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Virtual Offices Plus Time Management Equals Success

NEW YORK—Are you working 60- to 70-hour shifts? If so, you aren’t alone. In many workplaces, staff has been reduced. In others, it’s a matter of working longer hours to generate new business.

Working from a virtual office can save you many hours of time in telecommuting and office distractions alone every day. But while virtual offices can definitely save time and bolster productivity, it’s not the only weapon in your time management arsenal.

Productivity and time management expert Laura Stack is suggesting we take a “work smarter” approach to living life in 2012 without suffering the high pressure burnout and potential health problems that many Americans are facing in their overburdened lifestyles, rife with distractions and low priority time sinks that interfere with work productivity and personal productivity. Virtual offices can help you avoid a lot of those distractions.

“Some professionals view a 40-hour work week as part time at best,” Stack says. “They believe that if you limit your hours to the traditional number, you also limit your opportunities.”

Stack says balancing the demands of the times with a healthy lifestyle requires careful planning and commitment to fitting positive productivity practices into the daily schedule. Among her suggestions: turn off the technology, visualize the successful completion of the days’ tasks, identifying priorities, and cut back or eliminate unnecessary distractions that eat up large portions of the day.

“Many people would be surprised if they added up all the minutes in a day they spent with unnecessary distractions like Facebook, for instance. We all need to attack our overcrowded daily itineraries head on, schedule everything we do during the day in advance, and stick to that plan to the best of our abilities,” Stack says.

“Obviously you can’t account for the unexpected all the time, but if you remain flexible and focused, you can stay on track without falling back into the same old pattern of burning the midnight oil night after night.”

Check out this classic video on time management tips from Brian Tracy:


On Demand Virtual Office Trend Continues Rising

IRVINE, CA--In case you wondered if virtual office space is really more efficient than traditional offices, you don’t have wonder any more. The Global Workspace Association is confirming it with its latest workspace industry study.

"Industry-wide, virtual office and meeting room services grew during the recent recession, but the real story is that these segments actually emerged from the recession supercharged, posting double digit growth in each of the past two years," said John G. Jordan, president of GWA.

"Mobile workers who are self-employed or work with large companies have seen the benefits of shedding the risk and limitations of the traditional office in favor of virtual offices, touchdown space, and on-demand meeting spaces, and they are embracing these alternatives."

Before we go any further, let’s clarify some definitions. Virtual offices fall into the workspace-as-a-service category. Workspace-as-a-service is on-demand workspace available with terms that allow businesses to align workspace and business needs.

Workspace-as-a-service offer fully serviced office space on flexible terms by the hour, day, week, month or year and include office business centers, executive suites, co-working facilities, virtual offices and meeting spaces. The workspace-as-a-service industry has seen strong growth of virtual office and meeting room services, catering to the growing corps of mobile workers around the globe.

Tony Wilkins of TCS, Inc in San Francisco, California, appreciates how the flexibility of on-demand meeting spaces allows him to tailor his meeting space expenses to his clients' needs.

"I teach a business development workshop for small and midsized firms,” Wilkins says. “Sometimes my workshops have 30 people and sometimes only three. What I like most about Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is the flexibility in locations, cost and availability."

Michigan Could Lead U.S. in Virtual Office Use

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.—Will most Michigan residents be telecommuting soon? That’s what Jennie Phillips, an MLive.com writer, wants to know. It’s a good question, too, considering that The Connect Michigan report reveals employers are more often allowing employees to work remotely from virtual offices. Consider some of the report’s findings:

  • 47% of employed Michigan adults say the either telework now or would be willing to telecommute if their employees allowed them to.

  • 29% of Michigan businesses offer telecommuting

  • About 19% of Michigan employees work from home rather than driving into the office

  • Teleworkers save $336.5 million in reduced auto operating costs statewide

The list of stats goes on and on. With the rise of telecommuting, of course, comes the rise of virtual office use. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has plenty of virtual offices in Michigan, including the following cities:

  • Bloomfield Hills

  • Portage

  • Grand Rapids

  • Southfield

  • Livonia

  • Sterling Heights

  • Novi

  • Troy

One example is the Grand Rapids Executive Center in Grand Rapids. Located at 2525 E. Paris S.E., this virtual office location offers competitive solutions starting at just $50 a month. For this price, you get a prime business address, mail and package receipt, a business support center, lobby greeter and client drop off and pick up point. You can also have your mail forwarded to you for a nominal fee, or rent a conference room or day office on demand by the hour.

So if your company wants to be recognized for its flexible workplace initiatives, try alternative workplace strategies that employ virtual office solutions. Whether your company is located in Bloomfield Hills, Portage, Grand Rapids, Southfield, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Novi or Troy, we have virtual offices in Michigan to help you get started.

Cerritos Virtual Offices Offer Fast Los Angeles Access

CERRITOS, CA—Cerritos is in the geographical center of the Los Angeles/Orange County metropolitan area. It’s a park-like community with a network of well-maintained, tree-lined streets.

Cerritos does indeed offer a strategic location for entrepreneurs who don’t want to pay the high cost of Los Angeles living but still want fast access to the City of Angels. Cerritos is served by Freeways 5, 605 and 91. Cerritos calls itself “A City with Vision.” So if you are an entrepreneur with a vision, then this may be the right location for you.

Davinci Virtual offers virtual office space in Cerritos at the Cerritos Business Center. Located at 18000 Studebaker, this Cerritos virtual offices has everything you need to get up and running. Not only do you get a prime business address, you also get mail and package receipt and access to a business support center.

When you rent Cerritos virtual office space from Davinci Virtual, clients who visit or drop off packages to the Cerritos Business Center will be greeted by a professional lobby receptionist who will help you make a good impression. You can also opt for mail forwarding and shipping services if you don’t want to stop by and pick up your mail.

If you need to rent a conference room in Cerritos or office space in Cerritos, Davinci Virtual has the hook up there, too. You can either opt for the meeting room package, which gives you 16 hours of meeting room access every month for $135, or you can rent conference room and office space by the hour on-demand.

Check out this YouTube video on Cerritos and get a quick glimpse of the city—from a bird’s eye view:


Flexible Virtual Office Jobs Set to Rise in 2012