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The Pros and Cons of having Employees Work in Different Time Zones

Some companies today have all of their employees working in one main headquarters or office location. However, with the ease of telecommuting, many other companies have remote employees working from different locations and time zones around the world. Before you open up any additional offices or hire at-home staff for your own business, take a moment to consider the pros and cons of having employees in different time zones and what you can do to get the maximum productivity.


Clearly, there are benefits associated with having employees in different time zones. The best benefit is the ability to serve customers or clients in different geographic locations on a personal basis. Customers will almost always catch someone on the phone or online who can answer their questions and help their issues. In addition, companies can utilize online sharing features to maximize productivity and extend the work day. For example, one employee may start an assignment on the East Coast and another may finish the assignment later in the day on the West Coast.


The most significant drawback of workers in different times is the hindered communication between co-workers throughout the day. For instance, when the staff members at one office are just starting their work day, the staff members at another office may be going to lunch. This is also true for international remote workers who have opposite sleep schedules. File sharing and quick email responses are usually the best weapons to combat time zone miscommunications.

While there are both pros and cons to having employees in different time zones, the benefits are generally far more significant. The trick is to understand the rhythm of each remote office or remote worker to get the most work done during the work week.


Executive Suites in Long Beach

Sitting along the Pacific coast and home to approximately 467,000 residents, Long Beach is a go-to destination for tourists and businesses. Many corporations and businesses have established a headquarters or a branch location in Long Beach, such as heavyweights like Epson America, SCAN Health Plan, and Molina Healthcare. In addition to the tourism industry, Long Beach is a major shipping port for imports and exports. The city is a prime spot for companies related to car parts, electronics, aircrafts, and more, and just the kind of city you want associated with your industrial business.

However, while many companies desire a business address in Long Beach, they can’t always afford beach-front property. In fact, you too might want the reputation of a Long Beach address… but it’s understandable, if you’re not keen on leasing expensive city property. For the best compromise, Davinci virtual office solutions can give you both esteem and low rent costs. Through Davinci, you can rent the addresses of executive suites in Long Beach, without any long-term leases. The address will match a physical building in town and have your business listed on the directory. You can use your prestigious address for business cards, websites, and any other materials you need to hand out.

The truth is, if your business is involved in industries like manufacturing, steel, and exports, you probably don’t want nor need a building in the city. Keep costs low as you work from the outskirts of town, but still show your Long Beach cred when you’re ready to do business with a new client. You might be working out of a laid-back town, but your business sense is anything but aloof.


Office Space in Houston with Davinci

Whether you're an up and coming entrepreneur or an established business owner looking for ways to branch out, Houston is a hot spot ready to help your business take off. It's booming in the business world, as it’s the star city of Texas and the fourth largest city in America. Houston is a major force in the oil and gas industry, not to mention home to a wealth of Fortune 500 companies, second only to New York City. You'll be in good company with greats such as Sysco, Quanta Services, Waste Management, and Andarko Petroleum. It’s a small wonder you'd like to get a piece of the pie. However, you'll pay skyrocketing rent for prime property in this powerhouse. Don't sweat it! With Davinci virtual office solutions, you can have your cake and eat it too with a virtual office space.

When you opt for Davinci virtual office solutions, you'll be provided with a business address in the heart of Houston. Use this address for all of your important documents and we’ll have your mail forwarded to the location of your choice. This is an ideal way to acquire the prestige of having office space in Houston… without breaking the bank. You'll be amazed at what opportunities will come your way when you make a statement with your address.

Let Davinci virtual office solutions be your ticket to Houston. If you're running a business from home and aren’t ready to make the leap to your own office space or your company is located elsewhere, you can still have a base in Houston. Davinci virtual office solutions save you money and meet your business needs at the same time. Use your address as a springboard to bigger and better things for your business. You’ll be in the right place at the right time at the right cost.


Using Technology to Prevent Work Crises

In many companies and organizations, it may seem like managers and staff members are constantly trying to put out fires. These may be related to trying to save major accounts, trying to make unhappy customers happy, dealing with lost data when a computer crashes, and more. Crises can affect your employees’ efficiency and productivity, your stress level, and your customers’ satisfaction. Clearly, you want to do what you can to minimize these crises in your workplace.

Technology is an excellent tool you can use to prevent many types of issues and challenges in the workplace. Consider a few of these life-savers:

Invest in the Cloud

Use cloud-based storage to minimize data loss. When you store your company’s information in the secure cloud, all of your employees will have access to it no matter the device tapping into it. Even if an employee’s computer crashes or their phone is lost, the documents are still safe in the cloud.

Hire a Social Media Scout

You can use social media for more than promoting yourself; you can also see what customers are actually saying about your business. This is where a social media scout comes in and responds back to negative reviews. If there is a pattern of bad reviews about a certain employee or a certain dish, it’s time to re-evaluate their place in the company. If someone had a bad experience, the scout can apologize and offer ways to help. Bad word of mouth is a crisis waiting to happen, so nip it in the bud.

Use Davinci Virtual Office Solutions 

Davinci virtual offices are useful for combating the competition. If you hear that your rivals are opening new stores, you’re able to keep up with them with a virtual office. You can rent an address in the prestigious areas of your choice and use these addresses for your website and business cards. Appear like a franchise for more customer confidence and so your business doesn’t get lost in the marketplace.


Virtual Assistant in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a reputation for being a place where people want to do business. It’s one of the first locations people think of when they need to find a place to host a convention or a seminar. Locals like the idea of having their businesses in Las Vegas because it is surrounded by all the opulence and success the grand hotels exude on a daily and nightly basis. A Las Vegas address helps new businesses take on that success as their own.

Along with the entertainment and hospitality industries, Las Vegas hosts the automobile, restaurant, retail, and wedding industries as well. You may believe it would cost you more than you can afford to partake in this fabulous city, and this is what prevents you from taking your office out of your home and into an office building.

When you obtain the services of Davinci virtual office solutions, you don’t have to rent expensive real estate to be a part of the good will Las Vegas offers. You can even live outside of the state and appear as if your local office has a presence in multiple locations. The Davinci virtual office solution offers you a business address you can have printed on your business cards. Your clients will use it to send correspondence and your mail will be forwarded directly to you.

You can also add a virtual assistant to this program who will be able to help you with the following tasks:

    • Answering telephone calls


    • Faxing documents online


    • Scheduling appointments


    • Taking messages

Davinci virtual office solutions allow you to have a presence in Las Vegas at a price you can afford to pay. You will remain where it is most convenient for you, but your clients will know that your company is much more.