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Survey Points to Virtual Offices as Employee Recruiting, Retention Tool

Are you concerned about keeping your top performers and attracting new ones this year? Why not try sweetening the pot with non-monetary benefits that won’t break the bank? How about a virtual office?

When CFOs were asked about the perks they plan to offer or are already offering, subsidized training and education topped the list at 29 percent, followed by flexible schedules or telecommuting (24 percent) and mentoring programs (24 percent). So says a survey from Accountemps.

Let’s zero in on flexible schedules and telecommuting. At 24 percent, that’s a strategy worth noting. In fact, it would do away with some of the others, like free or subsidized lunch or snacks (11 percent), onsite perks such as childcare, dry cleaning, fitness center and cafeteria (11 percent), and subsidized transportation (10 percent).

"On the heels of the recession, perks are a cost-effective way employers can reward and retain staff and attract new employees. The most popular incentives are those that aid in career development and give employees some control over their work schedules," says Max Messmer, Chair of Accountemps and author of Human Resources Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition. “Flexible work arrangements cost little to implement but show that a company values its staff and their work-life balance needs."

Indeed, virtual office space comes at a nominal fee, even in big cities like New York. In the long run, many companies are exploring alternative workplace strategies that include virtual office space because the associated virtual office technologies are much less expensive than housing employees in a traditional office space.

So if you are looking for a way to cut costs—and keep your best and brightest employees happy—explore a virtual office space from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Gets Ink in Arlington Paper

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is making news again. This time, The Clarendon-Courthouse-Rosslyn Patch featured Davinci in a story entitled, “Arlington Virtual Offices Offer Real Value to Entrepreneurs.”

Merlissa Lawrence Corbett writes, “A posh office in the heart of Rosslyn with a support staff and conference room to wow clients would make a better impression.  But who can afford that? Virtually anybody, if it is a virtual office.”

Corbett goes on to write that for as little as $95 a month you can “project a big-time image on a small-time budget.” A virtual office, she deftly explains, combines the luxuries of brick and mortar space with the low-cost and convenience of telecommuting.

“With a virtual office you get a real person who answers the phone, using your company name. You get a swanky address, usually in the hottest business district,” she writes. “An experienced support staff collects your mail and can even forward calls to wherever you are, allowing you to maintain a professional appearance. Other services include faxes converted into email and sent to you, shipping and copying.”

The article features Davinci Virtual Office solutions’ Arlington virtual office near Arlington Ridge. Located in the Potomac Tower in Rosslyn, this Class A virtual office comes with a $95 price tag. You can also tap into a conference room for between $25 and $40 an hour or a day time office space for an average fee of $10 to $35 an hour. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a virtual office in Arlington, Davinci can get you up and running today.

Check out this video to learn more about Arlington:


Avoid Embarrassing Moments with Virtual Office Space

Every once and a while, we just need to have a little bit of fun on the Davinci Virtual Office Solutions blog. Since it’s Friday, I figure it’s as good a time as any.

So, think about it for a minute…have you ever felt like crawling under your desk on the job? According to a new OfficeTeam survey, you're in good company. Executives interviewed were asked to recount their most embarrassing moments at work. Here are some of their responses:

  • "I screamed when I saw a lizard in my office."

  • "I went into the ladies' bathroom by mistake."

  • "I was late getting to the office and realized I wore my bathroom slippers to work."

  • "I conducted a training session with my zipper down."

  • "My shirt was on backward."

  • "I said something inappropriate about my boss and found out he was standing right behind me."

OfficeTeam came up with a much longer list, but you get the idea. The good news is, with a virtual office you can avoid all these and other embarrassing moments. For example, if you see a lizard in your virtual office no body will hear you scream. And it’s not likely that your home office has labeled men and women’s bathrooms, so you can easily avoid that mistake.

Hey, if you want to, you can wear your slippers—and your pajamas—all day long in your private virtual office. It won’t matter if your zipper is down because there won’t be anyone there to see it. And, finally, you don’t have to worry about your boss standing behind you overhearing your conversations. You have permission to speak freely in your private virtual office.

So if you are tired of those embarrassing moments, consider working from a virtual office space. Perhaps your boss is just as tired as you are of seeing you come to work in your slippers, with your zipper down, heading into the ladies’ bathroom by mistake with your shirt on backwards, screaming about lizards and saying inappropriate things about him. Just a thought…

All kidding aside, if you do decide to go the virtual office route, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual office space in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and hundreds of other cities around the world.

Traffic Costs Commuters Billions. Try a Virtual Office Instead.

Traffic. It cost us $114.8 billion a year in time and fuel in 2009. That’s enough to drive you straight to your virtual office—for good.

Let’s take it from a different angle: The average urban driver spent the equivalent of four days sitting in a car. We wasted an average of 28 gallons of gas, too.

No, I’m not making this stuff up. It’s new revelation from the Texas Transportation Institute. And all this doesn’t even include the cost of delivery times and missed meetings.

What are the most congested areas? Chicago and Washington tied for the most commuters delays with 70 hours a year. The good news is Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual offices in all major U.S. cities, including virtual offices in Chicago and virtual offices in Washington.

In fact, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has a wide variety of virtual offices in Chicago—five in all. Right now, the virtual office at the Willis Tower—formerly known as the Sears Tower—at 233 Waker Drive has a new low rate.

Right now, you can get a virtual office in Chicago’s Willis Tower for just $50 a month. That’s an amazing price for a virtual office in any city, much less at a location like this one. That rate gets you a virtual office complete with a lobby greeter, client drop off and pick up point, and access to a conference room and day time office.

You can also opt for extra services at this Chicago virtual office, including a lobby directory listing, and mail forwarding and shipping. So if you are looking for a virtual office space near Chicago’s Loop, this is a an ideal location—and you’ll save plenty of time and gas avoiding Chicago traffic!

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Goes On Radio

You probably already know about Davinci Virtual Office Solutions virtual offices, virtual receptionists, virtual assistants and various other virtual technology products.

Now, Davinci is letting its secret out to the world in a brand new national advertising campaign on Sirius XM Radio this month. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions will air commercials during drive time hours on both ESPN and CNBC from coat to coast.

Whether you are already a Davinci Virtual Office customer or you are finding out about us for the first time, you want to listen in because the radio ads will not only promote our turnkey virtual office solutions—they’ll make an exclusive offer for listeners.

"We are very excited to promote our products and services on Sirius XM Radio," says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. "The new advertising campaign has generated great response already. This is an important step in our ongoing effort to educate businesses on the great benefits of our virtual office solutions.”

Davinci Virtual provides virtual offices to over 8,000 companies and entrepreneurs in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America, Asia and Australia. The company also offers over 750 virtual office locations including virtual offices in New York, virtual offices Las Vegas, virtual offices in Miami and any other metropolitan area throughout the world. Clients can choose from Live Receptionist Services, Prime Business Addresses and Flexible Meeting Spaces—instantly—online.