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A Rugged Address in Wyoming

The Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains meet in the western state of Wyoming. With  picturesque scenery of ranches with mountains cascading in the background, Wyoming is home to more cattle than people, making the business of raising livestock a prominent and successful one in this U.S. region. Mining is another major industry in the Cowboy State, as the first coal miners discovered petroleum in the area in 1870. Ever since, Wyoming has been a popular state for those in the petroleum business.


Although Wyoming isn’t known for its booming presence of Fortune 500 companies, a Wyoming business address is ideal for companies associated with the mining or livestock realm or those businesses who provide products or services for such industries. However, a Wyoming address isn’t just for those who dabble in these rural industries, it’s also a great state to link to other business endeavours. For example, perhaps you’re a leather company based in Florida, just imagine how much more authentic your business would appear with a company address located in Wyoming, a state brimming with cattle. Meanwhile a “mom and pop” type shop growing in New York City could also gain from a small a town address in Wyoming for a more genuine feel.


Davinci features virtual offices in Wyoming, which allow remote businesses to acquire an address in the Equality State. Regardless of whether your business is currently based in Louisiana or across the globe in Singapore, you can snag a sought-after address in an area such as Casper, Wyoming. The virtual office service provides your company with mail forwarding, so you can receive your mail wherever your actual location is on the map.


Davinci Virtual Offices offer a fantastic way of achieving a business address in Wyoming without packing up your office and purchasing a ranch in Big Wyoming. Of course the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are certainly alluring, but why pack up your bags, if you’re happy in your current bustling city location? A virtual office allows you to make a savvy business move with a company address in Wyoming without the hassle of physically moving out west.


Attention to the Details with a West Village Address

New York City. Big buildings, big reputations, and all companies want a piece.  One of the most sought-after neighborhoods is West Village, a chic and wealthy center in the New York City borough of Manhattan.


West Village is primarily a residential area, though the residents are often comprised of the wealthy and the famous. There is a quiet respect in this orderly part of town. Streets are clean, doorknobs are polished, and the paint is spotless. There is a fierce sense of pride in the neighborhood and attention is definitely paid to the details.


A business address in this neighborhood signals a clear sign of, “I’ve made it,” as only businesses with high quality can achieve it. Not only will New Yorkers and East Coasters understand the implications of a West Village address, but other business people around the country and the international community know what it means to come from this prestigious New York City neighborhood.


However, this is no easy task to own a business in this area when you have to deal with sky-high rent costs, taxes, and utilities. Luckily there’s an alternative to big spending in the big city: a Davinci Virtual Office in West Village.


A Davinci Virtual Office features a business address a company can rent in the location of its choice. Along with the address, companies are provided with mail service and a receptionist who forwards calls and takes messages. So a virtual office in West Village means you can gain all the implications of a business located in West Village, without physically relocating to the spot in Manhattan or paying an arm and a leg in the process.


There is a certain reputation of a person who rents an office in West Village, New York. He or she is looked at as a success. This is the exact image companies want to present to their potential clients and investors.  With a Davinci Virtual Office, companies everywhere can enjoy a slice of the New York City pie.


Cents and Sensibility: The Perks of Virtual Offices

Whether it’s the glitzy glamour of Downtown Miami, the polished image of West Village, or the political draw of Washington, D.C., there are some cities just calling your business to set up shop in the heart of all the city action. However, as enticing as these cities may be, often times the price of real estate in such areas are expensive enough to make you run the other way. So what happens when you fall in love with a business district, but the rental cost is too much for your company to swing?

Well, the cents and sensible approach to landing a highly sought-after business address in your favorite city is to acquire a virtual office in the area. A virtual office grants you the perks and reputation of a business address in the coveted district, without forking over the cost of rent each month. A virtual office is both a cost-efficient and practical solution.

For those unfamiliar with a virtual office, Davinci provides a service in which you can choose a business address in one of more than 900 global locations. Maybe your start-up business is related to technology, and you want your business associated with all of the tech savvy companies in the San Francisco Bay area. The only problem is you’re working from your home in Boise, Idaho, where all your friends and family live, so you’re not interested in relocating to the west coast for the sake of your business. With a San Francisco Davinci Virtual Office, you can acquire a business address on a real street in a real building in San Fran without physically moving or working there. A virtual office offers a business address, mail forwarding options, and directory listings to create the image of your business actually residing on Market Street or Spear Street.

The beauty of this virtual office setup is your business can acquire your favorite city’s reputation, without paying the price of real estate. With a virtual office, you avoid the price of rent, utilities, overhead, and supplies. You can continue to maintain your current business set up and only pay a small monthly fee for the virtual office solution. Use your cents and make the sensible decision with a virtual office today.


What's the Difference Between an Auto Attendant, a Secretary, and a Live Receptionist?

Secretaries, auto attendants, and live receptionists, oh my! There are few office staples as common as the receptionist behind the welcome desk. However, the look and feel of offices today is radically different than the rows of cubicles and coffee ring stains of yore. Naturally, receptionist work is radically different too, and far more customizable to the needs of businesses.

In today's marketplace, businesses can choose from a traditional secretary, an auto attendant, or a remote live receptionist. There are several differences between the three, though a Davinci Live Receptionist is by far the most versatile for small and medium-sized businesses.

A Secretary

A secretary is usually an in-house employee. He or she answers calls, takes messages, and directs clients to the proper meeting rooms. A secretary makes sense for larger corporations with higher budgets. However, an in-house secretary is often out of budget for a small business or may not make sense for a company with a telecommuting staff.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant is an automated secretary. The auto attendant greets callers with a friendly pre-recorded message and then prompts the callers with a few questions to best direct the calls to the appropriate extension lines. A separate message can be set for when the business is closed for the evening. This option suits companies with several departments and extension lines, if they're not looking for a live secretary in-house. However, a live voice is often preferred by callers.

Davinici Live Receptionist

A Davinci Live Receptionist combines the best of both worlds in terms of off-site service and a live friendly voice. The live receptionist works off-site and answers calls, takes messages, responds to emails, and answers customer questions. The live receptionist is an excellent option for small businesses, start-ups, telecommuting companies, or any type of company looking for live service but without the cost of a full-time in-house employee. Davinci's friendly live receptionists are highly-trained professionals who skilfully handle any customer questions and client inquiries.

Modern times deserve modern receptionists, and with Davinci Live Receptionists, companies are ahead of the game in terms of professionalism and assistance.


Come On, Come Through, New York, New York

Frank Sinatra knew what he was talking about when he sang, “I want to be part of it, New York, New York.” Everyone wants to be a part of the city. It has an undeniable lure attracting every walk of life to the bright city lights lining the streets congested with honking yellow taxis.


New York City is a coveted location to carry out business as the area is ranked highly among the world’s leading financial centers. It’s a mecca for businesses around the world. And because New York City is so well-regarded among global businesses, a company address in Chelsea can be just the boost your business needs to move on up in the professional world. Chelsea is a prominent neighborhood located in the West Side of Manhattan, offering a distinguished address to link to your company.


A business address associated with Chelsea can provide companies with a facelift, making businesses seem more attractive because of the neighborhood in which it thrives. After all, Chelsea is a colorful and diverse region, where any business owner would scramble at the opportunity to set up their business. However, the price tag on business real estate in prime spots, such as Chelsea, tends to be an expensive one. The business owner not only pays for the actual office space, but also utilities and overhead costs.


Luckily, Davinci offers a virtual office in Chelsea where businesses can assume a Chelsea address without actually paying for physical space. A virtual meeting room provides your company with a Chelsea address, mail forwarding options, lobby greeter, and lobby directory listings giving your business the Chelsea treatment. With a virtual office in Chelsea, your business can gain the prestigious and successful reputation associated with New York City companies.


“Come on, come through, New York, New York,” and choose a virtual office solution in Chelsea, New York, to experience the appeal of a business address in the city which never sleeps.