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Calabasas Virtual Offices Put You Close to Los Angeles

CALABASAS, CA-Calabasas. I’ve never been there, but it’s close enough to Los Angeles to be an interesting area to explore. You have many of the regional benefits of Los Angeles without the congestion and high prices.

Calabasas is within the technology corridor extending along the Ventura Freeway, also known as the 101. According to the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce, the city attracts innovative industries that are supported by strong housing, retail and service markets. Calabasas is also known to attract the entertainment industry.

Perhaps more importantly, Calabasas is outpacing the rest of the nation in terms of economic recovery. In fact, both Calabasas and the San Fernando Valley offer a stabile business environment for companies large and small, as well as business growth opportunities.

Calabasas has an especially interesting tie to China: Anqing, China is its sister city. That means if you set up your virtual office in Calabasas you get access to global portals into trade, economic and networking opportunities.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has a virtual office location in Calabasas. Located at 5023 North Parkway Calabasas, the Calabasas Business Center offers virtual office space for just $100 a month. It takes just a few days to get completely set up with your Calabasas virtual office.

With a virtual office from Davinci, you get a prime business address in Calabasas, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, a client drop off and pick up point, and the ability to rent a conference room. In fact, at our Calabasas virtual office location you can add on 16 hours of conference room use for just $50 a month, an ideal solution for the entrepreneur who holds frequent meetings with clients and prospects.

Virtual Receptionists Help You Process Holiday Orders

Need some help processing holiday orders? Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has your back. Our live virtual receptionists can schedule service appointments or take orders for you so you don’t miss a single sale during this prime season.

How does scheduling work, you ask? Simple answer: Davinci’s virtual receptionists use a web-based calendar to coordinate the ins and outs of service appointments. You’ll be able to view that calendar in real time just like our virtual receptionists.

You can synch your web-based virtual office calendar and can communicate directly with your current Outlookl, Act or other syncable calendaring system. Of course, you can always choose to continue working with whatever calendar system you use in your virtual office. We’re all about giving you flexibility and freedom.

OK, so what about order processing? Davinci’s virtual receptionists can process your orders quickly and accurately. Our team will have links to your Web site at their fingertips each time a client calls in. They can process your clients orders online, directly through your Web site. Or they can simply log caller information and e-mail it to you directly if you prefer.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions makes virtual receptionists affordable in much the same way we make virtual offices affordable. You can get started with the Live Receptionist 50 package, which offers you live receptionist answering Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST, live call screening, transferring and forwarding, calendar and appointment scheduling, order processing and customer service and more.

What do I mean by more? How about live outbound and sales calling? Or a toll-free or local phone number, voicemail and voicemail-to-e-mail services. This package also offers you electronic fax and fax-to-e-mail, a Web-based command center with online calendar, contacts, tasks and e-mail, and long distance minutes.

Heck, you might even find that once the busy holiday shopping season is over you want to continue using our live receptionists to maintain your momentum.

When Should You Let Employees Work From a Virtual Office?

DENVER—I love reading Entrepreneur magazine because it deals with issues that are relevant to folks like me—and you—like virtual offices. I read an article today penned by Christopher Hann.

Hann offered the answer to a pointed question: When should a company allow its employees to work from home? I the piece, he relied on experts like Jim Ball, co-founder of Alpine Access, a Denver-based virtual call center company and telecommuting pioneer.

"You have to have it in your DNA the fact that you don't have workers coming into an office space," Ball told Entrepreneur. Ball has 4,500 employees across the U.S. who all work from home, so he knows from which he speaks.

Hann’s article also pointed to stats from the Telework Research Network pointing to the reality of 3 million Americans working from a virtual office. This is nothing readers of Davinci Virtual’s blog don’t know, but it’s great to see more momentum for all things virtual.

"In coming years' work forces, this is going to become more of an expectation with [younger workers]," Ball told Entrepreneur. "Preparing for that is really going to give your company access to what's really going to make you successful, and that's high-quality talent."

Whether you are in Denver or one of the other cities from which Ball’s employees work, you can rely on Davinci Virtual Office Solutions to help you execute your alternative workplace strategies.

Virtual Office Users Take Back Time and Money During Telework Week

WASHINGTON, DC—If you believe time is money, you are going to love the Telework Exchange. The public-private partnership focused on demonstrating the tangible value of telework just announced that Telework Week 2012 is scheduled for March 5-9, 2012.

"Telework Week 2012 is an opportunity to highlight the many benefits of telework—enabling us to enhance workplace efficiency, improve the environment, ensure our safety, and improve our quality of life," says Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.), author of the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010.

The second year of Telework Week encourages government agencies, businesses, and individuals to pledge to telework, as well as calculate potential commuter cost savings and environmental impact during Telework Week 2012. In 2011, nearly 40,000 individuals and organizations pledged to telework during Telework Week, collectively saving $2.7 million in commuting costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1,818 tons.

"According to Telework Week 2011, if all full-time wage and salary workers in the U.S. telework two days a week for one year, they would collectively save more than $215 billion in commuting costs," says Cindy Auten, general manager for Telework Exchange. "That's important in this economy. The goal for 2012 is to take Telework Week to the max. Telework savings are substantial, and we want to demonstrate not only why to do it, but how to do it."

According to a recent report by The Texas Transportation Institute, the average U.S. commuter spends 34 hours a year in traffic—and by 2020, that number will increase to 41. Working from a virtual office offers a critical solution to the nation's traffic gridlock. Virtual offices also support workforce productivity, enhanced recruitment and retention, reduced real estate, and increased operational efficiency and continuity. It’s all part of alternative workplace strategies.

"Through our involvement with Telework Week, we hope to educate and inspire participants in all stages of telework planning to shift into high gear for program execution,” says Patrick Finn, vice president of U.S. Federal Organization at Cisco. “Approximately 70 percent of Cisco's workforce relies on mobile collaboration, so we understand the value teleworking brings to organizations by increasing productivity and field effectiveness, and making smarter use of human capital."

If you are a virtual office user—or even if you are not—consider pledging to telework and calculating your potential commuter cost and environmental savings. There is no cost to pledge.

Check out this video on a telework experiment in Georgia:


DavinciMeetingrooms.com Sees 200 Percent Growth

SALT LAKE CITY-At Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, we always give 110 percent—but it seems our meeting rooms customers are giving even more!

I just got word that our DavinciMeetingRooms.com division has posted a whopping 200 percent growth in reservation revenues so far this year. And the year isn’t even over yet. So before I go any further, I wanted to give a shout out to all of our satisfied virtual office and meeting room customers. Thank you! Oh, and our CEO thanks you, too.

"We are very excited about the incredible growth of our meeting space business," says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. "As we continue to add prime inventory and services to address the business meeting needs of our customers, the marketplace clearly has validated our offering.”

How did we manage to drive this 200 percent growth in the first 11 months of the year? Well, the average reservation transaction value increased by well more than 20 percent over last year. We’re processing more than 1,000 meeting reservations a month.

But to answer the question more specifically, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is driving that growth, in part, with our comprehensive online reservation platform.

Our innovative technology makes it quick and easy for meeting room users to search more than 3,000 professional conference rooms around the world. Once you find what you are looking for, it’s just as easy to book and manage meeting space reservations. You can even use our online meeting rooms platform to opt for variety of add-on business services.

In case you didn’t already know it, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions also offers virtual office space to more than 8,500 companies and entrepreneurs in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America, Asia and Australia. Clients can choose from virtual office solutions like live receptionists, prime business addresses and flexible meeting rooms instantly online any time.

Our company empowers your small business with local or toll-free telephone and fax numbers, digital voicemail, voice and video conferencing, voicemail-to-email, fax to e-mail, virtual assistants, live call answering, screening and forwarding, live web chat, outbound calling, customer service, appointment scheduling, order taking, and much more. And we have more than 850 virtual office locations to choose from with mail forwarding, lobby and directory listings, access to conference rooms and day offices, administrative services and business support centers.