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Enter Davinci Virtual’s iPad September Sweepstakes

And the winner of the iPad is… Darlene Elder. Elder won a new Apple iPad in Davinci Virtual’s iPad sweepstakes. It’s the perfect compliment to her virtual office space.

You’ve probably heard about the malicious hacker that cracked AT&T’s web site and stole 144,000 e-mail addresses, including those of White House officials, military personnel and others. Bu...

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Davinci Virtual Gives Away Free iPad

As announced weeks ago, Davinci Virtual is giving away a free iPad in our iPad Sweepstakes. The drawing is going to be held on June 1—that's just days away.

The iPad giveaway could be a boon to your virtual office. And even more so these days because the iPad is hard to come by. Indeed, spot shortages of iPads are spreading.

Analysts at Piper Jaffray ...

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Norway's Prime Minister and the Virtual Office

Did you hear the news about Norway’s prime minister running the country from his new iPad? I figure if a government official can oversee the complex issues of national government from a remote location, you and I can certainly do every day business from a virtual office.

According to AP reports, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg governed remotely with ...

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