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Customer Success Story: Spectra Lumens

For October, our success story comes from a startup company that needed affordable and great virtual office space. Spectra Lumens came to us because Davinci offered virtual office locations in an area that the business desired to show off on their website and print material. Charles, who owns the company, started researching the option of using a virtual office a little over a year before deciding to get one with Davinci.

Charles was attracted to the location of the office we had, but also the additional option to sell other products from the location he chose, as he had another idea that was in the pipeline for a secondary venture. Our office location was perfect for his startups office space needs, especially since they tried to lease office space before but it did not end up working out.

Spectra Lumens mainly focused on providing jobs through development and business services, so they were pleased with the way Davinci helped them, especially as they were just starting up their business. Spectra Lumens gave us feedback that we were wonderful and very helpful, as well as patient with the things they had to change due to startup status. We here at Davinci definitely appreciate the feedback, and always strive to provide all of our customers with the same great customer service, which we have been only improving since 2006.

At the end of the day, Charles and Spectra Lumens have been with us for a couple of months now, and as was noted to us, they still appreciate the great service, great location and our friendly & always helpful staff. Just as we appreciate the opportunity we are given to show Charles and our thousands of entrepreneur customers how much we appreciate their business and believing in us.

Whether you are a startup, growing business or a full fledged established business, Davinci can save you money and make you a lot more efficient at the same amount as what you are spending now. Give us a call today at 888.863.3423 to chat about what we can offer you and your business.


The Many Ways That Virtual Offices Trump Working From Home

Working from home, either part-time or full-time, is a wonderful option for many, but not all workers. It depends on the type of job and work at hand and whether there is support and encouragement from the employer to do so; as often found in ROWE (Results Oriented Work Environment) companies, which are increasing in popularity and mainstreaming with each passing day. Another big factor is whether the home work environment is conducive to remote working as far as satisfying all technical and equipment requirements, as well as whether it is worth the cost and effort to make it so.

But even when we presume that all these factors lend themselves to a ready and supported home-working arrangement, and the set-up and IT is fine, the employer is in total support. As a result, satisfactory results are not dependent on daily commutes to a central office/headquarters with required presenteeism standards, because there are still some important factors to keep in mind that point to the fact that home-based working isn’t always an automatic, consistently reliable Shangri-la. In fact, in many instances, this convenient, time-and-money saving home-working measure is counter-intuitively unsatisfactory or unworkable, despite the few apparent advantages.

Working from home for an employer, as a solo-preneuring, contractor or remote worker, is a double-edged sword. Some people simply need the triggering mechanism and discipline of getting out and about, to work out of an office in order to give it their best focus. Others have a low tolerance and/or lack the necessary discipline to ward off the slew of inevitable interruptions that working from home poses – from a sluggish crank-up to tackle the day’s workload, to succumbing to a myriad of distractions such as TV or other happenings that pop up and wobble the daily work-life rhythm. Working from home definitely has a few upsides, but it’s simply not the answer for all people or situations. For those that are untethered to a traditional 9-to-5 work regimen, and relish and sparkle in today’s work anytime/work anywhere universe, there are many options, like working from home or a virtual office., Working from home is not always ideal, however, there’s the popular, inexpensive alternative of virtual offices Virtual offices are a place to go to work conveniently in a professional environment, where you sidestep all the distractions of home and get revved up for a serious day of focused work in a professional, conducive and supportive environment.

There are many great reasons why virtual officing is the ideal, best-of-both-worlds solution in our increasingly agile/mobile work universe. Affordable, flexible, scalable, and eminently professional, virtual offices give you a place where you can meet with clients and network with like-minded professionals, all while paying a minimal charge as part of your Virtual Office plan.

As a twentieth century solution, virtual offices allow you to maximize your productivity, without maxing out your credit cards for unused space. So, if you absolutely need to, have a home office – but at the same time, to max out on the legitimacy, stability and professionalism that a virtual office can offer, you just can’t beat the wisdom of signing on with one of the wide variety of virtual office services. From having a professional address, to having your calls answered in a friendly and professional manner, to receiving and sending mail and packages from this address, to a well-appointed place to conduct important meetings & networking opportunities, we have the perfect virtual offices that are available today, often conveniently located right near where you live. So don’t delay any longer, forgo the distracting home environment, and start working like a professional from your own virtual office today with Davinci virtual office solutions.


Virtual or Permanent Office? Answering the Cons of a Virtual Office

Over the past decade, technology evolution coupled with changes in the workplace have transformed perceptions of small businesses and their customers toward permanent office space. While a physical office is a requisite for the needs of some small businesses, it no longer is a requirement for many. New startups are increasingly choosing virtual office strategies rather than signing leases for physical office locations. Further, small businesses with existing offices are giving up those locations in favor of virtual offices.

The “Pros” of the Virtual Office

There are certainly advantages to foregoing a permanent & physical home office. Below are a few of the more prevalent:

Overhead costs. A virtual office means there is no expensive office lease, utility payments, insurance, maintenance, or office furniture and equipment that come with a brick-and-mortar space. Depending on the location, office space in some locations is becoming virtually impossible to find, or the costs are prohibitively exorbitant. Even when the benefits of a physical office location are considered, the costs of the space often outweigh those.

Expanded talent pool. A physical office location requires commuting and restricts a company to recruiting within a specific area. Further, with the rise of millennial workers, which now comprise 50 percent of the workforce, there is growing interest in the workforce for greater flexibility. This next-generation workforce does not want to be chained to their desks and measured on when they arrive and leave for work. Rather, they want to be challenged with goals and objectives. A virtual office erases these geographic and demographic barriers.

Productivity.Without a daily commute, worker productivity actually increases. Two or three hours a day in commute time can quickly add up to weeks or months of productivity gains. Further, with “punching the clock” no longer a performance measurement, employees focus on goals and results, factors that are much greater areas of motivation.

Office administrator. With a physical office, an office administrator often is required. However, with a virtual office, this headcount is no longer needed. Less expensive—and better—alternatives exist for the virtual office such as Davinci Virtual Receptionists.

Answering the “Cons” of the Virtual Office

A quick search on Google comparing the pros and cons of a virtual office results in a list advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most-often cited disadvantages of a virtual office include:

Business location. Small businesses seek great professional office locations—both for their central office location as well as secondary/regional offices. But a physical office is not required to obtain these. With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, small businesses have the choice of 1,000-plus killer professional business addresses across the United States and in over 30 countries worldwide.

Prospects and customer meetings. First impressions do matter. For small businesses that have face-to-face meetings with prospects and customers, it is important that those meetings occur in locations commensurate with desired brand experience. This includes everything from a meeting/lobby greeter, to a professional conference space with top-notch equipment and accoutrements, to a business address that can up-scale a company’s brand. Check out our recent blog “8 Things that Can Go Wrong When Hosting a Customer Meeting” for more details.

Great prospect and customer meetings can still occur without needing to rent a physical office. With Davinci Meeting Rooms, small businesses have a selection of more than 4,000 meeting room locations for prospect and customer meetings. For those small businesses entertaining other options such as hotel meeting space and local coffee shops, think again. Hotel meeting space is as much as 50 percent more expensive, and coffee shops and other public locations present numerous meeting challenges in addition to lack of privacy, resulting in subpar experiences for all participants.

Team collaboration/building. Social interaction and collaborative problem-solving and brainstorming occurs better in person. This does not necessitate a permanent physical office space. Rather, small businesses can reserve professional office space for everything from weekly staff meetings, to quarterly all-hands meetings, to board meetings and senior leadership retreats, to product development collaboration sessions.

As with prospect and customer meetings, options exist beyond signing an expensive, inflexible physical office lease. Specifically, with Davinci Meeting Rooms, small businesses have the flexibility to hold team meetings where and when they want. Check out our recent blog post “11 Ways to Use Virtual Meeting Rooms” for more ideas on how small businesses can leverage meeting virtual meeting rooms.

Professional human touch. Many small businesses that have permanent physical offices opt to hire office receptionists. This human touch is important for a number of reasons. First impressions and experience counts for prospects and customers. Having a receptionist who ensures prospects and customers receive a professional greeting upon arrival and moreover answers all of their questions and provides administrative support is important.

We are proud to say that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to this part. Professional lobby greeters come with Davinci Meeting Rooms, welcoming prospects, customers, partners, and employees to the meeting location and providing them with administrative support throughout the meeting.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Small businesses have the ability to look and act just like a large company when they rely on Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions include over 1,000 global business addresses you can use for your business, as well as live receptionist services to assist with your communication needs. Davinci Meeting Rooms offer over 4,000 meeting rooms in 1,000 locations worldwide that are fully equipped with the latest technologies and presentation tools. All meeting rooms include a lobby greeter, who helps ensure that attendees have a great first impression and provides assistance when additional services are needed (e.g., fax, mailing, transcription, beverages, etc.).

Visit Davinci Virtual Office Solutions and Davinci Meeting Rooms for more information. Reserve a meeting room or secure a killer professional business address today. Or simply give us a call (1-888-863-3423) or chat with us.


10 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Help a Small Business to Succeed

Small businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to manage everything on their plates. Consider this interesting factoid. Even though we are living in a Digital Age when technology is commonplace, nearly half of small businesses still don’t have an online presence. Factor into consideration that the majority of their customers prefer (and sometimes only) to engage with their vendors through digital channels, and this is a huge business gap.

Help Needed!

It is no wonder that many of these same businesses cannot find time to manage their daily schedules and appointments, field incoming sales and customer service calls, and perform basic administrative tasks. The answer is not to work more hours or to multitask faster. As a small business, you and your team are very likely already working at full capacity.

Yet hiring a full-time or even a part-time assistant simply isn’t feasible. Non-revenue producing staff is not something most small businesses can afford. Further, new tax and benefit requirements such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and new paid sick leave laws make it even more prohibitive.

So what is the alternative? Missed customer or prospect calls, delays in getting customers answers to their questions or problems, difficulty scheduling meetings, among other administrative functions are not the solution. The answer is outside of your company. Just as technology has disrupted many other areas of the economy, it has changed how a growing number of small businesses manage their administrative tasks—and frankly even more.

10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help

Davinci Virtual recognized the potential impact virtual assistants could have on small businesses when we were found nearly a decade ago. Thousands of small businesses use our Davinci Live Receptionist Services so that they can focus on their businesses. The combination of the right technology with a personal human touch enables our small business customers to extend their brand experience and reach without adding any new staff to their teams.

What are some of the ways Davinci Live Receptionists can help a small businesses? It begins with the basics:

1. Call forwarding and screening.

Incoming calls can be screened by a member of your dedicated receptionist team and routed to the appropriate employee in your company or to any phone number you elect to use.

2. Voice mail management.

You can receive all voicemail in your email inbox, thus eliminating the need to call your voicemail. In addition to this voicemail-to-email capability, you can convert all of your email to voice; read, search, store, and print messages just like email.

3. Appointment scheduling.

Appointments get scheduled in real time and include email alerts and/or text notifications for new or upcoming appointments.

4. Dedicated local and toll-free numbers.

Establish a business presence in a new city and make it easy for customers to get in touch with you by using dedicated local and toll-free numbers.

5. Advanced call routing.

Prospects and customers can reach you regardless of where you are at by using advanced call routing.

6. Administrative tasks and work.

Administrative tasks can consume valuable time you need to spend on the business. Outsource tasks such as travel planning, delivery scheduling, and meeting support so that you can focus on your business.

7. Auto receptionist.

For businesses with a high volume of inbound calls, a full-featured auto receptionist can be employed to route them to the right person or voicemail within your organization.

8. Online faxing.

Going paperless makes full sense when it comes to faxing. With online faxing, small businesses can receive and send all of their faxes via email and to read incoming faxes within email.

9. Audio conferencing.

Phone conferencing is an assumed capability for most companies. Small businesses can integrate their audio conferencing needs into their virtual receptionist service, simplifying management and allaying costs.

10. Special FAQs and complex call flows.

Creating a call flow process will help optimize the time spent speaking the prospects and customers on the phone. Route calls to a specific department, answer their FAQs, and provide them with product support.

In addition to the above, small businesses can get more strategic in how they leverage their Davinci Live Receptionists team. Because our dedicated virtual teams are experts on their customers’ businesses, the live receptionists can perform outbound calling services as well. This is where they become particularly valuable, often delivering bottom-line results for our small business customers. These activities range from lead generation, to outbound appointment scheduling, to surveys and market research, to subscription renewals and sales.

Thousands of small businesses across the United States experience the benefits of Davinci Live Receptionist Services every day. For more information on Live Receptionist Services and how our team of professionals can help your small business, visit www.davincivirtual.com/live-receptionists.


Handling Reputation Assaults in a Social Media Driven Universe

Social Media can be the ultimate, free, sales and business enhancer, or it can be a killer. Many claim that social media is democratic and fair, but is it for business? The answer is complicated, but social media is probably not as fair as we’d like. Consider that just as easily as someone can post an honest, accurate review (be it favorable or not) that could be valuable for other consumers contemplating a purchase, someone can just as easily twist things to use it as a bulletin board for posing unfair, nefarious or counter-to-reality reviews. These purposefully negative reviews distort and can sometimes sink the image, reputation, and ultimately the success of the entity or person being reviewed.

Let’s face it – social media disasters happen. Some people use social media to demonize a competitor, or simply someone they don’t like or had a bad experience with. It runs the gamut from posting a negative reaction to an actual experience where a bad review was unfounded, to viciously destroying a reputation when a true reviewable activity didn’t even take place, all out of malicious intent.

In a free society that honors freedom of speech, bad-mouthing has always been possible. It’s just that now, with the advent of social media, plus practically everyone having the ability to instantly read or write a review in the palm of their hand, the impact of such social media driven reviews is more profound, lasting and widespread. We now need to have a mature and realistic strategy in place to overcome this potentially business and reputation killing activity.

The best defense starts with the acknowledgment and acceptance that such debilitating practices such as unfounded social media trashing is a reality in today’s world; that isn’t going to change or go away anytime soon. We hope that it doesn’t happen, but we need to be ready for it in case it does. Make sure you’re up to speed on every place that a negative or nefarious review can possibly pop up online, and be ready to deal with it if it does. You have to spot it quickly, and then act quickly. Emotions will figure into your actions – no one wants to hear bad reviews about them or their company, especially if they’re not true. But don’t get sucked into the fretting or sulking about the social post. Doing so can slow your response. Get in motion right away to offset the effects of a bad social media commentary.

Consider if there is any legitimate learning or a teachable moment behind the review or criticism. Maybe there is some degree of validity to the post? Maybe there’s a blind spot that someone is pointing out that you should take to heart. If there is, and you approach it maturely and with an open mind, the review may be the best thing that ever happened to you – it’s uber-valuable, free, focus-group feedback at its purest and finest.

Maybe the post is unfair, off-the-wall stuff posted to cause damage by a rival or miscreant. Could be. Lord knows there are no-goodniks galore out there who have found an effective weapon in their arsenal to cause havoc and pain. It takes all kinds in this world. Regardless of whether it’s an unfair or unfounded review, or someone up to no good, you have to try and get out in front of the potential damage that such a review can cause. You need to respond quickly – and do so in a manner that does not come across as being defensive or retaliatory. Retaliation doesn’t work well in business in a PR context; in fact, it can make matters worse if you are perceived as a counter puncher.

You need to craft a written response on the social media stream that will be seen as mature, reasonable, and thoughtful. If there is some validity, concede that improvement may be needed, and that you will address the issue. Also note your appreciation for the feedback. You need to respond by being above the fray and not stoop to a lower common denominator. You need to manage the damage and take control of the dialogue by choosing your words and reaction wisely, respectfully and maturely, even in the situation that the criticisms are uncalled for.

The biggest hedge and insurance against bad publicity is simply being good – darn good. Build up enough positive reviews and testimony online so that a few bad reviews don’t sink you – and that you’ll possibly have an army of satisfied customers and brand loyalists/ambassadors ready to jump in there and defend you to underscore their good experiences with you. If someone reads one or a few bad reviews, but there are a lot more legitimate, good reviews out there for you all piled up, people will get the right overall view of you and your company, and surmise that it’s a bad apple outlier.

Concentrate on building an ongoing, current, and updated strong reputation with the public, your customers and all those around you by delivering top quality goods and services, treating all with the respect and dignity that you expect to be treated with, and by behaving ethically and as a good neighbor at all turns. You won’t win every battle, but you will win most. Eventually you’ll win the war for your reputation against those hell-bent on unfair publicity. People notice and honor trends. Be the master engineer of the trend that sets your mark of excellence, and when inaccurate, unfair or uncalled for reviews come up on any social media channel, you’ll be optimally ready and capable to overcome them – especially if your response is immediate, mature, fair, and respectful. That’s the best you can hope for in today’s double-edged sword world of social media freedom.

Hiring a Davinci Virtual receptionist team is a great idea if you are dealing with some social media fall out. You don’t always have the time to take every call and letting Davinci take care of your customers is a great way to stay on top of good publicity. Contact us today to learn more.