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O2 Pilot Demonstrates Benefits of Virtual Office Work

LONDON—What do you get when 3,000 employees all move to a flexible work environment in a single day? A mass telecommuting movement that offers keen insights for virtual office users.

This week, O2 launched the largest-ever flexible working initiative when it allowed one quarter of its 12,000-member workforce to work remotely for a day.  The pilot aims to push the boundaries of what is possible through flexible working in London and beyond.

“We practice what we preach, and by asking O2 employees to work together as a team to test the company’s flexible working practices for themselves, we want to show that there are no limits—no matter how big or small your business is,” says  O2 Business Director Ben Dowd. “By sharing experiences from across our business, from business divisions to operations, we hope to encourage more organizations to help their workforce become mobile.”

O2 hopes its pilot showcases a wider economic business case for flexible working in helping to drive efficiency, productivity and innovation. O2 has previously saved more than £3 million in overhead costs through flexible working. As part of the pilot, O2 is evaluating reductions to electricity usage, CO2 emissions and travel time as employees swap their usual journey to work in favor of working from a remote location.

Virtual office technologies made it all possible. A team of 20 people spent two months planning for the big telecommuting day, making sure employees had access to virtual office technologies and tools that would support their remote work. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office space and virtual office technologies in most areas of London.

Specifically, Davinci Virtual has 11 virtual office locations in London, including:

  • Charlotte Street London

  • Great Titchfield London

  • Margaret Street London

  • Southampton Row London

  • Hammersmith London

  • Victoria London

  • Austin Friars London

  • Grove House

  • SoHo Executive Office Suite

  • Devonshire Square Executive Suite

  • Fetter Lane Executive Suite


Would You Rather Work From a Virtual Office or Shower?

NEW YORK—What would you rather do? Take a shower or work at home? How about stay married or telecommute? Luckily, more and more virtual office workers don’t have to choose.

LiveScience is reporting on an odd poll TeamViewer conducted that measures that and more.  To take the opportunity to telecommute:

  • 12% would give up showers

  • 5% would divorce their spouse

  • 29% would give up chocolate

  • 25% would give up their smartphone

  • 20% would give up shopping

  • 17% would give up a pay raise

  • 15% would give up half their vacation days

If this doesn’t speak to the employee demand for alternative workplace strategies—like telecommuting from a virtual office—then I don’t know what does. Virtual offices are on the rise, in part, because they empower employees to work from home, at least part time.

Maybe your company is exploring alternative workplace strategies. Consider flex time. You could allow your employee to work from a virtual office two days a week and commute to big meetings on the other two days. Once you try out this flex time approach, you may begin to see that your workers are more productive, less stressed and more loyal.

Have You Been Involved in a Virtual Office Romance?

NEW YORK—If you can do online dating, you can do virtual office romances, I suppose. And it’s that time of year. CareerBuilder.com just offered up the  results of its Valentine’s Day survey, which reveals 31 percent of employees say their office romance ended in marriage.

Could such a romance start in a virtual office? Again, I suppose if you can find your lifelong partner online, you can find them through a virtual office arrangement. Here are some additional findings from the Valentine’s Day survey:

  • 18%--have dated their boss

  • 47%--employees in hospitality industry that have dated a coworker

  • 26%--say what someone does for a living influences their decision to date them

  • 19%--are attracted to people with a similar job

If you are working in a virtual office set up, you may feel left out of the coworker romance cycle. But don’t. Virtual office technologies like instant messaging, web conferencing and even e-mail make it possible to get to know your coworkers—and perhaps even get to know them well enough to meet in person.

Hey, when you consider that 60 percent of small business owners admit to spending more time holding their mobile devices than the hand of their significant others, according to a Staples survey, what’s a little virtual office distance to overcome?

That same Staples survey suggests that virtual offices can actually help your love life. Fifty-six percent of owners and managers are taking advantage of the “virtual office” spending less time working at their desk with the help of technology. And that leaves more time for Valentine’s Day romance.

Virtual Offices Could Ease Rising Workplace Stress

NEW YORK—Are you more stressed this year than you were last year? If so, you aren’t alone. According to a Croner study, 48 percent of adult workers are more or much more stressed today than they were 12 months ago.

What’s causing the stress? And, perhaps more important, what can help? Part of the solution could be virtual offices. But let’s get to the root of this stress first. The factors mentioned in the survey include:

  • Unpaid workloads (57%)

  • Performance pressures (45%)

  • The need to work longer hours (34%)

  • Pay freezes (33%)

"The fact that 48% of the workers we surveyed say they are more stressed as a result of work, than a year ago should be a real wake-up call for employers,” says Amy Paxton, a senior employment consultant at Croner. “At a time when many industries are under such pressure to keep their heads above water, or even survive, employers cannot afford to have such high levels of stress and the associated difficulties it can cause in their organizations.”

The Croner survey asked respondents how they cope with stress. Eating and drinking more alcohol and becoming less friendly towards family, friends and colleagues are all cited as ways of overcoming their worries. But Paxton says employers can reduce stress by improving working conditions, restructuring jobs and allowing more flexible working arrangements.

That includes virtual offices. Virtual offices can empower those telecommuting options. Virtual offices can give employees the freedom to work at least part of the day, or several days of the week, at home. Believe me, they will thank you all year long. Have you considered how a virtual office could help your business drive greater productivity and have happier, healthier employees?

Check out this informative video on dealing with workplace stress:


Cupertino Virtual Offices Offer Coveted Silicon Valley Address

CUPERTINO-Cupertino may be most famous as the home of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs chose Cupertino as the headquarters of his computing empire.

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Cupertino is home to 58,000 people, according to city reports. The median age is 40 and the average household income is $161,000.

Cupertino is definitely a coveted Silicon Valley address with a diverse, educated workforce. More than 40 percent of Cupertino residents were born outside the U.S. Location-wise, Cupertino is about 20 minutes from the San Jose International Airport. Cupertino’s sister city is Toyokawa, Japan.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual office space in Cupertino at the Cupertino Business Center. Located at 19925 Stevens Creek Blvd., these Cupertino virtual offices offer everything you need to get up and running in a hurry for just $95 a month.

At this Cupertino virtual office, for example, you get a prime business address and access to a business support center. When your clients go there to pick up or drop off a package—or meet you in one of the conference rooms for a meeting—a professional receptionist will greet them and make them feel at home.

You can have your mail delivered to your Cupertino virtual office and go pick it up, or have it forwarded to you for a small fee. If you need to rent a conference room or a day office, this Cupertino virtual office space has you covered. You can even opt for a virtual office package that includes 16 hours of conference room time.

Here’s a fun video about Cupertino’s history: