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Smoke All You Want From Your Virtual Office Space

ROCHESTER, MINN—Did you hear about the Mayo Clinic’s move to develop a Global

Smoke-Free Worksite Challenge. The goal is to expand the number of employees in every industry that work in a smoke-free environment. It crosses private sector companies, nongovernmental organizations and governments. Partners are committed to making their worksites 100 percent smoke-free.

“Secondhand smoke affects everyone. This challenge protects workers from secondhand smoke who don’t have any choice,” says Richard Hurt, M.D., chairman of Global Bridges and founding director of Mayo’s Nicotine Dependence Center.

“Smokers in a smoke-free environment are more likely to reduce their smoking and increase the chances of them quitting smoking, so it’s healthy for everyone. Right now, over 30 countries across the world have smoke-free workplace laws, which is pretty amazing.”

With more countries implementing smoke-free workplace laws, smokers are probably taking more smoke breaks outside the office. That, of course, can hinder productivity. Barring smokers giving up the habit, companies may be better off letting smokers telecommute from a virtual office at least part of the time—so they can smoke all they want.

Virtual office technologies set the stage for telecommuting, which gives employees the freedom to workshift, i.e. work non-traditional work hours. But it would also give telecommuting employees to smoke freely in their virtual offices. Just like people can and do work in their pajamas from a virtual office, as studies show, so too can they smoke a cigarette without stopping the work flow.

What’s more, with virtual office space, smokers aren’t subjecting others in the workplace to the dangerous second hand smoke Hurt mentioned. Although smoking is hardly a key motivator for adopting alternative workplace strategies, it is one more reason to bolster the argument, especially considering there are about 1.2 billion smokers in the world and some studies show smoking costs America alone $97 billion productivity each year.

Top 10 Considerations for Alternative Workplace Strategies

CHICAGO-Alternative workplace strategies and virtual offices are gaining momentum in the down economy. But it’s not just the down economy driving AWS forward—it’s the changing face of the workforce. The world is global, mobile, virtual, and moves at lightning speed.

“The basic premise of AWS is using less real estate to support more performance,” writes Tom Mulhern, a strategic planner in Gensler’s Chicago office. “The people are happier because they spend more time being productive in places outside the office—client sites, home, coffee shops nearer to their homes—and less time commuting and polluting. When people do come into the office, they use their time to collaborate and build connections to each other and to the organization’s culture and brand.”

In Mulhern’s article, he outlines 10 important lessons his firm has learned from its experiences with alternative workplace strategies I’ve outlined them here. You can read a fuller account by visiting the original article. But here are his thoughts in summary:

  1. Decide which organization is going to lead the AWS charge, human resources, IT or real estate.

  2. Set concrete, clear ROI targets.

  3. Focus on gain rather than loss.

  4. Design for presence, not absence.

  5. Mobility is an acquired taste.

  6. Be flexible about flexibility.

  7. Get on the same page.

  8. Beware stereotypes.

  9. Link time and space.

  10. Count what really counts.

One element of an alternative workplace strategy is a virtual office. Davinci has plenty of virtual offices in Chicago (Gensler’s neighborhood) to choose from.

Chandler Virtual Office Space Helps Start-Ups Serve Tech Industry

CHANDLER, ARIZ.-Founded in 1912, Chandler is one of the oldest cities in Arizona—but it’s got some of the most modern virtual office technologies available today.

There are plenty of competitive advantages to doing business in Chandler, especially in the North Chandler, Downtown Chandler, Price Corridor, Airpark Area and West Chandler employment corridors. You can rent ample office space there, but many people doing business in Chandler are opting for virtual office space.

If your company serves the industrial or tech sectors, a Chandler virtual office may be right for you. Chandler offers plenty of opportunities in biosciences and life sciences and is investing significant resources in the 101 Science & Technology Corridor. Some of the companies that call Chandler home include Freescale, Microchip Technology, Orbital Sciences and Intel.

Chandler is within minutes of every major freeway in the Phoenix-metro area. The Phoenix transit system would let you come and go as you please, even to places like the Sky Harbor International Airport. Beyond technology, major companies there include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, eBay, Verizon, and Toyota Financial Services.

You can find virtual offices in Chandler at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. Davinci has partnered with the Chandler Business Center to offer prime virtual office space. Located at 1820 East Ray Road, the Chandler Business Center offers you a prime business address, mail and package receipt, a business support center, lobby greeter, client drop-off and pick-up point, and mail forwarding and shipping services. Our Chandler virtual offices also give you access to a conference room and day office space on demand at an hourly rate.

Whether you need virtual office space in Chandler, Los Angeles, Boston or Miami, Davinci has the right solutions for you. You can also tap into virtual office solutions such as virtual assistants and virtual receptionists.

Check out this video on Chandler:


Virtual Offices in Louisville Help Commuters Avoid Sherman Minton Bridge Problems

LOUISVILLE-It’s not always a natural disaster that makes it nearly impossible to get to work. Sometimes it’s other public safety issues. That’s the case in Louisville, Kentucky where the Sherman Minton Bridge is closed indefinitely due to structural cracks.

“The closing leaves motorists in Kentucky and Indiana looking for alternate routes across the river. Late Friday, transportation officials were encouraging motorists to use Interstate 65, the Kennedy and Second Street bridges and Interstate 265 while an official plan is devised over the weekend,” reports the Louisville Courier-Journal.

When issues like this arise, it’s time to explore the benefits of alternative workplace strategies like telecommuting from a virtual office. Virtual office technologies can empower workers to do more from home without wasting potentially hours a day looking for alternative routes across the river, which connects New Albany with Louisville.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has two virtual office locations in Louisville: Hurstbourne Business Center and Brownsboro Business Center. Both virtual office solutions offer a prime business address, mail and package receipt, a business support center, lobby greeter, client drop off and pick up point, and access to day office space and conference rooms. You can also opt for mail forwarding and shipping services for an extra fee if you can’t get into that area of Louisville to pick up your mail.

Located at 9900 Corporate Campus Drive, the Hurtsbourne Business Center offers all of these services for $79 a month. The Browsnboro Business Center, located at 4965 US Highway 42, also offers these services for $79 a month. If you need additional virtual office support, you can also opt for a virtual receptionist, virtual assistant, or web conferencing.

How to Keep Telecommuters Working Efficiently From a Virtual Office

BOSTON-Yesterday, we looked at a study from CareerBuilder that examined whether or not working from home an efficient alternative to the traditional office job or a productivity killer. The conclusion: It’s a mixed bag. It depends on the motivation of the virtual office worker.

With that, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder, offers some tips to help telecommuters work as effectively as possible from their virtual office space. So if you work from home in a virtual office, check out these tips to boost your productivity.

Keep a normal morning routine.
The CareerBuilder survey found that 30 percent of telecommuters tend to work in pajamas: 41 percent of females and 22 percent of males. The truth is you'll probably work better if you treat your mornings as if you were going to the office. If there's one good thing about a commute, it's that you get a mental transition between home and work life. Get out of bed, dress up, grab breakfast--do anything that will get your mind in the right place.

Find the best spot to work.
Even if you don't have a dedicated home office, it's important that you find the least distracting place in your home. Don't be tempted by the entertainment system or the recliner.

Stay connected to colleagues.
It's easier to slack off when you know your colleagues or managers aren't watching. If you're struggling to stay motivated at home, schedule an update meeting or call and talk shop with an office peer to get your mind back on work.

Plan your breaks.
You should never feel like a prisoner in your own home. Plan short breaks to take care of chores, play with pets, exercise, or run a brief errand. You'll be less likely to succumb to quitting work early if you structure the perks of being at home appropriately into your schedule.

Take your work to a coffee shop.
A lot of workers don't like telecommuting because they're accustomed to working around others. Working at home can be lonely. If your job allows it, try spending an afternoon in a coffee shop or library. At many spots, you'll likely find contract workers or other telecommuters toiling away, as well.

Want more virtual office tips and trends? Come back to Davinci Virtual Solutions blog every day for the latest advice and information on alternative workplace strategies.