The Virtual Live Receptionist: Available and Knowledgeable

Delivering exceptional experiences to customers seeking service is critical. Consider this factoid: 89 percent of customers will stop doing business with a brand because of bad service.[1]

Being available to answer a customer’s questions and provide them with the support to resolve whatever issues they encounter using your products and/or services is pivotal. There are some intriguing data points corroborating the importance of delivering prompt support: 33 percent of customers in a recent study indicate they would recommend a company if they provided fast service but inadequate service.

The flip side is just as telling: only 17 percent of customers noted they would be willing to recommend a brand that provided effective but slow service.[2]

Who Has Time for Phone Calls?

Small business owners are busy entrepreneurs, and the last thing they have time to do is to worry about taking phone calls, checking voice mail, sending and receiving faxes, scheduling appointments, processing orders, and various other administrative tasks calls when they are in the midst of important projects or meetings. So what usually happens when customers try to contact business owners and they are in the midst of a project or communicating with another customer? The response is delayed and slow.

To fill this gap, small business owners often turn to a personal assistant who can handle all of these incoming customer service inquiries—both rapidly and effectively for them. The problem is that hiring a full-time employee, or even a part-time employee, can be cost prohibitive. It simply isn’t financially feasible for many small businesses. Further, for a small business that is still growing, a full-time staff member for these tasks doesn’t make sense. While the tasks handled by assistants consume valuable time on the part of the entrepreneur, it doesn’t always warrant hiring a full-time—or even part-time employee.

A Live Virtual Receptionist Team at the Ready

We created Davinci Live Receptionist Services to support the entrepreneur Each of our clients gets a live virtual receptionist team that functions as a virtual assistant, answering each call with a personalized greeting and screening and transferring all calls to a representative designed by the small business on a schedule they control. In addition to various administrative tasks, our Live Receptionist Services team also handles appointment scheduling, answers customer service questions, makes outbound calls, and even processes orders.

Our Live Receptionist Services teams are based in the U.S. and trained on the small business’ products, services, and processes. Indeed, as part of each customer’s on-boarding process, we work with them to delineate all of the components and details of the business, ensuring that each dedicated Davinci team meets each of our customers’ businesses requirements.

Delighted Customers: Business Lynchpin

It is vitally important that small businesses delight their customers with exceptional service. Acquiring a new customer takes an immense amount of work. Losing one can erase that hard work in an instant.

Small businesses need to get their priorities straight: it costs six to seven times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Moreover, “delighted” customers are a major engine in driving new business: over 65 percent of new business comes from customer referrals. [3]

Entrepreneurs should not spend valuable time screening and answering calls. This is where Davinci Live Receptionist Services can help. Contact us today to find out more about Davinci Virtual Live Receptionist Services or any of our other services.

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