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Answers to Your Virtual Office Space Questions [Infographic]

As more and more businesses discover that they can compete with larger companies through using virtual office solutions, we have received many Virtual Office Space Questions. To assist with answering these frequently asked questions, we have created this infographic. Learn more about how your business can compete with your larger competitors by contacting Davinci Virtual today.

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Answers to Your: Virtual Office Space Questions


How to Tell If You Need to Hire a Receptionist

Is it time to hire a receptionist? If you’re a busy small business owner feeling swamped with office administrative work and mundane tasks related to client management, the answer should be YES. Time is money, and when it comes to call monitoring, scheduling appointments, worrying about missing calls, and losing steam with lead generation, the value of a reliable, professional, and qualified receptionist seems invaluable. However, those types are hard to come by—let alone expensive to maintain.

Have you heard of virtual receptionist services? Chances are that you have, but you didn’t entertain the idea. Though it might come as a surprise, more and more small business owners are seeing the great value in virtual receptionists. Just because they are “virtual” doesn’t mean they are impersonal. In fact, Davinci virtual receptionists are live, trained, U.S.-based employees that can perform the same important, busy tasks any on-site receptionist can do. Not to mention, it is a much more cost effective option.

Live virtual receptionist service tasks:

Finding a way to attend to customers in a timely, professional fashion without relying on automated systems is key to maintaining the same high-level of professionalism as corporate competitors. Instead of hiring an employee and paying for their supplies, training, and space for them to work, a Davinci Virtual receptionist is a great option. Some of the office tasks Davinci’s live virtual receptionists might perform include:

Call screening/forwarding: Calls can be screened or forwarded to any applicable phone number or voicemail.

Specialized live answering: While many calls are important client inquiries or new business leads, many are also calls not necessarily needing a full-time employee’s attention. Utilizing a virtual receptionist allows businesses to maintain the live personable touch of a full-time receptionist without paying the full-time compensation. Business owners can rest assured all calls are answered to help clients feel important and satisfied with your customer care.

Customer service: A Davinci Virtual receptionist—trained in company policy, procedures, etc.—can attend to customer service inquiries and even process orders. Imagine the time you can save your staff by utilizing a live virtual receptionist for customer service support.

Appointment reminders: Avoid automated reminders and continue to build a personable relationship with your customers by using a friendly virtual receptionist.

Davinci Virtual even provides specialized virtual receptionists for fields including Healthcare and Law. In many cases, health care and legal professionals require their receptionists be trained on industry standards and regulations to maintain compliancy as well as a professional reputation.

Davinci Virtual health care receptionists:

The Davinci Virtual receptionists experienced in the health care field are HIPPA trained to ensure your practice or firm remains HIPAA compliant. With these trained receptionists, business owners don’t have to worry about maintaining confidentiality or meeting other industry requirements. Important office work can be delegated to these live virtual receptionists to help lighten the workload for office managers and business owners.

Davinci Virtual law office receptionists:

The legally-trained Davinci live virtual receptionists are aware of important regulations and client confidentiality requirements—making them the perfect option for call screening, forwarding, responsive live answering, customer service support, etc. These legal professionals are experienced in working with firms of all sizes and strive to maintain polite, professional communication with clients that focus on specific legal practices’ needs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more support when it comes to call monitoring, customer service, and lead generation? Feel confident your company will maintain the high-level of professionalism it strives for while staying industry compliant—and stop losing the “should I hire a receptionist” battle by getting started with a Davinci virtual receptionist today.


Davinci 101: Find a Better Work-Life Balance With a Live Receptionist

The working world has changed with the rise of the mobile entrepreneur. Running a business no longer means that you need to be chained down to a desk or glued to your cell phone all day. In fact, it's now possible to be more effective than ever, even when you're enjoying some time off or taking care of personal matters. Live receptionists allow you to free yourself from the need to answer business calls personally, to engage in simple customer service matters, or to constantly be on call and ready to handle every aspect of business administration. A live receptionist can answer all your incoming calls, forward important calls directly to you, handle outbound follow-up calls, set and manage appointments, process orders, and so much more.

Live a bit more free. Know that when you take vacations or some needed rest that your live receptionist service will have your back. Your business can continue to operate at full capacity, your clients will be taken care of and communicated with properly, and you won't come back to a pile of unanswered messages or incomplete tasks. Have the peace of mind that you can come back from vacation to find out how much has been done, not what you need to catch up on.

There's no reason to remain bogged down in simple tasks. Focus on the big picture, take some time for yourself, and do it all without sacrificing your business' ability to grow and satisfy clients.

To learn more about Davinci's live receptionist services, or to add services to your account, please contact us at www.davincireceptionist.com.


How to Get Rid of up to 50% of Small Business Operating Costs

It pays to cut costs and save as a small business owner. After all, what good entrepreneur doesn’t run on a tight budget? Follow these indispensable tactics to cut operating cost by up to 50% and increase profitability:

Capitalize on tax write-offs

When it comes to minimizing costs, a small business owner can save significant amounts of cash by fully understanding the difference between expenses and assets. The IRS grants businesses a certain amount of items that can be claimed as expenses as opposed to assets. Be sure you’re claiming enough to meet this allowance.

If a business is home-based and doesn’t pay for the usage of a full-time office space, portions of home mortgages, utilities, and cleaning and landscaping costs could be claimed as business expenses. For more information about this and what your business can qualify for when it comes to business expense tax write-offs, check with a qualified tax advisor or search the IRS website. Fully understanding the accounting differences between assets and expenses and how recording items as one or the other can significantly reduce business costs and boost profitability.

Move to a virtual office space

Leasing an office space can be expensive. But what would a business owner do without that conference room access? Here is an accurate breakdown of approximately how much it costs to rent an average 400 square foot conference room:

    • Rent = $1,517/month


    • Basic utilities = $300/month


    • Furnishing to seat 10 people = $5,000


    • Technology supplies = $6,000 (projectors, computers, conference phone, etc.)

What if you could cut those costs? Many small businesses view leasing an office space as a necessity, when in fact that isn’t always the case. Though one big difference between the large corporate competition and smaller, home-based businesses is a professional, fully-furnished office space, there are other tools and services available that can help close this corporate gap. A major money-saving tool is virtual office space solutions. This allows businesses to significantly cut overhead costs by eliminating expensive leases, space utilities, and furnishing and supply expenses—all while providing the same benefits of owning or renting an office space.

Although many have misconceptions, a virtual office doesn’t mean all business functions have to move to the cloud—completely void of any physical, tangible location. A business that utilizes virtual office space solutions can still have a professional, recognized business address as well as access to fully-furnished conference rooms and offices.

With Davinci Virtual, small businesses can acquire a reputable, physical business address. These addresses are selected from among Davinci’s 4,000+ worldwide meeting space locations. At each of these locations, Davinci staff members are available to meet and greet any prospective walk-in clients that have found the registered business address. They can also forward any business mail to necessary locations as often as needed, whether that is daily, weekly, or monthly.

The Davinci Virtual Office Space solutions, which provides access to their world-wide meeting and conference rooms, especially helpful for the traveling business owners in need of a professional, reliable meeting location. The Davinci meeting room app, available on both Apple and Android devices, allows on-the-go meeting room searches and reservations. Each Davinci location is fully-stocked with the furnishings and supplies businesses might need. Some of these services include:

    • High-speed Internet


    • LCD projectors


    • Plasma screens


    • Audio/video conferencing


    • HD video conferencing systems


    • Lobby greeter


    • Copying


    • Color printing


    • Secretarial services


    • Faxing


    • Notary and transcription services


    • Mailing


    • Shipping


    • Office supplies


    • Catering and beverage services

Hire a virtual receptionist

One of Davinci’s greatest time-saving, profit-increasing virtual office solutions for small business owners are the virtual receptionist services. Finally, small businesses can have the help they need when it comes to the simpler, mundane, important tasks without having to hire someone full-time. Business owners can spend more time focusing on the aspects of their business they love and less time on email and voicemail management, meeting scheduling, outbound calling or tasks like appointment reminders, and even customer service support.

Davinci virtual receptionists are unique; they are U.S. based, professionally trained, and work in an office environment. Each virtual receptionist is trained on the business they are supporting so they are aware and helpful when it comes to the tasks they are assigned. Think of all the time saved with a paid-by-the-minute receptionist—a much cheaper option than hiring a full-time, on-site staff member.

Cut your costs

Reduce your overhead business costs by up to 50% by simply becoming educated on tax benefits for small business expenses and utilizing Davinci Virtual Office Services today. Contact us to get started.


The Evolution of the Traditional Office to Virtual Office Space

In 1968, Robert Propst designed what many considered a solution to the open-office wasteland wherein employees sat in rows of desks typing away—corralled and arranged together like a factory shop with supervisors observing employees’ every move. The cubicle. Propst had changed office design in ways never before seen.

The fabric-wrapped mobile walls were designed to hinge together in groups of three. They even included storage to encourage employees to move within their confined space. This utopian design allowed companies to really pack it in without making employees feel like they were sharing their desk space with the 50 others working on the same floor.

People were excited about the cubicle and saw it as the perfect solution to the problems of an open office. By 1998, just two years before Propst died, he estimated approximately 40 million people were working in cubicles. It seemed to revolutionize the office space design industry.

Though just as quickly as cubicles took off, people began seeing the problems with the design. Cubicles provide minimal visual privacy and the office space was still just as noisy as the open-office wasteland was. The thin, short barriers weren’t able to block out the phone calls happening in neighboring cubicles. Even keyboard clicking remained a problem. At times, the sterile, repetitive appearance was enough to make employees crazy. As Peter Gibbons, from the comedy “Office Space” quipped, “We don’t have a lot of time on this earth! We weren’t meant to spend it this way! Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day.”

Many believe this small, confined, workspace fad triggered the era of bigger homes. People felt so confined in the workplace, they began to design their homes to be more spacious—even bathrooms grew to sizes larger than a standard cubicle space.

As time passed, the office space evolution continued.

Now, more than ever before, people are able to work in the space they feel most comfortable—their own home. Modern technology and other tools make this transition very possible and, in many cases, seamless. Even running an entire business from home can be done, though certain tools and services are usually utilized to meet all demands for a business that doesn’t own an out-of-home workspace.

The most valuable and comprehensive of the work-from-home tools has proven to be virtual office space. What is a virtual office? This somewhat new solution provides home-based businesses with many of the benefits of owning an office without paying the large overhead of office maintenance. With Davinci Virtual Office Space solutions, a small business owner can select a Davinci location to use as their office’s physical company address in addition to a variety of other services. See some of these services in more detail:

    • A professional business address: This address can be used as a registered business license address as well as used to list in local directories, on a website, or on business cards.


    • Mail receipt: Companies that receive mail at their Davinci virtual office space location can specify the frequency of mail forwarding services (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Most Davinci locations even include a locking mailbox.


    • Conference room and office access: All virtual office space owners have access to thousands of Davinci offices to host meetings or use as day offices. This is especially helpful for the traveling business owner. Davinci Virtual has over 5,000 meeting spaces around the world. Some of the international locations include Hong Kong, Korea, France, Germany, India, Spain, Mexico, England, South Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.


    • Lobby greeter: At all registered virtual office locations, there are onsite lobby greeters available to assist any walk-in customers.


    • Lobby directory listing: Most Davinci Virtual offices have the option of listing your business’s name in the building directory of that location.

These services help account for the start-up and small business boom which has happened in recent years. Now those small, valuable businesses can compete with corporate competitors at a level they’ve never been able to reach before thanks to the evolution of traditional offices.

Does your business see a need for an office space but can’t justify the costs? Speak with a member of our Davinci team to learn more about virtual office solutions today.