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Beverly Hills Style on a Shoestring Budget

DVO_Week51_1You’re a fashion designer who has just created your first collection. While the clothes are great, it's been hard getting anyone to even look at it. You’re competing against dozens of other designers to get their work noticed, and your address isn’t helping.

You might have your large workshop in Nebraska due to cheap rent, but not many in the elite fashion world will take a designer from Nebraska seriously. A fashion house based in Beverly Hills, however, is a different story. Beverly Hills is the epicenter of style and all things trendy. However, you don’t have to look at the rental prices to know lease prices in this flashy town are through the stratosphere. Your small fashion house could be wiped out in a couple of months, if you had to pay rent that high for studio space.

While most Beverly Hills start-ups have to choose between paying ridiculously high rent or being located outside of the city, you don't have to make this choice. Davinci virtual office solutions are a great way for your business to be able to have a real address in Beverly Hills without running through all of its profits. To do this, Davinci lets you rent the Beverly Hills address for your business.

This allows you to work from wherever you want, whether it’s in California, Nebraska, or elsewhere. Davinci virtual office solutions give your company an address you can use on all of your mail, business cards, and advertising. Davinci will forward all of the mail from your new clients to your actual work space. With this arrangement, you’ll get all the prestige from having a Beverly Hills address, without the overpriced rent to match. Now that’s stylish.

Business Abounds, Down in Sactown

DVO_Week50_3Sactown is the place to be, if you want to project an ambitious image of your business. Sacramento’s proximity to tech hubs in Silicon Valley make it ideal for web-based businesses, while the large population of affluent, educated people make it a great place to start a retail establishment. Add in the warm climate and beautiful scenery, and it's obvious why so many businesses want to start here.

Of course, all those businesses trying to get established have created a rather large problem. It's hard to find available office space, without paying a ridiculous sum of money and agreeing to a two year (or more) lease. In fact, Sacramento has some of the highest rent prices for commercial property in the United States. Everyone wants to come here, but not everyone can afford it.

While some start-ups have to make the choice between paying high rent or moving out of state, your business doesn't have to choose. Davinci virtual office solutions have come up with a way for you to have an address in Sacramento without paying expensive rent. You pay a monthly fee to Davinci, and in return, you get a Sacramento address, a directory listing, and mail-forwarding service to your desired location.

This means you can work from home, a warehouse, or even your corporate office in another state, and you’ll still have a Sacramento address to use on your business cards and website. Your business will receive the credibility that comes along with an office located in the heart of Sacramento, and you'll get to avoid sky-high rents.

Ready, Set, Go! How to Start Your First Start-up



Starting your own business has been a dream of yours your entire life. You’ll finally be your own boss, set your own hours, and do what you love to do. However, starting a business can be intimidating. There are so many variables and moving parts to consider, before you turn over your Closed sign for Open. To help you finally get started, consider these steps to make sure you’re ready for business.




  • Set up a specific business plan. What are your goals? What is your measure of success? What time frames are you giving yourself? You need to give yourself and your staff clear goals to reach, both for inspiration and for understanding where you stand, if you fall short.

  • When raising capital, it is a good idea to overestimate how much you will need. You want plenty of funds left over for extra supplies, like printer ink, binders, and highlighters.

  • Create the right image of your start-up. Even if you have a quality product to sell, it will be difficult to attract customers without a positive, enticing image. Branding your start-up begins with creating a logo that fits with the product you are selling. It should tell your customers exactly what to expect when they do business with you.

  • You might want to look into Davinci virtual offices solutions as a marketing strategy. A virtual office is an address inside an actual building, but not a place in which you actually work. For example, perhaps you have created a computer start-up in your home town. Your business would benefit from an address located in Silicon Valley, as it would give your start-up a sense of legitimacy to buyers and clients. It would allow you to be associated with the reputation of Silicon Valley, without paying the outrageous real estate costs.

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. By giving yourself a healthy business plan with finances, marketing, and goals laid out ahead of time, you’ll be better prepared when you finally welcome your costumers to your business.

Business Thrives with Brooklyn Vibes

DVO_Week50_1If there's one location in the US more hip, forward-thinking, and exciting than anywhere else, it's Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is a hotbed of creativity, fashion, and explosive growth. While just a few years ago its image was that of a working class district filled with warehouses and crumbling factories, today, a Brooklyn address means youth, upward mobility, and innovation. If you know your business would benefit from a coveted Brooklyn address but you're not ready to take the plunge and rent a brick and mortar office, Davinci's virtual office solutions are, in fact, great solutions.

Just across the river from Manhattan, Brooklyn is a borough of New York City made up of dozens of smaller, wildly diverse neighborhoods. In a fifteen minute walk, you can pass by traditional brownstone row houses, buy a spicy, authentic Cuban sandwich from a street vendor, hear Irish fiddle music pouring from an open tavern door, see Hasidic school children playing sidewalk games, and enjoy a latte at a brand new hipster coffee shop. It's the perfect location for a start-up or an established business looking to reach a new, youthful demographic. A Brooklyn address will give your business a fascinating and up-to-the-minute vibe.

For a small monthly fee, Davinci virtual office solutions will provide you with an address in a real building in Brooklyn, along with a lobby greeter, mail-forwarding options, and a directory listing. All of this is available without the high rents charged in one of the most desirable districts in the world. You’ll also avoid paying for utilities, overhead, and commuting costs that come with establishing a new office. Keep your current office and use the extra funds to build your business.

One warning: Don't be surprised, if you find yourself wearing skinny jeans and sipping craft beers in an attempt to be as cool as your new Brooklyn address!

Virtual Assistant Hong Kong

DVO_Week49_3As a savvy entrepreneur or established business owner doing business with Hong Kong, you are poised for greatness. Hong Kong can compete with any of the powerhouses of the world, including New York City and Washington, D.C. It's a central location where the world of investments, banking, and business all come together in an intricate network. If you want to be a part of the game and continue to grow, you need to equip yourself with the proper tools. You already have the connections with Hong Kong, but you may not be ready to pay for the skyrocketing costs of renting property in this fascinating locale. Davinci virtual office solutions could be the answer to your dilemma.

There is always the desire to have an address with a great reputation. Davinci virtual office solutions provide you with a physical address in a building in Hong Kong situated in the midst of all of the action. You'll have the perk of a prestigious mailing address without an excessive rent bill that really hurts your bank account. This is the perfect way to continue to instill confidence in your brand, without the lease payments.

In addition to using Davinci virtual office solutions in Hong Kong, consider a virtual assistant to also impress your future prospects. You won't need to hire anyone full-time, as your highly trained remote receptionist takes your calls and messages, enhancing your professional image through excellent communication skills. Hong Kong is king in the marketplace; you too can have a piece of the kingdom with Davinci.