What Are the Top 10 Virtual Office Jobs Abroad?

LOS ANGLES--I was reading an article in Fox Business about telecommuting jobs—virtual office jobs that let you live abroad. The article laid out the top 10 virtual office jobs for people who are overseas. Let’s review them each.

IT Professionals: It’s no surprise that IT professionals made it on the list. You can do technology work from just about anywhere. IT pros can set a virtual office in India and do work in London.

Translation and Interpretation: Translation and interpretation are also no brainers for people who live overseas. If you are strong in two languages, you can set up a virtual office and get to work for multinational corporations.

Sales Personnel and Consultants: The Fox article points to research from the Telework Research Network that says sales jobs dominate the virtual office workforce. In fact, 70 percent of people who work from a virtual office at home are in management, sales, professional and other office jobs.

Public Relations Managers, Marketing Specialists: PR and marketing professionals can work from a virtual office and join their colleagues in meeting rooms when they need to brain storm in person.

Software Developers: Like IT professionals, software developers are working from virtual offices all over the world—and serving companies all over the rest of the world.

Call Center, Customer Service Representatives: Have you ever called customer service at a company late at night and had a person with a strange accent answer the phone? That’s often because you are calling another country where it’s actually day time. A call center representative is working from a home front virtual office.

Rounding out the Fox Business list are health care, graphic design, education, and administrative managers/support personnel. Indeed, you can work from a virtual office in many countries of the world and serve clients just about anywhere.


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