Virtual Offices Help Nashville Flood Victims Continue Business

As flood waters begin to recede in Tennessee, volunteers are coming on the scene to help clean up a devastated Nashville. One organization, Hands On Nashville, is overseeing 12,000 volunteers while Volunteer Tennessee is taking emergency donations to help families whose homes were destroyed by the floodwaters and celebrities are donating monies to help victims.

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, the waters that hit Nashville qualify as a 1,000-year flood, which means it was an event that could be expected to happen once in every 1,000 years. The Army Corps of Engineers said the flash nature of the flood made damages unavoidable. Downtown Nashville has a small advantage because of topography, but flooding has also damaged the city’s core.

Our customers in Nashville can rest assured that virtual office service is not interrupted. With a virtual office in Nashville, clients can still rely on a local or 800 number for clients to call.

Remote receptionists are still scheduling appointments, making outbound sales calls, receiving messages and forwarding calls to victims of the flood. And our Live Web Chat service is still helping Nashville customers generate leads online.

Our Nashville customers affected by the flood can still do business by renting day offices in other Tennessee cities. Davinci Virtual has network partners in Brentwood, Memphis, Franklin and Knoxville standing by with office space. Davinci Virtual also allows customers to tap into Cisco’s WebEx web conferencing technology to avoid complete interruption of business meetings where travel is not an option.

Check out this video that shows the Nashville 1,000-year flood:



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