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Telework Week Drives Workers to Virtual Office Space

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Teleworking is like that big snowball rolling down the hill. It’s gaining major momentum—and it’s leading people straight to virtual offices.

Telework Week launches on Monday. The event is organized by the Telework Exchange and this is the second year that workers will give up driving to work in order to demonstrate the measurable value of teleworking. Telework Week officially runs from March 5 to March 9. So get your virtual office space ready. There’s still time to get involved.

In 2011, nearly 40,000 individuals and organizations pledged to telework during Telework Week, collectively saving $2.7 million in commuting costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1,818 tons. With more than 50,000 pledging to forego private transportation next week, 2012 numbers could be even higher.

“According to Telework Week 2011, if all full-time wage and salary workers in the U.S. telework two days a week for one year, they would collectively save more than $215 billion in commuting costs,” says Cindy Auten, general manager for Telework Exchange.  “That’s important in this economy. The goal for 2012 is to take Telework Week to the max. Telework savings are substantial, and we want to demonstrate not only why to do it, but how to do it.”

According to a recent report by The Texas Transportation Institute, the average U.S. commuter spends 34 hours a year in traffic—and by 2020, that number will increase to 41. Working from a virtual office offers a critical solution to the nation’s traffic gridlock. Virtual offices also support workforce productivity, enhanced recruitment and retention, reduced real estate, and increased operational efficiency and continuity. It’s all part of alternative workplace strategies.

“Through our involvement with Telework Week, we hope to educate and inspire participants in all stages of telework planning to shift into high gear for program execution,” says Patrick Finn, vice president, U.S. Federal Organization, Cisco. “Approximately 70 percent of Cisco’s workforce relies on mobile collaboration, so we understand the value teleworking brings to organizations by increasing productivity and field effectiveness, and making smarter use of human capital.”

Flex Hour Jobs Lets Employees Search Virtual Office Jobs for Free

Wine Rack Store Taps Into Virtual Office Trend to Save Gas

SEATTLE—I love to hear stories of real businesses finding success with virtual offices. Whine Rack Store has a good one to tell.

The story begins as it does with many companies that turn to telecommuting and virtual offices—high gas prices. The surge in gas prices hit many commuters hard and caused some to re-prioritize their days. Employees of the wine rack retailer were among them.

Wine Rack Store is known in the Seattle area for its environmentally friendly practices. For example, the office has a recycling policy and the company uses water-based stains for their wine racks and cellars. Telecommuting is now the company’s latest green move. Wine Rack Store now lets employees work from virtual offices—and the company is finding that it benefits all involved.

"Everyone always comes into the office in high spirits, and I enjoy having them around," says Win Rack Store President Michael Kitson. "But I also understand how much of a challenge it can be sometimes to commute into the office when everyone can be just as productive at home."

Wine Rack Store is an online retailer, which makes telecommuting from a virtual office a viable option. Heather Hoskins, director of communications for the firm, says her commute isn’t so bad, but working from home from a virtual office is still a boon.

"The benefit of being able to work from home, even just a few days a week, helps offset the cost of my husbands drive in a huge way,” she says, noting that her husband makes a 60 mile two-way commute.

Wine Rack Store employees tap into virtual office technologies like messaging and webinar services to stay on top of the day-to-day businesses and keep connected with coworkers who may also be working from virtual offices. Says Kitson, "Modern technology makes running a business easy from anywhere.”

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Looking for a Virtual Office Job? Try VirtualVocations

CHICAGO—Always wanted to work from home? All the articles in your local newspaper about workshifting, flextime, virtual office space and the like getting your attention? To be sure, telecommuting from a virtual office is a trend that’s gaining momentum with employees and employers alike. Virtual offices save companies money and offer employees convenience.

Enter VirtualVocations. Virtual vocations is a telecommuting jobs site that helps you find work-at-home jobs suitable for a virtual office. VirtualVocations joins the hundreds of similar sites online, but it’s one of the few that hand-screens all its posts to ensure every job is a bona fide employment opportunity.

"We recognized that most of the major job sites on the Internet have been overrun by scammers, making it difficult to distinguish what positions are legitimate,” says Laura Spawn, who started VirtualVocations five years ago after noticing the need for more credible virtual office job sites. "Our desire was to create a site that would be able to offer all kinds of legitimate virtual positions to those who are interested in working from home."

VirtualVocations just joined the International Association of Employment Web Sites, or IAEWS. IAWES holds its members to high standards and a strong code of ethics. The code of ethics includes values such as honesty, fairness, and self regulation.

This is a refreshing addition to the virtual office job world. Spawn is right. There are a lot of scammer Web sites out there promising virtual office jobs. Some of them have hidden fees or just poor listings. Finding virtual office jobs in Chicago, New York, Tampa, Boston and beyond doesn’t have to be difficult—or scary—when you go to sites like VirtualVocations. And, of course, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the virtual office technologies to help you get up and running quickly.

El Dorado Hills Virtual Offices Make Cali Expansion Easy

EL DORADO HILLS, CA—El Dorado Hills is just 25 miles south of Downtown Sacramento and 90 minutes from Lake Tahoe. That makes it a strategic place from which to do business, especially from a virtual office.

El Dorado Hills offers a high quality of life and plenty of business opportunity. The El Dorado County Office of Economic Development provides assistance services directed toward encouraging the startup, retention and expansion of El Dorado County businesses and jobs, particularly with small businesses; creation of new jobs and employment opportunities; and diversification of economic activity and strengthening the County's tax base, according to its Web site.

But you don’t have to take the plunge in El Dorado Hills until you are ready—if you opt for an El Dorado Hills virtual office space. Virtual offices allow companies to expand into new territories and test the waters without the high overhead associated with traditional satellite office expansion.

The El Dorado Hills Executive Center offers virtual offices that guarantee you a prime business address in El Dorado Hills. Located at 51170 Gold Foothill Parkway, this El Dorado Hills virtual office space is available for just $89 a month.

For that price, you get an impressive business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter to handle client drop offs and pick ups, as well as greet guests when you hold meetings at the virtual office center in one of the conference rooms.

You can rent conference rooms at this El Dorado Hills virtual office for $25 to $40 an hour, or rent a day office in El Dorado Hills for an average price of $10 to $35 an hour. You can also opt for mail forwarding services for a small fee if you can’t drop by frequently to get the mail.