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New, Lower Prices on Virtual Office Space in Manhattan

Looking for a virtual office space in Manhattan? Davinci Virtual has some good news for you. The company has lowered its monthly fees at many of its New York City locations. That means you can tap into the professionalism and convenience of virtual office in Manhattan at a discount rate.

If you've been sitting on the virtual office fence, wondering if investing in a virtual office -- along with all its bells and whistles -- is a wise move, then your wondering days are over. With these prices, your competitors are likely to sign up for a New York virtual office space this year.

With a virtual office, you get a premier Manhattan business address, mail services, and a live receptionist. You can also access Davinci Virtual's conference and meeting rooms when you need to impress a big client in the Big Apple – and with this virtual office promotion you can do it for less.

Are you ready to explore your virtual office space possibilities in Manhattan? Davinci Virtual has 24 locations in the state of New York, including Manhattan, Harrison, Malta and White Plains. Here are some key locations in the heart of the city:

  • Empire State Building

  • Times Square Business Center

  • Wall Street Business Center

  • Midtown South

  • Grand Central

  • Grand Central Tower

  • Forty Eight Wall Street

  • Bryant Park Center NY

  • Grand Central Center NY

  • Midtown East Center NY

  • Avenue of the Americas Business Center

  • Midtown East Center NY 2

  • World Trade

  • Bryant Park

  • Chelsea

  • Trump Building at 40 Wall Street

  • Madison Avenue Business Centre

  • Third Avenue Office Center

  • 23rd Street Business center

  • Third Avenue Corporate Center

  • Sixth Avenue Corporate Center

So what are you waiting for? Check out these New York locations today and start saving.

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Why You Don't Need Full-Time Office Space

Small business owners don't always need a full-time, dedicated office space. In decades past, the alternative was working from home and having lunch meetings with clients in restaurants, hoping they didn't ask to come to your office.

The rise of virtual office space helps entrepreneurs overcome the challenges typically associated with working from home, such as maintaining a professional business identity that’s separate and apart from your three-bedroom house or loft apartment.

With a virtual office space, you get a prestigious business mailing address in your city of choice. That means whether you want to be listed in your hometown or are expanding your small business footprint into new cities, your business address can work for you, not against you.

A virtual office space also works hand in hand with another important aspect of business professionalism – the virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist can answer the 800 number that's assigned to your virtual office account with a customized greeting that gives clients a strong first impression. The virtual receptionist can also serve to make appointments and screen calls so you can focus on getting through that long list on your desk.

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you don't yet need a traditional office space. Even if you do have employees, they may also working from home. Maybe you meet up together once a month for a face-to-face brainstorming session, or maybe you connect via video conferencing technologies. You may not need traditional office space, then but a virtual office space with all  its amenities can be a cost-effective way to take your business image to the next level.

Should I Choose Virtual Office Space or Coworking?

You have questions about traditional office alternatives. Virtual office space offers cost-effective answers. The million-dollar question is: Should you choose a virtual office or a coworking facility?

Although the coworking trend is making headlines in cities like San Francisco and Atlanta, virtual office space is a time-tested alternative to traditional office space. Indeed, virtual offices space is ideal for a small business that doesn’t need access to a full-time office space and doesn’t like the idea of working side by side with potentially distracting strangers.

Coworking has its advantages, such as collaboration with other like-minded entrepreneurs. But virtual office space trumps both coworking and traditional offices by offering more privacy at a lower cost than either option. Virtual offices also give you access to virtual receptionists and virtual assistants -- none of which share office space with you.

With virtual office space, you can essentially work from anywhere, including your home office, on the road, or in a meeting room associated with your virtual office provider. That means you get the best of all worlds: privacy when you need it and collaboration when you want it.

Sure, coworking is picking up steam for good reasons. It’s much less expensive than traditional office space and gives you a place to go when you need to break the haze of isolation. But virtual office space costs even less than a coworking facility and gives you the same opportunity to break the monotony of working from home by making available day offices and meeting rooms.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to office space. Some prefer the traditional office, despite its high costs and long leases. Others prefer coworking, despite the open environment and potential distractions. But virtual office space is often the alternative of choice for entrepreneurs who want the flexibility to work in solitude without breaking the start-up bank.

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