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Finding Qualified Healthcare Receptionists Who Are HIPAA Compliant

Staying competitive as a healthcare entrepreneur means offering the same level of professionalism and security as large healthcare organizations. Even so, most clients appreciate the more personable relationship available with small to medium-sized business. So, when it comes time to hire a new healthcare receptionist to help manage the demands of your business, there are several qualifications on which you should never settle for less. Some basic qualities include:

  • Respect: You should feel they are respectful in their interaction with you and whoever else might be involved in the interview. It’s always good to role-play to get a feel for how they might handle client interaction.

  • Organization: Inquire about their organization strategies. Share your expectations for organization and make sure they are willing to meet them.

While these qualifications are applicable to receptionists in every industry, there is one major qualification healthcare receptions MUST have: HIPAA compliancy knowledge and training.

As a business in the healthcare industry, you will likely be faced with the growing pressure to remain HIPAA compliant. The government’s recent crackdown on even the small to medium-sized healthcare businesses has caught many unprepared. Being fined after failing a HIPAA audit can result in great losses—often exceeding $100,000.

Even though you might have extensive policies in place to ensure HIPAA compliance, if all employees are not thoroughly trained and committed to maintaining it, you may be in trouble.

When looking to hire a healthcare receptionist be sure to inquire of their HIPAA knowledge and training. It may even be helpful to role-play a customer interaction scenario where HIPAA compliance might be jeopardized. Requiring your candidates to take a HIPAA quiz in order to get a feel for their level of HIPAA expertise will also help ensure your new healthcare receptionist will do their part in keeping your business compliant.

Maintaining a well-qualified, HIPAA-trained healthcare receptionist can be costly. That’s where a virtual healthcare receptionist might be the answer for you. Davinci Receptionist Services offers receptionists meeting these requirements, letting you treat your patients while a HIPAA-trained Davinci healthcare virtual receptionist respectfully and professionally handles phone calls.

These HIPAA-compliant virtual healthcare receptionists are always based in the USA and work in an office environment, instead of from home. This cost-effective option is perfect for various healthcare businesses:

  • Healthcare professionals: Delegate important office work to increase productivity and help lighten your workload as a busy healthcare professional.

  • Medical Supply Services: Increase productivity and boost sales with a receptionist who can connect on a professional level.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Stay competitive with a receptionist who directly connects with clients on an approachable, personal level.

  • Dental Offices: Increase efficiency and focus on your patients with a receptionist who will cancel appointments, handle emergency calls, reply to emails, etc.

The Davinci healthcare virtual receptionist services include but are not limited to:

  • Call screening/forwarding: Ensure that all calls are forwarded to the correct employee, number, or voicemail.

  • Specialized live answering: Calls always feel like they take up valuable time and slow down business. In reality, each call could be a potential business opportunity. This service will ensure you never miss a call to capitalize on these opportunities.

  • Appointment scheduling: With an online appointment scheduling system, your calendar can be customized for email or text alert notifications to let you know of upcoming events.

  • Competent customer service: This service can even include order processing for your business.

  • Outbound appointment reminders: This service is completed by a virtual receptionist who is trained on specifics about your business to ensure a seamless process.

Find the perfect HIPAA-trained professional for your company with Davinci today.



How to efficiently run a small healthcare business in the age of mobility

In today’s evolving business landscape running a company has become more challenging than ever before, especially if you’re in the healthcare industry. With so many rules and regulations, it’s nearly impossible to stay up-to-date with all the changes and requirements. And on top of that, you still have to ensure that the day-to-day operations of your business are running smoothly. As an owner, you know the importance of growing your business by meeting client objectives and closing new deals. If you’re everything by yourself, you simply might not have the time to focus on the big picture for your business. In the age of mobility, there are cost-effective solutions, such as meeting room rentals and virtual healthcare receptionists that your business can take advantage of to grow successfully.

Meeting Room Rentals

When it comes to growing your business, having the right space for a meeting can make or break the next big business deal. From the right tech tools and amenities to the ideal atmosphere—the meeting space should exceed your clients and prospects expectations. The right tools such as high-speed internet access, HD video conferencing systems, LCD projectors, smart boards and plasma screens ensure that your meeting will be a success. And with added amenities such as catering, your clients or prospects will never have to ask for a drink or feel hungry during your presentation. This will make you look thoughtful and more credible. Having the right tools and amenities isn’t always enough. To really make a lasting impression, you need to set a professional atmosphere by choosing meeting rooms that are the adequate size, in the right location, and offer the right layout for optimal comfort. Meeting room rentals are a low cost option that offers all these benefits and many more.

Virtual Receptionists

Growing your business alone might have been possible when you were first starting out, but over time your business grows, and so does the need to manage more tasks in less time. You might find yourself sacrificing valuable time to do everyday tasks that are keeping you from focusing on the overall goals and objectives of your company. Unfortunately, hiring a full-time employee may not be a feasible option for your business. With a virtual receptionist, you can have all the benefits of a full-time employee for a low monthly cost. Davinci’s  virtual receptionist services offer a variety of solutions for your business needs from digital voicemail, to local or toll-free telephone and fax numbers, live call answering options, online command center, appointment scheduling, surveys, and much more. Additionally, live receptionists do way more than simply answer calls; they reply to emails and can participate in online chats. Having your tedious and repetitive tasks under control gives you the freedom to really focus on the core or your business without sacrificing the current quality of service provided to your customers.

Healthcare Receptionists

Perhaps the best part about using a live virtual receptionist is that they can be specifically trained in your field or industry. You can give all your customers a superior level of service by having a knowledgeable person answer their questions and concerns. Having a virtual receptionist that’s well informed is especially important in the healthcare field where things changing rapidly and new rules and regulations come out every year. Dealing with sensitive healthcare topics requires a professional that can communicate effectively, can be trusted and can be a reassuring source of information. Davinci Virtual’s healthcare receptionists give you the tools you need to move your healthcare business forward in confidence.

Running a small healthcare business in the age of mobility is easier than you may have thought. Although the medical field is growing in complexity due to a seemingly overwhelming amount of new regulations, there are simple ways to manage your small business effectively. Meeting room rentals and virtual receptionist services make it easy to plan conferences and maintain professionalism when communicating with clients, freeing you to spend your time on overall business growth objectives. Efficiently run your healthcare business while on the go with a virtual receptionist and meeting room rentals from Davinci Virtual and Davinci Meeting Rooms today.

The 7 Challenges Of Owning A Small Law Firm Or Solo Practice [Infographic]

There are several challenges when it comes to owning a small law firm.  This graphic represents the top 7 challenges that solo practice attorneys face each day and the solutions to these issues. Learn more by visiting our blog post on the subject, "Seven Challenges Of Owning A Small Firm Or Solo Practice" or by contacting Davinci Virtual today.


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5 Myths Keeping You From Starting Your Own Business

There are a lot reasons why you might be hesitant to start your own business, and many—if not all—of those fears are rooted in outdated myths. The business world is becoming increasingly more digital, and with that comes a lot of perks. If you are looking to start up a company, there are many virtual and remote services available to help you along the way.

With so many services at your disposal, it is easy to dispel the myths that are holding you back. Here are just five myths about starting your own business and how virtual office solutions disprove them:

  1. You must have a physical location

The number of successful online businesses is steadily increasing, and as a result, the need for leasing an office is in decline. Even if you need a space to meet with clients, it is far more cost effective to rent meeting rooms for the specific number of hours it will be actively in use. You can create the appearance of a physical location through meeting room rentals, a virtual office address, mail forwarding, and even lobby directory listings—all without paying a cent toward leasing an office space.

  1. You must spend a lot of money to have the latest technology

It is true that while we use technology more in our personal lives, the demand for businesses to keep up with the latest technology becomes even more crucial to success. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to obtain the latest technology and create a greater online presence. Services, such as a virtual office space and a virtual receptionist, can provide the best technology available and save you thousands of dollars on equipment and office supply costs. Additionally, live virtual receptionist services can include web chat, online appointment scheduling, and order processing—all affordable online customer support services that can assist you in creating a strong online presence.

  1. Expensive start-up costs are unavoidable

Rent, utilities, equipment, employee expenses, technology, and administrative costs are just some of the standard costs when starting up your own business. By creating virtual office space solutions, you can dramatically reduce the costs of each of these expenses. Renting fully equipped meeting spaces when you need them and hiring a virtual receptionist with state-of-the-art phone and web services instead of an on-site staff member can immediately cut start up costs by thousands of dollars.

  1. General operating costs are too high

Similar to your start up costs, there are general operating costs that can add up. By working remotely and maintaining the appearance of a brick and mortar business, you can have all the benefits of a local, professional address without the beastly monthly lease. With the help of a live receptionist handling customer service and tech support for you, you have more time to manage your business and create more revenue. Hiring a virtual receptionist for as low as $149 per month, you eliminate the need for operating costs such as employee salaries, office equipment, and maintaining a workspace.

  1. Small companies aren’t perceived as credible

Small companies can, in fact, be perceived as credible as large corporations, even if they don’t have a large staff or physical location. You can establish a credible brand simply by fostering a professional image through virtual business solutions. Meeting room rentals not only save you money, they create a professional and friendly environment with prime locations, lobby greeters, and secretarial services throughout your meeting. This image extends past face-to-face client interactions. With exceptional customer service across multiple virtual platforms, a live virtual receptionist increases your brand’s credibility on the phone and on the Web.

Starting up your own business is easier and more affordable than ever. You can work from home and still have the all the tools you need to succeed. Save money and have an edge over the competition with virtual office solutions.

Overcome what’s holding you back and contact Davinci to assist you in starting your own business today.


The Pros And Cons Of A Physical Office [Infographic]

Thanks to today's technology, employees are able to work from home or on the go.  As an entrepreneur, you have the same option with your business. Forego office leasing as well as equipment fees and increase the flexibility of your business with a virtual office. It is the best of both worlds. Don't believe us? Find out the pros and cons of a physical office with this infographic. You can also learn more in our blog post, "Small Business: The Pros And Cons Of A Physical Office."

To secure your virtual office space, contact Davinci Virtual today.

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The Pros And Cons Of A Physical Office