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Virtual Offices: A Key Small Business Trend for 2012

NEW YORK—This is the time of the year when people make plenty of predictions about 2012. Steven Strauss is a lawyer, author and speaker who specializes in small business and entrepreneurship, is one of them.

Strauss made his top 10 small business trend picks in
USA Today—and they are insightful. I’ve picked out the ones I thought were most telling for folks like you and me—folks that work from a virtual office. Here they are:

Rise of the self-employed. Coming in at number nine on Strauss’ list, he notes that a new army of the self-employed is rapidly changing the face of work. I agree. I see it all around me. As companies are less willing to hire full-time employees for all their staffing needs in a recovering economy, freelancers and self-employed workers are rising. And they need virtual offices.

Strauss also points to things like daily coupon sites, cloud computing, eco-friendly efforts, Internet video and social media. He even suggests that there are signs that the worst of the economic doldrums are behind us. But one of the more interesting predictions he made from a virtual office user’s standpoint came in at number three: the death of 9 to 5.

“Does anyone really work at a desk five days a week from 9 to 5 anymore? Of course I am being facetious . . . or am I? A myriad of things have combined to make it so that we can work anywhere, anytime (whether we want to or not): The Internet, laptops, tablets, smartphones, apps and software are the main culprits,” he writes. “I say culprits because some of this work anywhere, anytime stuff is great (checking emails while waiting at the airport) and some of it stinks (checking emails while on the beach in Hawaii.)”

Strauss’ top trend for 2012 is mobile mania. From mobile devices to mobile ads to mobile apps, he predicts mobile is the wave of the future. I agree with this as well. Even workers are going mobile. Everyone is on the run. So get ready to enter the race. A virtual office can help you hit the ground running in 2012.

New Year's Special: Birmingham Virtual Offices

BIRMINGHAM--Are you ready for another New Year's virtual office promotion? This time around, we'll hook you up in Birmingham, Alabama?

Here's the deal, while it lasts: You can get your second month free when you sign a six month agreement at the Eagle Point Business Center.

The Eagle Point Business Center is located at 4000 Eagle Point Corporate Drive in Birmingham. The cost for this virtual office space? Just $95 a month. This affordable price gets you a prime business address, mail and package receipt, a business support center, lobby greeter, and a client drop off and pick up point. Oh, and your lobby listing is included as part of the monthly fee. That's sure to impress clients!

If you need your mail forwarded or other shipping services from this Birmingham virtual office, you can request this for a small fee. And if you need to rent a conference room for a client presentation, you can do that for about $30 an hour. Need day office space? No problem. This Birmingham virtual office has you covered. If you aren’t quite a full-time office user but you need more than the occasional day office, you can also opt for a 16-hour Day Office Package.

Birmingham is a great place to do business. Alabama offers considerable advantages for companies seeking a business location that will contribute to long-term success, starting with a labor pool of more than 2 million dedicated, reliable and skilled workers.

Alabama also offers a work force training system that has been ranked best in the nation, a transportation infrastructure that can meet the demands of companies in any sector, a competitive overall cost structure that is one of the country’s lowest and a prime location in the heart of the fast-growing U.S. South.

If your company is looking to expand into Birmingham, there’s never been a better time. You can test the waters with a virtual office space for six months, get one month free, and decide if you need to open up traditional office space—or if Davinci Virtual office space is suitable to meet the needs of your growing company.

Check out this video on Birmingham:


A New Year, New York Virtual Office Promotion

NEW YORK--Are you ready for more good news for 2012? Listen up, virtual office consumers, we're offing big discounts for virtual office solutions in the Big City. You can be a part of it when you rent virtual office space in New York from Davinci Virtual.

Indeed, Davinci Virtual is running a special on its New York Park Avenue virtual office location. You can get your first month free when you rent virtual office space there for six months, for a limited time. What's more, you can be up and running with your New York City virtual office within three days.

Davinci Virtual is offering the promotion at its Park Avenue Office Suites location. This virtual office is located at 373 Park Avenue South on the sixth floor. That’s between 26th street and 27th street in the 10016 zip code.

You can rent virtual office space at this Manhattan location, which is also near our Gramercy-Flatiron, Kips Bay, Midtown and East Side virtual office facilities, for as low as $99 a month. When you consider that you are getting one month free, that equals about $80 a month. Quite the virtual office bargain!

Besides the prime business address in Manhattan, you also get mail and package receipt, and access to a business support center when you visit the facility. If you have guests, a professional receptionist in the lobby will greet them. You can have your mail forwarded to your home office—or anywhere else in the world—for an additional charge. Of course, conference rooms are available for rent if you need to make a client presentation.

What’s in your neighborhood? If you rent a virtual office space on 373 Park Ave., your neighbors will be Baruch College, Hotel Giraffe, and the Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State. You can dine at nearby Rooftop Bar and Grille or visit the Madison Square Park Conservancy. You are also very close to Murray Hill.

Be sure to rent your office space in Manhattan while this promotion lasts. But if you miss it, know that Davinci Virtual has the strongest selection and best value on virtual offices in New York City.

Looking for a Virtual Office New Year's Special?

NEW YORK-If you've been looking for a New Year's special on virtual office solutions, look no further. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is giving you one--and an attractive one at that.

Davinci Virtual is offering our popular Live Web Chat absolutely free for 90 days when you purchase any Davinci Virtual Live Receptionist package. This is quite the bargain at a more than a $150 value.

Here’s what you get as part of this virtual office communications promotion:

•    Proactive live Web chat
•    U.S.-based agents
•    Power to convert Web traffic to leads
•    Improved Web site effectiveness
•    Ability to engage more Web traffic
•    After hours messages
•    Real-time messages to e-mail
•    Real-time messages to text
•    Trained experts on your products/services
•    Full reporting of chat transcripts
•    Up to 25 total live Web Chats

Whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami or somewhere else, you can get a little closer to your customers with this Live Web Chat promotion. Oh, of course we have virtual offices, too. In fact, we have a whole suite of virtual office solutions, including virtual assistants and web conferencing, to help your small business get off to a fast start in 2012.


Top Virtual Office Stories of 2011

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Davinci Virtual, Rockefeller Group Make Exclusive Virtual Office Offer

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