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Unemployed Entrepreneurs Turn to Virtual Offices

Are you unemployed? After watching jobless claims decline for weeks, the U.S. Labor Department said Thursday that applications for unemployment benefits were up 25,000 from the previous week. That’s the biggest jump since the 40,000 gain in February.

What does this unexpected rise mean? It means that the economy may be improving, but it hasn’t completely trickled down to the labor market yet. The Labor Department said there were no unusual factors to account for the increase.

If you are among those who have filed for unemployment benefits and are pursuing entrepreneurial interests even as you hunt for a new job, consider how a virtual office could give your bootstrapped start-up an advantage.

Think about it. You have a good idea. You have time on your hands to execute the idea. But you don’t have the cash to rent a traditional office space. And you can’t afford to have your kids accidentally pick up the phone when a potential customer calls. A virtual office space can help you avoid that scenario.

A virtual office space gives unemployed entrepreneurs an image boost by offering a prestigious business address, an 800 or local phone number with an auto attendant, and access to meeting and conference rooms that you can rent on an hourly basis to meet with clients. The virtual office location, whether it’s in Atlanta, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Orlando or Boston, can forward any mail you receive to your home office, and accept packages from UPS or FedEx on your behalf.

The virtual office gives you the opportunity to launch a business with a professional image without breaking the bank. With budgets tighter for families that have members collecting unemployment, every penny counts. Virtual offices help you make those pennies, and dollars, stretch further as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

For less than $100 a month, you can set up offices not only locally, but you can also open a few locations in different cities around the country if your business model demands that reach. Davinci Virtual ahs over 600 locations in the U.S., so as your small business grows your virtual office presence can grow with you.

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Virtual Offices Relieve Stressed—Even Before Age 50

Are you stressed? Well, you have two options for relieving some of that stress: wait until you are over 50 or rent a virtual office.

A new study called “A snapshot of the age distribution of psychological well-being in the U.S., shows that after age 50, life perceptions are more positive and feelings of worry or stress decline. This perception is consistent after age 50, regardless of certain life circumstances.

In fact, two negative emotions, stress and anger, showed declines throughout life. The pattern for another negative emotion, worry, showed a different pattern. It tended to hold steady until about age 50, when it took a sharp decline. Sadness showed a slightly inverted U-pattern over age.

If you are a long way from 50, don’t get worried, angry or sad. Just look for other ways to relieve your stress. A virtual office from Davinci Virtual—and maybe a virtual assistant and a virtual receptionist to go along with it—are one way to raise your productivity and lower your stress.

A virtual office can lower your stress in many ways. First of all, working from home where there are no distractions can be much less stressful than working in a traditional office where people are interrupting you constantly. When you are trying to meet deadlines, interruptions are especially stressful. A virtual office lets you maintain a professional image from the privacy of your own home, giving you a 800 or local phone number and prestigious address that’s not associated with your residence.

In addition to virtual offices, a virtual assistant can also help take the load of stress from your shoulders by taking on tasks that need to be done—but aren’t part of your core business. Virtual assistants can help you work more productively by allowing you to spend your time doing what you are best at. Likewise, virtual receptionists can field calls, take messages, take orders and even make outbound sales calls while you keep your head down in other tasks.

It’s good news that our stress levels naturally go down after the age of 50, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take measured steps to reduce stress in the workplace. A virtual office is not a panacea, per se, but a virtual office is one way to help you avoid stressful distractions that hinder your productivity.

Want more tips for reducing workplace stress? Watch this video for three ways to reduce stress in the workplace:


Earn Money as a Davinci Virtual Office Affiliate Marketer

Looking to make some to generate some additional revenue? Be a part of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world? Hook up with a respected brand in its field? Davinci Virtual is giving people the opportunity to tap into an affiliate marketing opportunity for its virtual offices.

Affiliate Marketing is winning strategy for anyone who wants to generate some extra cash, from the college student in Philadelphia looking to make some spare spending money to the A-list blogger in Miami attempting to cash in on his traffic to the savvy Internet publisher in Seattle who has a little bit of extra room on his feature story pages. Just about anyone with a Web site can make money with Affiliate Marketing if they set their mind to it and understand how it all works.

Affiliate Marketing is hardly a new concept. It’s merely one that has matured since the days when Amazon.com popularized it as a viral strategy to get its e-name out to the masses in the mid-1990s. Amazon paid a small commission to Web site owners who referred buying visitors to its bookselling outpost – and still does. Now, you can tap into affiliate marketing with a respected virtual office product.

You can Become a Davinci virtual office affiliate right now in minutes. There’s no risk—only rewards. All you need to have is a publicly accessible Web site or a referral channel and provide Davinci Virtual with information about your business. You can sign up and start promoting virtual offices. Once one of your referrals makes a virtual office purchase, you earn a lucrative reward payment for that customer's account.

When you sign up for an affiliate marketing account with Davinci virtual offices, you are partnering with the fastest growing virtual office provider in the world. Our brand is well-known in all 50 U.S. states and many countries around the world. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to be a virtual office affiliate today and start earning revenues.

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Virtual Offices Keep Your Home Office Safer, More Secure

Listen up road warriors. The International Agency for Research on Cancer is reporting findings on its latest study about the safety of cell phones. The study has reopened the global debate on the connection between cell phones and brain cancer.

"The study doesn't reveal an increased risk, but we can't conclude that there is no risk because there are enough findings that suggest a possible risk," the study's chief author, Elisabeth Cardis, told AFP.

If you are a heavy traveler and rely on your cell phone to do business while on the run, these kinds of studies can breed fear. This debate is likely to rage on for some time. What’s not debatable is the safety of a virtual office. In fact, using a virtual office can make your home-based business safer because you don’t have to give our your home address and phone number. Virtual offices offer privacy and security.

With a virtual office, you get an 800 number or local phone number your clients call in. That number can be forwarded to your home phone, your cell phone, or anywhere else you need to receive calls, whether you are in Atlanta, Philadelphia, or some other city in the world. Therefore, no one ever has to know that you are away from home.

Likewise, a virtual office gives you a prestigious business address. That means you don’t need to share your home address with clients, even for billing purposes. Your mail will be collected by Davinci Virtual and you can have it forwarded to wherever you are in the world. It’s an advantage over a P.O. Box and it’s less expensive than maintaining a postal service box with another party.

With a virtual office, you also get a myriad of other benefits and the ability to tap into amenities that can help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently, all while maintaining the privacy and security. So as the debate about the safety of cell phone usage continues, keep in mind what you can keep safe: your home-based business.

You can watch this video on the cell phone cancer debate and decide for yourself:


Could Facebook Comprise Your Virtual Office Security?

U.S. senators and the American Civil Liberties Union, along with privacy advocate groups, are up in arms about Facebook privacy.

Many companies who use virtual offices also use Facebook as part of their social media marketing. How should a virtual office user respond to the privacy and security issues on Facebook? One way is to take advantage of the new tools Facebook is offering to secure your privacy.

Facebook announced two new security measures on Thursday that aim to keep member accounts and personal information secure. The new tools work to keep the bad guys out and keep members aware of any suspicious activity so they can take action to correct it.

“Over the last few weeks, we've been testing a new feature that allows you to approve the devices you commonly use to log in and then to be notified whenever your account is accessed from a device you haven't approved,” says Lev Popov, a software engineer on Facebook’s site integrity team. “This feature is now available to everyone.”

Securing Your Virtual Office

Virtual office users should select the option to receive notifications for logins from new devices. You can save your any computer you regularly use or your mobile phone, for example. When you do this, Facebook will ask whomever logs into your account from a device not on the list to name the device and send you an immediate notification that someone was trying to access your account. That notification offers details on how to reset your password and remove the device, in case it was accessed by a cybercriminal.

Virtual office users should also tap into a new Facebook system to block suspicious logins before they happen. When Facebook notices someone trying to access your account from a device not listed in your account security settings, that person, whether it’s you or someone else, will be asked to answer an additional verification question to prove their identity as the authentic account holder. After you confirm your identity, you can review recent log ins and reset your password if you see logins you don’t recognize.

As a virtual office user that relies on Facebook to stay in touch with customers, make new connections or market products, you need to use wisdom in how you share your personal information. Your virtual office system could be secure—Davinci Virtual never shares your private information with anyone—but once you stray from your computer onto the Internet, you could compromise your virtual office if you don’t practice safe computing measures. If you are using Facebook, we recommend you take full advantage of the new security measures the social networking site is offering so you can better secure your virtual office system.

Check out this video that explains some of the dangers Facebook could pose to the security of your virtual office information.