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How to Cultivate Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

There are several things you need to start a successful business: a great business plan, the necessary funds, and of course, the right personality.

Successful entrepreneurs’ personalities vary from one to another: they don’t all derive from the same mold. Looking closely, however, you’ll see that many successful entrepreneurs share a similar set of core personality traits. Developing the core traits of successful entrepreneurs will give you a greater potential to lead a prosperous business.


The first trait shouldn’t surprise you. To effectively make sales, pitches, and proposals, an entrepreneur must be overflowing with confidence. It is rare that you will find a successful entrepreneur mired in self-doubt. They believe in themselves, their employees, and their business’s purpose, and it is made very apparent in all of their encounters. This includes a penchant for conversation, strong belief in one’s self and their business, and a natural air of trustworthiness that encourages others to engage and invest in their company.


Most successful entrepreneurs didn’t prosper by playing by the rules. The best ideas are found by challenging the status quo. It takes a special personality to strategize and discover unique ways to start or grow a business, whether it’s with a daring new marketing plan or by reevaluating finances to reduce overhead. For example, while many businesses spend the majority of their budget on expensive office space, a non-conformist might suggest using virtual offices instead so that more of the company’s budget can be channeled toward refining and marketing their brand. Non-conformism paves the way for a lot of innovative ideas and business practices, so don’t be afraid to be different.


Entrepreneurs are actually more motivated by passion for their work than money. If every business owner was purely driven by financial gain, they would give up when the money wasn’t what they thought it would be. The truth is that starting a business requires endless patience, and without passion, you are more likely to feel defeated when your business underperforms in the beginning stages. Passion carries a business owner through the tough times, and that is an imperative trait if you wish to succeed.


A successful entrepreneur does not only need passion to stay motivated. They also must have the fighter’s instinct to get back up after they’re knocked down. Running a business has its ups and downs, but successful business owners know to keep fighting for a great business plan whether they see a lot of progress or not. Likewise, a true fighter can recognize when it is time to tap out. It’s known that some business ideas just don’t work out, and there is no shame in realizing that it’s time to pack it in and moving on to the next great thing.


Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important traits of successful entrepreneurs, is that they are a visionary. They have a mind for the big picture and a way of communicating their vision of the future in a way that motivates and engages others. The broad view of a visionary allows a leader to make smart and effective business decisions, and they are constantly searching for ways to innovate. Like a captain overseeing a ship, a visionary leader inspires his crew and can prepare for whatever may occur on their business’s journey.

There are many personality traits of successful entrepreneurs, but with a winning attitude, strong leadership, and a thirst for change, you already possess the most essential tools necessary to start a lucrative business.

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5 Surefire Ways to Make a Positive First Impression

It is said that most people decide whether they like you within the first seven seconds of meeting you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t give a lot of time to make a positive first impression. However, there are five things you can do to invoke a great initial reaction during those seven seconds, and continue to reinforce that positive reaction for the rest of your encounter.

Dress for success

The first thing someone may notice when meeting you for the first time is what you look like. Many people form an opinion about someone based on their appearance, and this is especially true in a business setting. Before you meet with a client or potential customer, be sure that you are well groomed and dressed for success. This will communicate that you are a highly professional individual, which is the foremost sought after trait in someone with whom others want to conduct business.

Meet in a professional setting

If you are the one arranging and hosting a meeting, similar to passing judgment on someone’s appearance, people may also form an opinion based on where you choose to accommodate a prospective client. When planning your meeting, make sure you arrange to meet in a professional setting. If you are a home-based business, or a small business with a simpler, unadorned office space, consider using meeting room rentals. All meeting spaces are situated in professional business centers in prime locations, and come equipped with state-of-the-art presentation tools, high speed internet, and lobby greeters prepared to direct them to your meeting. This extra touch of sophistication not only helps foster better first impressions in business, but also on you as an individual.

Make eye contact

Upon meeting someone for the first time, actively strive to make eye contact. This is considered very positive body language that helps build trust. However, it is important to strike a balance; you neither want to make too much eye contact, nor too little. Too much eye contact can be seen as dominating and hostile, while too little makes you appear insecure and evasive. Find a perfect harmony between the two to establish a genuine connection signifying mutual likeability.

Project confidence

Eye contact is not the only revealing form of body language. There are other mannerisms, postures, and gestures that project confidence, such as using a positive and exuberant tone of voice, standing and sitting up straight, keeping your arms uncrossed, and leaning in toward a person when they are speaking to convey interest. These all demonstrate that you have a high emotional intelligence, which is proven to be linked to career success. In fact, prospective clients are more likely to conduct business with someone with high EQ over competitors or other professionals with just a high IQ. To put it simply, confident body language is very powerful.

Be genuine and friendly

Be sure to smile and greet clients and customers warmly. A quick sincere and friendly greeting takes advantage of the brief window of time during which they are likely to make an assessment. When engaging with them in conversation, smile and ask questions showing genuine interest in them and what they have to say.

Of course, these are all well and good if a client’s first impression of your business is in person. It is more likely that they have been in correspondence with you and your business prior to meeting, in which case it is wise to take precautionary measures to improve your business’s image, like hiring a virtual receptionist.

Receptionists are typically the first part of your business with whom customers and clients interact, making them a critical to making a positive first impression. However, hiring a full-time employee to tend to these details is not a luxury that many small businesses can afford. Alternatively, live virtual receptionists are available for a fraction of the price to ensure that all business-to-customer communication is friendly and professional, resulting in better first impressions of your business and increased customer satisfaction.

Making a positive first impression doesn’t have to be challenging. When first impressions can either make or break a good client connection, it is crucial that you present yourself and your business to be confident and professional, which can be easily achieved with the right body language, a sophisticated appearance, and genuine friendliness.

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The Startling Facts About the Need for a Global Presence

Worldwide surveys indicate that businesses with a global presence report better results than those restricted to the domestic market.

This research shows evidence that we are, indeed, moving toward a global economy, and that small businesses and large corporations alike should expand internationally to seize the most business opportunities, such as:

Increased sales

According to the International Trade Administration, two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power is located outside of the United States. And while many small businesses are too busy to consider exporting or establishing a presence overseas, it can actually make their sales grow faster and they would gain a competitive advantage over similar companies that either have not tapped into their businesses’ international potential or have already expanded globally.

In fact, 95% of the world’s consumers live outside the United States. Many companies limit their sales and services to a local area, which means that the majority of their potential market remains untapped. To increase sales, begin by conducting international research on your product or service to create a global strategy and discover the best way to market it in specific regions. Choose the region that shows the most promise for your industry, which can be determined examining the success of similar companies already established in that country.

Lower costs

It may cost a little extra money to create an infrastructure overseas, but if planned well, you can expand globally without overpaying.

In many countries outside of the U.S., it is actually cheaper to own and operate a business. This is made especially apparent by the growing number of manufacturing-based companies across Asia where both real estate and labor are significantly less expensive.

For more savings, you can temporarily rent meeting rooms and virtual office space internationally to avoid the commitment and costs of owning a physical location. This is a viable option for most industries, especially if you are concerned with the risks typically associated with expanding to international locations. This way, you can establish a global presence by having a virtual office address and a professional space in which to conduct business anywhere in the world for far less than a lease, and even less of the risk. Virtual office solutions also give you the flexibility to occupy multiple international locations at once, which may be a less financially viable option if you were purchasing or leasing property.

Diverse customer base

While it is good to establish a strong domestic customer base, it truly limits the demographics you are able to reach, and consequently, your potential revenue, as well. Expanding your business globally gives you the flexibility to market to as many unique groups as possible.

Additionally, some products and services that don’t fare as well in the U.S. may find unexpected demand overseas. Establishing a global presence can help leave no stone unturned. Track trends and consumer demands across the world to determine where your business will have the most success.

According to Entrepreneur.com, “entering the international arena can protect you against the risk of decline in domestic markets and, most important, significantly improve your overall growth potential.” For this reason, expanding to international markets is a good long-term strategy to ensure that sales are steady in the event that demand within one market decreases.

You don’t have to be a large corporation to take advantage of international opportunities to grow your business, nor should you be discourage by the financial risks of establishing a permanent physical location. Virtual office solutions offer small businesses the chance to tap into new markets without creating huge overhead. A global presence can help your business increase sales, save money, and tap into new markets in surprisingly places. It can also serve as a safety net should domestic consumer demand ever fall below the mark.Contact us to enhance your global presence today.


How to Find a Professional Office Space for Rent at a Low Cost

The cost of occupying an office space isn’t just limited to a monthly lease. It comes with many frequently overlooked operating costs. Quickly, it can extend beyond your business’s budget, especially if you are a startup or small business.

However, this should not deter you from expanding or seeking office space, nor should you settle for anything less than perfect. There are many things you can do to find an affordable office space in a prime location:

Take over another business’s lease

One option for businesses on a budget is to take over another business’s lease. Sometimes, you can find other businesses who need to break lease before they reach their contract’s end date, and in many cases they want to get out of their lease as soon as possible. This creates a unique opportunity to negotiate for a better rate. In many cases, they may also reduce or eliminate upfront costs typically associated with getting a new lease, such as security deposits or advance rent. The original business owner will still be losing less than the actual penalty costs of breaking lease, and you will get a great deal on an otherwise expensive location.

Don’t shy away from prime locations

While it may cost more upfront, settling with a space in the location you really want can actually end up being less expensive over time. Having a space in a prime location can not only draw in new business, it can also help keep your most talent talented employees. More frequently than you may realize, top talent will quit because they dislike the location of their work. When looking to expand and move to a new business space, consider the flight risk. Make sure it is a comfortable space in a convenient location, not just for your employees, but for your customers, too. This is key to increasing revenue and company-wide satisfaction.

Share a space with other businesses

Another option is renting a shared office or co-working space. While it may present an issue if you desire privacy, it is a welcome alternative for individuals or small teams who often work in isolation, but would benefit from a synergistic environment. Co-working spaces differ from other spaces in that they are very informal and encourage socialization and collaboration. If your company goal is to reduce overhead costs in addition to creating a sense of community, a co-working space is a great option.

Find a fixer-upper and do some of the work yourself

Perhaps you found an inexpensive space in or nearby your ideal location, but there’s a catch: it could use a little work. Don’t let that scare you. Repairs or remodeling can be very affordable if you do some of the work yourself, and with the many DIY resources available on the internet, it can be easier than you expect, too. It’s also worth noting that renovating or fixing up an office space increases its value, so you can expect to see some of those costs return to you should you ever want to relocate.

Consider virtual office solutions

The easiest and most affordable option for small businesses is a virtual office space. A virtual office space, provided by companies like Davinci Virtual, includes all the benefits of a professional office lease, but for far less per month and none of the commitment. For a small monthly rate, your business receives a professional business address complete with mail forwarding and access to meeting room rentals. Virtual offices are located in key business centers all over the world, and for daily or hourly rates, you can meet with important customers or clients in one of their fully-equipped, state-of-the-art conference rooms. This eliminates the need for purchasing furniture, equipment, or other supplies, as well, saving your business even more money.

Whether you work from home or you’re a small business looking to expand, there are many ways to find affordable office space for rent, from co-working and temporary office spaces to quality offices in prime locations.

Find an office space for rent in your location today.


Client Success: New Hope Properties, Inc.

Here at Davinci Virtual we are always excited to hear about clients that experience success while utilizing our products. Our sales agent, Laura Asti, brings us our client success story this month.

New Hope Properties, Inc. owner Mia Dorton was looking for a business phone number and fax service to provide her company with a professional business phone so she can market herself without having to use a home or cell phone number. She also needed a system that would route her calls during business hours and not send her calls during all hours of the night. Davinci’s Auto Receptionist service was perfect for her needs.

The Auto Receptionist Service provided Ms. Dorton with two phone lines, which also doubled as fax lines. But, what really impressed Ms. Dorton was the fax to email and voicemail to email features as well as the capability to send outbound faxes through the online platform. This service allows her much more control over the way her phones are operated and the professional greeting gives her a bigger business feel. Ms. Dorton originally thought she was going to have to individually purchase each feature that our auto receptionist service offers and was excited to receive the ultimate business phone package at an amazingly cost effective price. She also loves that she will be able to upgrade and add lines as her company grows.

Laura found working with Ms. Dorton a great experience. “She was super sweet and willing to provide me with details about her business and needs so it made it so easy to find her the best product for her business!”

What a great opportunity we have to assist Ms. Dorton and New Hope Properties with her growing business. We look forward to a great partnership and seeing her business succeed!

To learn more about New Hope Properties, visit their website http://www.NewHopePropertyInvestments.com.

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