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Louisville Virtual Offices Offer High Value at Low Cost

Have you ever been to Louisville, Kentucky?

It’s one of the “100 Best Companies for Young People,” according to America’s Promise Alliance. And USA Today ranks the state fourth in positive change in personal income during the recession. What’s more, Business Facilities Magazine rates Louisville in Top 10 for Business Growth, Low Cost of Living.

All pretty attractive reasons to do business in Kentucky, yes?

The good news is you can lower your cost of doing business in Louisville with a virtual office space. A virtual office offers you all the amenities of a physical office space when you need them and the freedom not to pay for those amenities when you don’t need them. A virtual office space in Louisville can also help you break into the market whether you live there or not.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has two very attractive virtual offices in Louisville: the Hurstbourne  Business Center and the Brownsboro Business Center.

Located at 9900 Corporate Campus Drive, the Hurstbourne Business Center is in a modern building that impresses clients. You can rent virtual office space at this location from $135 a month. If you are coming from a different area of town or need a virtual office space on a tighter budget, try the Brownsboro Business Center. That’s located at 4965 US Hwy 42.

Both Louisville virtual office space locations offer a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, a client drop off and pick up point, a lobby directory listing, mail forwarding and shipping services and more. You can even rent a conference room there for between $25 and $40 an hour if you need a physical space to host client meetings.

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Davinci Comments on Alternative Workplace Strategy Webinar

Did you see the recent webinar on alternative workplace strategies? The webinar was titled, “Alternative Workplace Strategy: Aligning for Action.” This is a solid webinar that anyone exploring the notion of alternative workplace strategies should view.

In the webinar, Jeff Root, vice president of Product Marketing and Management for PeopleCube and Diane Stegmeier, president of Stegmeier Consulting Group, discussed some of the secrets to success of an alternative workplace strategy. At the core of the message: getting buy-in from key stakeholders and proactively addressing possible objections.

“Develop your change management strategy proactively, and as early as possible in the process of developing a new workplace strategy,” Stegmeier said in the webinar. “Don’t wait until you might face resistance. I guarantee you will face some.”

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can help you execute your alternative workplace strategy. Whether your company is headquartered in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, or some other part of the country, Davinci has virtual office space at attractive rates.

But beyond virtual office space, Davinci Virtual also has various other virtual office communications solutions. Virtual receptionists, for example, can handle calls for any number of employees working from virtual offices. And virtual assistants can provide support to your virtual office workers. Davinci also offers virtual communications solutions like Live Web Chat and Cisco WebEx for online meetings.

Of course, we realize from time to time that you may need access to a physical office space. That’s why Davinci Virtual Office solutions offers you options like day office space, meeting room and conference room rentals by the hour. The bottom line: Davinci has all of the virtual office tools you need to executive your alternative workplace strategies.

Unified Communications and the Virtual Office, Part 4

We’ve been looking at the growth in Unified Communications this week and how there is a less expensive way—the virtual office—to accomplish many of the same goals.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions customers can tap into Cisco’s WebEx web conferencing and online meetings solution at a special rate. You can join the more than 7 million people who count on Cisco WebEx services every month to communicate and collaborate online. WebEx is a strategic choice to fulfill your most ambitious goals for marketing, sales, training, and support, including:

  • Connect with colleagues in seconds—making it easy to meet with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

  • Run easy, reliable online meetings using only a browser and a phone.

  • Work together like you do in person, without worrying about ports, platforms, versions, or firewalls.

With this web conferencing software, you can share presentations, applications, documents, and desktops, with video and integrated audio, in a rich-multimedia environment. You can:

  • Simplify meetings in any industry—including financial services, high-tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, communications, manufacturing, government, and management consulting.

  • Support every stage of both customer and product lifecycles. Drive results in sales, marketing, fulfillment, product development, manufacturing, training, and support with real-time collaboration.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a Davinci Virtual Office Solutions customer already, add this virtual office communications add-on to your account now. If you aren’t yet tapping into the power of Davinci’s virtual office solutions, which also include Live Web Chat, virtual receptionists and virtual assistants, become a customer today and experience the Unified Communications that fit your budget.

Check out this video about Cisco's WebEx solution:


Unified Communications and the Virtual Office, Part 3

In our continued exploration of Unified Communications and the virtual office, we’ll take a look today at one component: web conferencing.

A veritable explosion of Web 2.0 tools and escalating need for real-time collaboration continues to draw users to web conferencing. The rising interest in cloud-based communications is further fueling growth in this market. As users look to accelerate team productivity and support a business model that fuels innovation with better and faster decision making, applications such as web conferencing are becoming a critical component of enterprise communications.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan finds that the web conferencing market revenues are expected to reach $2.85 billion in 2015, with a projected revenue growth rate of 17.2 percent, supporting a widening user base.

"The dominant theme in 2010 among web conferencing vendors is focused on creating easier to use solutions at attractive price points to move the market beyond a niche status," says Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Roopam Jain. "The overall outlook for web conferencing hosted services is robust; IT is making web conferencing services an investment priority as part of a bigger bundle of collaborative applications for mainstream communications."

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office space with virtual office communications solutions add-ons like web conferencing from Cisco. Davinci Virtual has partnered with Cisco to offer WebEx online meetings and web conferencing at special rates for our customers. We’ll talk more about WebEx in tomorrow’s blog.

Check out what you can do with WebEx on the iPhone: