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Can Virtual Offices Help You Avoid Workplace Bullies?

DALLAS-Bullies are a real problem on the schoolyard and in the workplace. Can virtual offices help you avoid grown up bullies? Maybe so.

First, let’s look at the facts. A recent survey from the Australia’s House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education reveals almost one in three young people have been bullied or have witnessed bullying at work. Althou... Read more

Virtual Office Job Seekers Should Spruce Up Resume

HOUSTON—Looking for a virtual office job? Have you spruced up your resume? Whether you are looking for a virtual office job or something more traditional, your resume is one of the most critical components in the quest to land an interview.

Flex Hour Jobs, an employment web site that focuses on flexible job opportunities, such as telecommuting and virtual office... Read more

Want A Dream Job? Try Working From a Virtual Office

DALLAS—Want the perfect job? Everybody does. But most Texas have a very detailed vision of what a perfect job looks like for them.

In fact, 79 percent of Texas in an Everest College survey imagine their dream job entails doing something they love. But the reality is, people don’t always find their dream job. That leads many Texas dreaming about changing careers, though they rarely do it. The world of virtual offices and ... Read more


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