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Omaha Virtual Office Space Offers Financial District Access

When I think of Omaha, I think of steaks. But maybe I should be thinking of virtual office space. That's because Omaha has some of the finest virtual office space in the country.

Davinci Virtual officers virtual office space at Omaha Executive Suites. Located at 702 N. 129th St., this virtual office space puts you in a prime location that will impress clients. You can rent virtual office space at this Omaha location from $85 a month.

If you are already doing business in Omaha, then you understand the benefits.

Greater Omaha's growing economy is home to the headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies: Berkshire Hathaway, ConAgra Foods, Mutual of Omaha, Peter Kiewit Sons', and Union Pacific Corporation. Omaha is also home to Fortune 1000 companies TD Ameritrade, West, Valmont Industries and Werner Enterprises.

Beyond Fortune 500 headquarters, Omaha's top business sectors include financial services, defense industry, transportation and distribution, manufacturing, Information Technology, retail development, bioscience and international business. Financial services is a growing cluster in Omaha. Six financial institutions are now operating seven locations within the North Omaha financial corridor.

“Financial institutions don’t blindly make decisions where to build; they go where there is value in building,” says Ed Cochran, executive director of the North Omaha Development Project. “We believe this is proof of the economic viability of the north Omaha community.”

When you rent virtual office space in Omaha from Davinci Virtual, you get a prime business address, mail and package receipt, a client drop off and pick up point, a lobby greeter, mail forwarding and shipping services and more. You can even access a conference room or day office if you need a quiet place to work or are having client meetings.

Launching a Virtual Office Space in Reno

Reno is the third largest city in Nevada. Some have called it the "Biggest Little City in the World." Others have called it "America's Adventure Place."

There are plenty of good reasons to do business in Reno. Beyond the strategic location, you've got a diverse labor market, major tax benefits (no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no inheritance tax, no estate tax, and so on). In short, Reno is pro-business—and Nevada was ranked among the seven best states to start a business by U.S. News.

You have two options for virtual office space in Reno. First, there's the South Meadows Executive Suites. Located at 9190 Double Diamond Parkway, this Davinci Virtual office location offers rentals from $95 a month in a prime location. You can also choose Reno Business Suites at 219 Redfield Parkway for virtual office rental prices starting at $100 a month.

Both of these Reno virtual office locations offer you a respectable business address that will impress clients who know the Reno area.  At either of these virtual office addresses, clients and others can send you mail and packages or drop off or pick up packages. Your clients will never know that you aren't in the office, because there is lobby greeter there to handle any visitors. You can go by the virtual office location at your convenience and pick up your mail and packages, or have them forwarded to you for a nominal fee.

These Reno virtual office locations also offer you access to a business support center. When you need access to state-of-the-art office equipment, Davinci Virtual makes that as simple as stopping by the building. You can also rent conference rooms to hold meetings with clients on demand. Fees vary from $25 an hour to $40 an hour.

Holograms in Your Virtual Office Space?

Remember the Star Wars scene in which R2D2 projects a three-dimensional image of a troubled Princess Leia delivering a call for help to Luke Skywalker and his allies?

What used to be science fiction is now close to becoming reality thanks to a breakthrough in 3D holographic imaging technology developed at the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences. Some are saying it could change the business world. I can see clear applications in the virtual office industry.

A team led by optical sciences professor Nasser Peyghambarian developed a new type of holographic telepresence that allows the projection of a three-dimensional, moving image without the need for special eyewear such as 3D glasses or other auxiliary devices.

"Let's say I want to give a presentation in New York," Peyghambarian says. "All I need is an array of cameras here in my Tucson office and a fast Internet connection. At the other end, in New York, there would be the 3D display using our laser system. Everything is fully automated and controlled by computer. As the image signals are transmitted, the lasers inscribe them into the screen and render them into a three-dimensional projection of me speaking."

One of the system's major hallmarks never achieved before is what Peyghambarian's group calls full parallax: "As you move your head left and right or up and down, you see different perspectives. This makes for a very life-like image. Humans are used to seeing things in 3D."

Currently, the telepresence system can present in one color only, but Peyghambarian and his team have already demonstrated multi-color 3D display devices capable of writing images at a faster refresh rate, approaching the smooth transitions of images on a TV screen. These devices could be incorporated into a telepresence set-up in near future.

Can you imagine? Virtual office centers could go beyond video conferencing capabilities to offer holographic conferences. I think this is certainly part of the future of the virtual office. As communications technologies and Internet technologies progress, they always trickle down to the virtual office. Why should holographs be any different?

I've seen companies like Cisco do demonstrations with holographs. It's really mind-blowing. I can definitely see the say when virtual offices offer holograph telepresence services that bring science fiction to reality.

Find Virtual Office Space in Portsmouth's Tech Hub

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is home to one of New England's high tech hubs. You'll find plenty of software, hardware, e-commerce, web design and other tech companies there.

Indeed, Portsmouth is on what's called by many the e-coast because there are so many tech firms there. With a high-tech culture, companies in Portsmouth are no stranger to
virtual office space. Virtual office space is becoming a key element in alternative workplace strategies.

No longer reserved for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies are getting on board with virtual office technologies faster than ever as a way to reduce real estate costs. Some companies are further along than others—software developers, e-commerce gurus and other tech companies may find virtual offices a natural extension of their business operations.

Davinci Virtual offers virtual office space in Portsmouth at New Hampshire Business Suites. Located at 1950 Lafayette Rd., New Hampshire Business Suites offers you a virtual office location with a prime business address in Portsmouth. You can rent virtual office space in Portsmouth from $95 a month.

That small fee gets you a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter to welcome your clients, a client drop off and pickup point and even mail forwarding services if you need them.

Your Portsmouth virtual office space also offers telecommuting or mobile workers a conference room on demand for an hourly fee, as well as day office space. Your company, large or small, can even enjoy a lobby listing.

So whether you are a high-tech company, a service business, a large enterprise or an entrepreneur, consider the many advantages of virtual office space in Portsmouth.

Check out this video on Portsmouth from Style Boston:


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