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What Is a Virtual Office and Answers to Other Virtual Office Space Questions

Good news – small business owners can better compete with larger companies with through virtual office space services.

What is a virtual office space? It’s a convenient, cost effective way to have the benefits of leasing or owning a professional, fully equipped office space without the ongoing cost.  Virtual office spaces allow entrepreneurs to have a professional business address to use for their website and business cards in addition to several other valuable services, including:

Mail receipt: Mail sent to a virtual office location can be picked up or forwarded to wherever needed.

Conference room and office access: Access to over 3,000 furnished conference rooms and day offices around the world complete with all of the latest technology and office services one might need to keep a meeting running smoothly. Spaces are available through by-hour or by-day reservations.

Lobby greeter: An onsite, lobby greeter will be present at a chosen virtual office space location to greet and assist any walk-in clients.

Lobby directory listing: A business name can be added to the lobby directory at a virtual office space location.

Still have questions about virtual office space offerings? See some commonly asked questions and answers below or call us at (888) 863-3423.

Where are virtual office spaces located?

Davinci conference rooms and office spaces are located in well-known buildings in most major cities in the United States and abroad. Utilize the Davinci booking engine to search locations and availability in over 950 places across the globe.

Can a virtual office space address be used for licensing?

After having signed up for a Davinci virtual office space, business owners may use the address for a business license. Most of our clients don’t have a problem getting their licensing with our address. In many of our office locations, we can even hang the license onsite. To confirm if the business center you’re interested in choosing will allow a license to be hung, call (888) 863-3423.

Is conference room rental time included in a virtual office space package?

Davinci virtual office space packages offer pre-pay conference room time available for some of our locations. For more information regarding exactly how much time and where the locations can be used, contact your sales representative as packages may vary.

How much office time can be reserved per month?

Because some virtual office space packages include office time, be sure to contact a sales representative at (888) 863-3423 to learn the locations where Davinci credit can be used. There is not a limit to the amount of time that can be reserved beyond included office space credit. If it is available, members are welcome to reserve it by the hour or by the day.

What are the prices for additional virtual office location services?

For services such as mail forwarding, copying, and conference room or day office use, there are additional costs. The costs vary depending on the location and the package purchased. Please contact us for the exact costs for additional location services at a virtual office space – (888) 863-3423.

What are the location services features in a virtual office space package?

Some of the main features include, but are not limited to:

  • A professional business address
  • Mail and package receipt, which for most locations includes a locking mailbox onsite
  • Mail forwarding (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • The freedom to use a professional business address in directories, on website, or business cards, etc.
  • A local drop-off and pick-up point for your clients
  • Lobby and directory listings (most locations charge $25/month for this feature)
  • Access to office space and fully-furnished conference rooms (reserved hourly)
  • Access to cyber café’s with wireless Internet, coffee/tea bar, etc. (where available)

Are virtual receptionist services included in a virtual office space package?

Unfortunately, virtual receptionist services are not included in a virtual office space package. Often our virtual office space clients choose to also sign up for virtual receptionist services. These solutions help relieve stress on small business owners by providing phone answering services, call forwarding, and a resource to help with a wide range of secretarial services.

What is the price for virtual receptionist services?

The Davinci base rate for receptionist services is all-inclusive—unlike many of our competitors. Tasks that are included in this base rate price are: long distance and toll free minutes, call patching, faxing, conference calling, voicemail management, meeting scheduling, order processing, outbound sales or customer service calls, and more! Costs that extend beyond your initial base rate are applied based on call volume.

What are the main features for virtual receptionist services?

  • Live, U.S.-based professionals answering incoming calls
  • Call forwarding with caller ID
  • Call announcing/screening
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Order processing and other customer service capabilities
  • Caller tracking and information logging
  • Voicemail management including voicemail to email transcription
  • A complimentary conference call platform for you to use at any time
  • eFax (fax to email)

Can a Davinci virtual office space address be used for incorporation purposes?

Yes. Business owners may register their business with our address. Some of our locations even offer a resident or registered agent at the location for an additional cost.

Contact us to better compete with larger companies with through virtual office space services at DavinciVirtual.com today.


How to Avoid Costly Small Business Operating Expenses With Virtual Office Solutions

As a small business owner, you enjoy the perks of running a small company. It’s nice being your own boss, making your own schedule, calling the shots, and avoiding corporate politics, but it isn’t always easy.

Running a small, one-person business comes with greater responsibilities. You are now the head of accounting, customer service, business operations, marketing, and the list goes on. On top of that, you feel the pressure of managing your small business operating expenses. It never feels good to see money come out of your pocket to cover overhead expenses. Hiring help to manage important tasks and leasing space to host meetings doesn’t always feel cost effective, but at times it’s absolutely necessary. Luckily, finding help or holding meetings doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers services that are perfect for small businesses. These services provide you with relief from tasks you feel are more mundane and keep you focusing on growing your business and serving your clients. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions also provides the perfect alternative to renting and maintaining a professional business space. The Davinci solutions will not only make your life easier—they will, most importantly, save you money.

Virtual Office Solution: Virtual receptionist services

What is a virtual receptionist? Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it isn’t personal. The Davinci virtual receptionist package is a monthly paid service to have a live, well-educated person answer calls and attend to various business needs. They are trained on specifics about your business to best represent you and your company. With each call, they can transfer calls to you and even schedule appointments based on a calendar you control. Other tasks your Davinci virtual receptionist can cover include:

  • Outbound calling: These outbound calls can be for tasks such as appointment reminders, appointment scheduling, follow-up calls, third-party verification services, lead generation, or surveys and market research.

  • Order processing and customer service: Through an online commerce system, Davinci virtual receptionists can process order payments for your customers requesting assistance over the phone. And because they are trained in your business, they can provide support to other questions customers might have.

  • Voicemail management: Avoid seeing voicemails pile up in your inbox. With Davinci virtual receptionist services you can receive you voicemails as digital files in your email or even have them transferred into text so you can read your voicemails via email or text. Imagine the time you could save!

The Davinci virtual receptionists are always based in the U.S. and work in an office setting to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Other Virtual Office Solutions

Do you ever feel the only negative aspect of your business differentiating you from large-business competitors is not having a professional, furnished, and fully functioning office space with accommodating meeting rooms? The Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offer the perfect solution to this problem. As a small business owner, it isn’t practical to lease and furnish a space for the weekly or even monthly meetings you have with important clients.

With a virtual office space, you pay a much smaller monthly fee to have all of the perks of having your own space. You’ll be able to use one of the Davinci virtual office addresses for your own business address that you can use on your website, business cards, or local listings. You’ll also have access to a slew of services including:

  • Mail forwarding

  • Lobby directory listing

  • Access to meeting and office space

A popular virtual office service is the access to meeting and office space access. This allows you to host business meetings or even utilize office space in a fully furnished, fully functional office setting. Each Davinci meeting space location offers a list of services including high-speed Internet, LCD projectors, plasma screens, and audio/video conferencing. There will even be a lobby greeter to welcome and guide your guests. Each Davinci meeting room location has an onsite staff that can provide other secretarial services such as copying, printing, faxing, mailing, and even catering services.

You’ll find that with Davinci virtual office solutions, you can provide the same level of professionalism your large-business competitors do.

Lower your small business operating expenses today by contacting Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Five Business Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Utilize

Most clients appreciate the more personable interaction available when working with small businesses as opposed to working with corporations. Though, as a small business it can be difficult to project and maintain the same level of professionalism as larger companies and still stay profitable.

If you’re a one-man shop or even a 10-man shop, it’s likely that you don’t need daily access to a spacious conference room, a hired receptionist, robust website monitoring features, etc. But for the times when you do need these services, it is critical to have them at a moment’s notice. So, is there a way to have your cake and eat it too?

We’ll share with you five must-have business tools to keep your business competitive, while still maintaining the small-shop, personable feel (all while keeping costs to a minimum).

  1. Google Analytics

    When it comes to building and managing a website, you realize the importance of understanding the flow of site traffic, where users are coming from, where conversions are happening, and how to get the very most ROI. There are several expensive site analytics tools available, but did you know that one of the most comprehensive tools is free? Yes, free. Before coughing out more money just to see how people are interacting with your business’s website, give Google Analytics a try. You’ll likely find that it provides all of the information you need for your circumstance with the comfort of a very intuitive user interface.

  2. Jira

    When it comes to working on projects, Jira is an organizing, get-it-done, task-managing lifesaver. It acts as a tracking system for all phases of a project—planning, building, testing, and launching. Jira’s system allows you to organize issues by task phases, who they’re assigned to, dates, and seemingly whatever else you might need! Additionally, the history of a project task is tracked all in one location for simple future reference. This software is priced depending on the number of users/month needed. You’ll find that nothing slips between the cracks when a project is tracked in Jira.

  3. Virtual Office Services

    Davinci Virtual offers small businesses, like yours, virtual office services. With a much lower cost than paying for an office space lease, you can have a professional business address. Davinci Virtual can forward your mail from the address you selected. You’ll even have access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and office workspace whenever you need it—paid for by the day, or hour. This address can be used for business licensing, online local listings, search engines, and much more.

  4. Meeting Room Rentals

    Many times you’re on the go, meeting with important clients in other cities. You might even be one that works from home and needs a place to meet clients regularly but not frequently enough to lease a space. Davinci Meeting Rooms offers over 3,000 meeting spaces available in over 950 locations to rent for the hour or day. Better yet, Davinci’s mobile-friendly apps, found on iTunes and Google Play, allow you to search for meeting room rentals on the go, so you’ll always be prepared to have a professional location available with all of the amenities a meeting might need (wireless Internet access, LCD screens, LCD projectors, audio/video conferencing, office supplies, lobby greeter, and even food and beverage catering services).

  5. Virtual Receptionists

    Davinci also offers virtual receptionist services. This is a perfect solution for those that don’t frequently host clients or that don’t work in a large office setting. These virtual receptionists are trained on the specifics of your business model and can help relieve your stress by managing incoming calls, scheduling appointments, forwarding calls, taking messages, voicemail management, online faxing, and even order processing and customer service. There’s no need to take up all of your valuable time with the never-ending, minuscule (but oh so important) demands. Best of all, virtual receptionist services cost far less than hiring a person to handle your needs, even on a part time basis. Although virtual receptionists aren’t onsite with you, they are still based in the USA and in a professional office. Davinci’s virtual receptionists will help you maintain a high level of professionalism in your client interactions.

Contact us and accelerate your business with the tools from Davinci Virtual today.

Today, Customers Dictate How They Want to Interact with your Business

Let’s face it—the Internet has irreversibly changed how people find information. We’re able to search for anything, at anytime, and in seconds find more results than we can handle. With all of this information at our fingertips, it is now simply a matter of completing an online transaction or contacting the preferred provider to achieve our original intent.

However, this consumer convenience may also bring complications for brands. Because consumers are able to search for information in real time, they now also expect that brands will interact with them in real time. It’s a behavioral side effect that challenges many businesses to rethink their entire digital strategies.

A business built digitally

Let’s take my business, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, for example. We are a Utah-based company that supports almost 20,000 small to mid-size businesses with live receptionist services, virtual office addresses, and flexible meeting spaces. Davinci Virtual markets its products and services strictly online, directing all prospects to our company websites. We look at our Web properties as our “high-end retail stores” and make sure all sites are well designed, informative, and easily navigated—offering a straight path to transaction.

Because our market has become quite competitive over the past years, digital advertising expenses have increased and online conversion rates are more critical than ever to ongoing success. To ensure maximum return and conversion rates, we translated basic business 101 rules into our digital interaction approach.

The following are a few of the more notable ones:

1. Give the customer what they want …

Davinci Virtual takes advantage of real-time digital visitor intelligence to match a user’s specific search terms with the right online ad. We then direct the prospect to the product page that best matches that interest. We often present related cross-sell or upsell offers.

2. Service is everything …

Once a prospect is browsing one of our websites, a Davinci Virtual sales or customer service agent will invite the visitor to a live Web chat session. The main purpose is to welcome the person to Davinci Virtual, and to specifically address any questions and/or assist with the purchase process—all instantly, and in-channel.

3. The customer is always right …

At any time, the customer can choose how they would like to communicate with our company. They can elect to complete their online visit without any personal interaction, or they can opt to use the live Web chat tools to communicate with our team members. They also have the freedom to use our Click-to-Call tool to speak directly with one of our agents.

How’s it working so far?

As our websites function just like retail stores, it is imperative that we take advantage of every technology available to affect the overall customer experience and bottom line. All of the above scenarios are being enabled by an easily implemented digital engagement platform from LivePerson.

We are able to touch 90 percent of our website traffic though either live chat or phone, and many customers take advantage of both channels based on their need. This approach has been one of the key factors in growing our overall conversion rate to almost 30 percent.

Today, 15 percent of Davinci Virtual’s online sales transactions are completed via live chat, and the conversion rate sits at a strong 26 percent. Some of the contributing factors include customer targeting, skills-based routing, detailed response content, and a better overall use of live chat by our sales force.

Not only has digital engagement increased conversion rates, it also has the value per transaction through intelligent cross-sell and upsell strategies. Specifically, we are achieving average order for live chat sessions increase by about 25 percent.

In the digital era, prospects and customers have reserved the right to choose how they want to communicate and interact. It is our job as business owners to create the best possible user experience.

Embrace the opportunity and be available to assist your customers where and when they choose to engage. Your customers will thank you.

About Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Davinci Virtual is the leading provider of turnkey virtual office solutions. Davinci's virtual offices and services include local or toll-free telephone and fax numbers, digital voicemail, electronic fax, email, online command center, unified messaging, conferencing, voicemail to email, fax to email, professional live receptionist services, virtual assistants, live call answering, screening and forwarding, find me, follow me, surveys, live web chat, outbound calling, customer service, appointment scheduling, order taking, and much more.

Davinci offers virtual office locations and virtual office services worldwide. With professional business addresses in over 900 locations, mail forwarding, lobby and directory listings, access to over 3,000 conference rooms and day offices, catering, administrative services, virtual assistants, business support centers, resident agent services, license hanging and more. Davinci Virtual helps businesses maintain a global presence on a local budget.

For more information, visit www.davincivirtual.comwww.davincimeetingrooms.com or www.davincireceptionist.com.


What is a Virtual Receptionist and other Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Receptionist Services

As the owner of a smaller business or firm, you may have heard of virtual receptionists. There is a lot of information to take in, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Hiring the help you need doesn’t need to be difficult. That’s why so many businesses turn toward virtual receptionist services for assistance.

Perhaps you may be confused about what a live receptionist does, or maybe you aren’t sure about the costs. In order to eliminate confusion, here are just a few frequently asked questions about virtual receptionists:

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist performs customer service tasks on behalf of your business with features such as live phone answering, call screening and transferring, email and schedule management, order processing, and answering customers inquiries—all in real time. These are just a few standard tasks that live virtual receptionists provide. They can also handle administrative tasks and engage customers with live web chat.

Live receptionist packages include a team of professional receptionists to answer and direct incoming calls, toll-free and local phone/fax numbers, appointment scheduling, order processing, call tracking, voicemail and voicemail-to-email, and a complimentary conference call platform for far less per month than hiring a full-time staff member.

How do the service packages work?

Service packages vary depending on the provider. At Davinci Virtual, there is no contract term, only a base monthly rate. This way you can use all of the available services as you need without being locked into a long-term contract. With a variety of packages to choose from, you can be sure that you are receiving the exact service you need for your business.

The base rate includes everything from scheduling, order processing, and inbound/outbound calls. Unlike their competitors, Davinci bases call volume on second increments without rounding to the nearest minute. The only additional cost is based on call volume. If at any point you become worried about going over on minutes, you can always upgrade your package and still stay on budget.

How do the calls work after-hours?

Live receptionists are available to answer calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. However, automated services are available 24/7. This way, your customers will never be left without the professional and friendly interaction that live receptionists cultivate, night or day. Your customers will be greeted with a personalized greeting by an automated system that can still screen and forward calls, or just put them to voicemail.

Live receptionist services ensure that your customers are always satisfied, both during and after business hours.

Can they perform tasks specific to my industry?

Whether you are a small healthcare provider seeking a healthcare receptionist or an attorney with a small practice in need of a law office receptionist, there are live virtual receptionists qualified to assist with tasks particular to your industry. They can project the professional your firm needs, or meet all the HIPAA requirements for your healthcare organization.

While these may be some of the most popular industries, live virtual receptionists are trained for many other kinds of businesses like real estate, media and advertising, and service industries. Whatever your business does, there are qualified professionals available to help you project the same professional image as the big guys at only a fraction of the cost.

Can they do administrative work for me?

Live virtual receptionists can do much more than the standard features. They can also do administration projects for you, including but not limited to data entry, scheduling flights, or any other work that moves beyond the general phone tasks. Though this is not a standard feature in the packages, you have the option to pay for the time you need at the end of the month with your regularly scheduled base payment.

While these are only a few of the most frequently questions about the responsibilities of a receptionist, you can find answers to all of your questions. Find out more about virtual receptionist services by contacting Davinci Virtual today or reading more of our frequently asked questions here.