travel and lodging expenses. Employees appreciate the gesture because besides leaving loved ones behind, they don’t have to worry about waking up in a strange city or being jet lagged. They also don’t have to worry about coming back to a backlog of work that mysteriously piled up during their absence.

Setting up a virtual meeting should be done with the same care of in-person meetings. An appointed chairman will set the tone. By identifying the key personnel who are to attend and giving advance notice to them regarding the agenda, he has time to gather everyone’s written contributions. A team then verifies the information and packages it.

Once the date for the virtual meeting has been set, the next thing to do is determine how and where the team will assemble. There are several options for virtual meetings. The method you choose will depend on the amount of strategizing the company will need to prepare.

Conference calling can be done with any size group. Three people can easily take a meeting on their private cell phones and larger groups would do well to contract with an outside source to hook up over phone lines or video conferencing. Will you meet from individual offices or will the groups meet at outside meeting rooms? Often it is easier for workers to meet at key strategic locations, making it easier to set up conference equipment.

When you want to see participants’ faces but need to save on travel, video conferencing fits the bill very well. Like with conference calling, video conferencing would depend largely on the size of group you plan to reach when determining how the meeting will be set up.

Purchase the time you need on a web conferencing site and determine the number of people you might need on the call. Send out invitations and give the code to participants so they will enter the correct virtual room. Tell them to join in early since the timeframe for the meeting will have a limit.


With clearly set expectations virtual meetings of any size can be a success. Guarantee every meeting member that each and every input counts – if given in a precise way while keeping time constraints in mind.


In the end, the success of a virtual meeting isn’t too much different from a face-to-face assembly, which is probably why virtual meetings are gaining more and more acceptance across all lines of business.


Build a Local NYC Presence with Virtual Offices

Local marketing is all the rage these days. Whether you have a website that caters to the world or not, you’re missing the boat, if you don’t focus on local marketing in some capacity. The reality is that no business can really afford to open an office in every state. But what most firms can afford easily is a virtual office.

A friend of mine who lives in L.A. really wanted to tap into the local market in NYC. He spent some time there to ratchet up some business and contacts. Many of the people he does business with in L.A. also have NY connections. So he went back to L.A. and thought about relocating. But he wasn't all that hot on the idea because he wasn't looking forward to those hot and humid summers and cold winters back east.

So he got a NYC virtual office instead! He’s really into local marketing and it works well for him in L.A. That’s why getting a virtual office in NYC made so much sense for him. His address on 5th Avenue only costs $50 a month and he has everything he needs. They answer his phone, forward his calls, and receive and forward his mail. Because of the ‘find me’ feature on the phone service, he never misses an important call. The best part is that he controls all of this - he decides how accessible he will be on any given day, which is easy because his calls are screened.

He paid a little extra to get his company name in the lobby because he tends to get a lot of walk-ins. That’s because he puts his address on virtually everything - from business cards to website and everything else. He attends events and passes out his card, inviting people to stop by when they’re in town. The funny thing is that he is rarely in town, since he doesn’t live there!