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Michigan Could Lead U.S. in Virtual Office Use

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.—Will most Michigan residents be telecommuting soon? That’s what Jennie Phillips, an MLive.com writer, wants to know. It’s a good question, too, considering that The Connect Michigan report reveals employers are more often allowing employees to work remotely from virtual offices. Consider some of the report’s findings:

Grand Rapids Virtual Offices Drive Flexible Workplaces

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH-Here at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, we like to give an extra pat on the back to companies that are making it easier for employees to balance their work and life.

This week, a big ‘kudos’ goes out to Visteon Corporation. The automotive-related company received the 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility for companies in Michigan.

The Alfred P. Sloan Awa...

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Green Cars? How About a Virtual Office Instead.

The 2011 Detroit Auto Show is underway, and green autos are en vogue. Ford has announced its first plug-in hybrid electric car. The Chevy Volt won car of the year. And Porsche introduced a hybrid race car.

Indeed, the focus on green autos has never been more evident than in Detroit this year. But there is yet another way to go green: a virtual office. Instead of using gas or eve... Read more


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