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PlayBook Offers Productivity Boost for Virtual Office Workers

Another day, another tablet announcement. This time it’s BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion. RIM is making a bold move into the market with the BlackBerry Playbook featuring the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

The PlayBook is a seven-inch, touchscreen tablet with features like Web browsing, multitasking, high performance multimedia, security features, enterprise support, and a new development platform for IT departments and developers.

The PlayBook is less than half an inch thick and weighs less than a pound. It features a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, dual HD cameras, video and audio playback, HDMI video output, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and application support for a wide range of software.

There’s no news on exactly when the PlayBook will be available or how much it cost—or even what the user experience is like. But for BlackBerry lovers, the PlayBook may be a natural extension of their smartphone.

As I said yesterday, the world is going mobile, virtual and global—and let me add that virtual offices are increasingly going mobile. Like Sharp, RIM is tapping into the demand for virtual office technologies and mobile devices that help people work smarter, faster and more efficiently. The RIM device may have an advantage with virtual office users and road warriors because BlackBerry is such a well-loved brand in companies large and small. You can’t beat it for e-mail.

For road warriors, tablet devices and virtual office software like Siri Virtual Assistant, Google Apps, Citrix Online and other collaboration software, can drive up productivity. I am not sure what we did before we had e-mail and virtual offices. One day, we’ll look back and wonder what we did without the virtual office technologies that are increasingly making their way to market.

Check out this video on the RIM PlayBook for yourself:


Do Tokyo Virtual Office Users Tap Tablets?

Another hopeful iPad killer will soon enter the market. Sharp is rolling out its Galapagos tablets in December with a special focus on the Japanese market. This is an interesting niche to target, and could be right up the Tokyo virtual office user’s alley.

Sharp’s are specifically developed as e-book readers, while the new e-bookstore offers a fee-based service for newspapers and magazines. One tablet offers a 5.5-inch LCD screen that Samsung said reads like a paperback book. The other is a 10.8-inch device with a high-resolution HD LCD that lets users read magazines formatted across a two-page spread.

Sharp’s Galapagos tablets feature a track ball in the mobile type with 5.5-inch screen. Users  in Tokyo can rotate the track ball like a PC mouse and can flip the pages with one hand. The web browser will display sites for PCs on a high resolution LCD screen. And pre-installed social network service application enables sharing readers' comments and e-book list with friends.

I am going to make a bet right now that the Sharp tablets will not curb demand for the iPad in Tokyo. But its emergence does signal a trend: the world is going mobile, virtual and global. Sharp is tapping into the demand for virtual office technologies and mobile devices that help people work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Whether you are an iPad users traveling to Tokyo on a meeting and need a professional atmosphere to conduct some business, an entrepreneur or global corporation looking to expand into Tokyo, or a start-up in Tokyo that needs to establish a premier business image, Davinci Virtual has the solutions you need.

Davinci Virtual offers virtual office space at the Cerulean Tower in Tokyo from just $175 a month. Your Tokyo virtual office space offers you this prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, and more. You can even rent a conference room if you need to conduct a client presentation.

This virtual office location is sure to impress your international business contacts. This is the tallest skyscraper in Tokyo, an impressive location for a virtual office space. With a virtual office at the Cerulean Tower in Tokyo, you are only a five-minute walk to Shibuya Station where seven different train lines meet. And your neighbor is Google. Google’s Japan headquarters are located in the Cerulean Tower.

Because this mixed-use building offers office space, virtual offices and a luxury hotel, you can feel comfortable when you travel to Tokyo with everything you need to conduct business in one location. The glass-and-steel building offers plenty of restaurants so you can enjoy a meal nearby your virtual office space and take your prospects to dinner—all in one location.

Check out this video with insider tips for traveling to Tokyo.


Stressed Managers Should Rent Virtual Office Space

Although the economy has shown gradual signs of improvement, on-the-job pressure is mounting for some supervisors. So says a survey from the OfficeTeam.

Thirty percent of managers interviewed said they are more stressed at work today than they were one year ago. Just 11 percent indicated work-related pressure has declined. What’s more, 28 percent of respondents expect their anxiety levels to increase in the coming year, compared to 8 percent who anticipate reduced stress. A virtual office space can help.

“Professionals at all levels are working harder and assuming more responsibilities as a result of companies relying on leaner teams,” says OfficeTeam executive director Robert Hosking. “Managers, in particular, may be feeling the heat as they strive to keep employees motivated and productive with limited resources.”

OfficeTeam identifies five common causes of workplace stress and tips for coping with them. One of them says, ‘There aren’t enough hours in the day!’ With a virtual office space, you don’t have to commute to and from work. Companies should consider allowing stressed managers to work at home using virtual office technologies one or more day a week.

Another stressor says, “Politics are rampant in my office.” In an uncertain economy, many professionals feel it’s necessary to do whatever it takes to stand out from their colleagues. As a result, some may resort to sabotaging the efforts of others or stealing the limelight from their more deserving team members. Letting employees work from a virtual office space in a flex-time arrangement can help your company be more productive in the end.

A third stress or is, “My manager is driving me crazy.” Your boss is a micromanager who closely monitors your every move. All the more reason to suggest virtual offices. When you work from home using virtual office technologies, you shed the micromanagement—and shed the stress.

Charleston Virtual Offices Offer Southern Charm

Greater Charleston is seeing an influx of new business investment—and for good reason. Charleston is home to 650,000 people. At 17 percent, this South Carolina city is growing at more than twice the rate of the United States average.

Charleston prides itself on strong international commerce opportunities. Charleston boasts one of the world’s most productive seaports, quick access to international air hubs in Washington D.C. and Atlanta, and a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure.

Some of Charleston’s biggest industries are advanced security, aerospace/aviation, automotive, biosciences, digital media and design, and urban planning and restoration. With an industry base like that, service firms have a strong potential customer base.

The good news is, you can have a professional service firm image without opening a professional office. Davinci Virtual office solutions are available in Charleston. Specifically, you can locate your virtual office in Charleston Executive Offices at 6650 Rivers Ave.

When you rent a virtual office from Davinci Virtual in Charleston, you can tap into a prime business address in a prestigious business center. You can also get mail and package receipt and access to a business support center. That means if you need to use a fax, copy machine or other professional office equipment, you can take a drive up to Charleston Executive Offices.

Your Charleston virtual office also offers a client drop off and pick up point, mail forwarding services, and access to a conference room fro rental fees from $25 to $40 an hour. Located near North Charleston outside Mark Clark, you can rent this Charleston virtual office space at prices from just $95 a month.

Check out this video on Charleston:


What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

Think about it for a minute. What does your business card really say about you?

We’re provoking you to think about that question because too few small businesses and entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom—and in the rest of the world for that matter—take the time to consider what their business card communicates to potential and current clients.

As Steve Golding, Davinci's UK General Manager, sees it, most small- to mid-sized businesses realize the benefits that having a virtual office at a prestigious business address can deliver to their business. That’s a given, really. But those same small- to mid-sized businesses overlook the importance of getting the right messages onto their business cards. Golding says first impressions are all too important to those running small businesses and poorly thought out business cards can be a real turn-off.

Davinci Virtual surveyed some of its 1,500 UK virtual office clients. The results: the biggest no-no was to include just a mobile phone number on a card. Use of a landline implied longevity, stability, security and also gave the impression of being a sizeable business.

"We found that the use of just a mobile number implied the business is small and probably run by a sole-trader. Using a PO Box number for a mailing address also gave potential customers a lack of security and an inability to contact the supplier if dealings did not go as planned,” Golding says. “On the other hand, having a London virtual office for example with a central London address implied the business was established and secure and gave potential customers improved peace of mind."

Another indicator to business size was the lack of a Web address. Golding says most 21st Century businesses have access to a computer and Web sites are viewed as essential tools established businesses. Successful businesses, he says, are those that have a simple and easy to remember domain name and one that doesn't divert to a rival or gets lost in cyberspace if it is miss-typed.

"E-mail addresses also reveal a lot about the quality of a business. The most professional addresses use the first initial and last name layout rather than the use of just a first name, which implies the card holder is either the founder of the business or running a very small operation,” Golding says.

"Lastly, the quality of the business card itself also reveals much about a business. Thin shiny cards imply that they were printed by a machine at the local railway station and most businesses overlook the opportunity to print a list of their USPs on the reverse. Overall, designing and printing a dynamic and entertaining business card is probably one of the best kept secrets in business today."